Kashmar Rug
9'5 x 12'7
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Product Type: Original,
Size (ft.): 9'5 x 12'7
Size (cm.): 287 x 383
Colors: Blue Blue-Navy
Woven: Hand knotted
Foundation: Cotton
Pile: Wool
Style: Kashmar
Category: City
Origin: Kashmar Persian Rug
Age: Old [20-30 years]
Condition: Excellent
KPSI: 82
Knotting Time: 233 days or 2213.5 hours
SKU #: 1700280553

About Kashmar Rugs
The Kashmar is a relatively rare carpet produced by master weavers in the province of Khorassan, in north-eastern Iran. The small city of Kashmar is very old, responsible for producing exquisite carpets for centuries. Kashmars are easily distinguishable because of their unique designs and their large size. The patterns are usually historic tableaux telling the story of a significant event in Persian history. Frequently there are views of the ancient ruins and sculpture of Persepolis, the kings Darius and Xerxes, and birds and animals from the Rubayat of Omar Khayam. There are also Kashmar carpets which resemble the classic Kashan, with central medallion and spandrels.

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