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Map of the Bakhtiari Region

Oriental rugs Map of the Bakhtiari Region: The Bakhtiari weaving area `begins South of Borugerd east and south of the Zagros Mountains, and west of the Isfahan plain.

The Bakhtiari weaving area `begins South of Borugerd east and south of the Zagros Mountains, and west of the Isfahan plain. These rugs fit into my Persian Rugs the O'Connell Guides section grouped with the rugs of the Chahar Mahal and surrounding area. I split them from the closely related Guide to Lori Rugs

Oriental rugs Semi-Antique Chahar Mahal/Bahktiarri

Semi-Antique Chahar Mahal/Bahktiarri

Bakhtiari rugs and carpets

I am curious if the way I have divided these will stand up. On this page I am putting the rugs that seem to be for lack of a better term Village Bakhtiari rugs and carpets. This group is I suspect not ethnically Luri and or Bakhtiari and is most likely Turkic and Kurdish. The rugs that I suspect are by Luri/Bakhtiari are in a separate group. See Luri/Bahktiarri.

Related Examples


Bahktiari Rugs: Shooshtar (Shoshtar) Kelim

Similar rugs

Oriental rugs Bahktiari Chahal Shotur Carpet

Bahktiari Chahal Shotur Carpet

Oriental rugs Bakhtiari Rug, Shalamzar, Chahar Mahal C. 1930

Bakhtiari Rug, Shalamzar, Chahar Mahal C. 1930

Village Weave?

Symmetrical Knots Single or Doubled Wefted

Bakhtiari rugs and carpets have symmetrical knots may be single or doubled wefted. The single wefted rugs are similar to Hamadan rugs so from structure we turn to borders and color to make an attribution. One clue is that Bakhtiari rugs generally seem to have larger wefting. I recall one Bakhtiari that had 9 cotton singles in one shot.

Peter Stone suggests in his Lexicon that cotton foundation and single wefts are village rugs and that double wefted and are "tribal". I am not sure where that puts double wefted cotton foundation rugs but Pete Stone is one of the great experts on structure so his comments are worth considering.

Tribal Weave?

Similar Rugs

Guide to Hamadan Rugs

LURI (LUR, LOR, LORI) [LRI] 4,280,000 in Iran (1993) including 680,000 Bakhtiari (1989). Southwestern Iran, Lorestan and Ilam; Borujerd is center. Bakhtiari migrate mainly from Bakhtiari and Esfahan provinces (summer) to Khuzestan (winter). Mamasani and Kurdshuli in Fars Province; Bovir-Ahmadi in Boyer-Ahmadi Kohgiluyeh Province. Also in Iraq, USA. Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Southwestern, Luri. Dialects: LURI, FEYLI, LEKI (LAKI, ALAKI), BAKHTIARI, KELHURI. Closely related to Kumzari. Ethnic groups: Lor, Bakhtiari (Haftlang, Chaharlang), Mamasani (perhaps 75,000 in 1982), Bovir-Ahmadi and Kuhgiluyeh (200,000 in 1982). Posht-Kuh: nomadic, Pish-Kuh: agriculturalists, Bakhtiari Haft-Lang: nomadic pastoralists: sheep, Bakhtiari Cahr-Lang: settled. Shi'a Muslim. Ethnologue: Iran

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