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Of all the Chinese Rugs among the most popular are those of Walter Nichols. When I mentioned to Chinese Rug expert Kim Esber I was rewriting this section he was kind enough to share a little about Walter Nichols and his Chinese Rugs.

Walter Nichols arrived in China shortly after World War One. He started as a wool grader and soon mastered the mechanized spinning of the Chinese wool. That was the basis of the Nichols rug. Chinese wool tends to be a little thin for carpet weaving but Nichols was able to spin a fairly thick strand that was ideal for carpe weaving. By 1924 Nichols opened a modern brick factory office complex at 104 Taku Road in Tientsin N. China and began producing Nichols Chinese Rugs.

Nichols used the thicker yarn to advantage making a sturdy rug on a two level foundation with a closed back. Today Nichols Chinese Rugs are increasing sought after and are now in demand with Interior Decorators, particularly those in the South.

Chinese Rugs: Nichols Chinese Carpet Sotheby's Lot 584

Baotou-Suiyuan - Baotou-Suiyuan Rugs

Baotao is a industrial port city on the Huang He river in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. Suiyuan is former province in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region.

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Chinese Rugs: Chinese Art Deco Carpet C. 1930 Christie's Lot 234

Chinese Rugs: Chinese Rug 1st Quarter 20th C. Christie's Lot 232

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Recommended Books On Central Asian and Chinese Rugs and Textiles:

Eiland, Murray L. Jr. Chinese and Exotic Rugs. Boston: New York Graphic Society, 1979.

Articles that you may be interested in:

Modern Uzbek Tribal Structure by H.B. Paksoy

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Design Migration on the Silk Route:

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A Partial List of Books on Central Asian and Chinese Rugs and Textiles:

This list is not meant to be comprehensive but rather it is to to give you an idea of what has been published.

Allane, Lee: Chinese Rugs, A Buyers Guide; NY: 1993.

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