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My Notes on Persian Miniatures

The Most important auction of 2016  Hagop Manoyan Antique Rugs

Years ago I started translating La Miniature En Orient to English. Not for any great reason in fact I was translating the French translation of a German book. I thought it would be fun to work a little on my French while looking at Persian Miniatures. I also could not find the book in English or German and I wanted to read it.

Notes on Islamic Art

Hamzanama The Master Spy Escapes Circa 1570

Drop Down Flowers in 16th Century Persian Art

The Plates of La Miniature En Orient

Detail "Two Safavid Princes".

Plate 70: Ustad Abdollah

Plate 70bPainting attributed to Shaykhzadeh Mahmud Bukhara, third quarter sixteenth century.

Plate 72 Animals in Combat (Khorasan c1595)

Plate 73: Hunting Scene (Shiraz Circa 1575)

Plate 77 Shaykh Muhammad The Poem

Mu'in Musavvir's Youth Playing a Flute


Portrait of a Kneeling Youth, Isfahan Persia Early 17th Century

Dragon, Ibex, and Lion with a Man, Isfahan Persia Early 17th Century

Mu'in Musavvir's Youth Playing a Flute dated 1676

Mu'in Musavvir Fountain of Life, Isfahan Persia Circa 1648-9

Shah Abbas and Mughal ambassador Khan Alam in 1618, Persia, Isfahan

Leaf of Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp by Aqa Mirak

Painted from 1635 to 1697

Farhad, Massumeh. "An Artist's Impression: Mu'in Musawir's Tiger Attacking a Youth." Muqarnas 9 (1992): 116-23.

A Portrait of an Amorus Couple by Muhammad Sadiq, Zand Persia Dated A.H. 1202/A.D. 1787

Napolean Bonaparte Zand or Qajar by Mirza Reza Ibn Mohammad Ali Ashtiani 1792 or 1802

Sotheby's Fath Ali Shah signed by Ahmad, Persia, dated A.H.1226/A.D.1811

Sotheby's Nadir Shah Afshar, signed by Mirza Jani. A.D.1779



Miscellaneous Footnote Entries:


Sorting out Kabul and Khorasan in the third Quarter 16th Century

Odds and ends

Christie's Early Islamic Silver Jug Probably Sogdian circa 8th-10th century

Timurid or earlier jade cup Sotheby's

The Emperor Qianlong's Hindustan (Mughal) Jade Drinking Vessel

Sotheby's A Safavid copper basin dt. 1662-3

Sotheby's A Safavid tinned-copper basin dt. 1603-04

Animal dish, Transoxiana, Circa 10th Century

Reza 'Abbasi Figure with Animals in Margin

A Vision Of Angels

Abdullah at the court in Kabul?

Guide The Sleep of Rustam, La Miniature En Orient by Ernst Kuhnel 1925 Persian Oriental Rugs and Carpets by Barry O'Connell,Spongobongo.com

Keir Collection "Hawking Party"

The Turkmen Prisoner Farrukh Beg 1590 - 1600

La Miniature En Orient Plate 64: The Officer's Portrait

Shiraz Hunting Scene, Circa 1580

The Bahari Lacquer Bookcover Shiraz circa 1575

Tabriz Bookcover circa 1540

Cover of a late 16th Century Qazvin Manuscript

Small Silk Kashan (?)

Mughal Elephants In Battle c.1595-1600

Islamic Art: Mughal Portrait of a courtier Early 17th

Islamic Miniature Art: Hamzanama Khaja Umar the master spy and friend of Amir Hamza

Persian Miniature Art: 15th century Turkmen Wolves Sotheby's

Islamic Art: 2 Dome of the Rock Tiles Circa 1550 lot 47

Southwest Asia Time Line

In 1922 Ernst Kuhnel wrote a book called "Miniaturmalerei im Islamischen Orient" published in Berlin by Cassirer. In about 1925 the book was translated into French by Paul Budry and called "La Miniature En Orient". In 1998 I was reading the French edition and a thought occurred to me. Why not take the pictures and commentary and publish them on RugNotes, I thought. This would serve two purposes, it would force me to polish, refine and articulate my thoughts on Islamic Miniatures and it would also offer an ideal opportunity to polish up my French. This is a learning experience for me and doubtlessly I will make mistakes before this is all finished but hopefully I can learn from them.

Just repeating an old book even one by a great scholar like Kuhnel seems to be of limited value so I decided to annotate my thoughts comments and discussion as Translators Notes. Every thing above the Translators notes is from Kuhnel and from where it says "Translators Notes" on is from me. I am trying to use a combination of text and pictures to comment on Kuhnel's attributions and then to show where various other writers have agreed or disagreed and how I agree or disagree.

I am treating each of the 154 plates as a chapter and am posting them in no particular order. When I finish one then I look for the next. It may be an odd way to approach such a project but I am having fun. Additionally as I see the need I will include related pieces if I think they add to the discussion.

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