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Persian Rugs and Persian Carpets the O'Connell Guide to Persian Rugs
Hagop Manoyan Antique RugsNazmiyal Antique Rugs

The most popular Persian Rugs are:

City Rugs:Tabriz Rugs, Kashan Rugs, Kerman Rugs,

Town and Village Rugs: Hamadan Rugs, Heriz Rugs, Kashmar Rugs,

Tribal rugs: Baluch Rugs, Qashqai Rugs

The true beauty of Persian Rugs derives from the people who weave Persian Rugs. When we talk about the Persian or Iranian people we are not speaking of one broad ethnic group we are talking about many. While most Persians are Indo European a significant portion are Altaic/Turkic, Dravidian, Kartvelian/Georgian, and Afro-Asiatic. Currently the people of Iran speak 79 different languages and countless dialects.

Much like the United States people from many backgrounds come together and make one people. One must not try to argue that certain people are true Persians and some are Azeris or Arabs, the people of Iran are the Persian people no matter what their milk tongue. For instance the Persians who weave Tabriz Rugs are by and large the Southern Azeri speaking Persians who speak the Tabrizi dialect of Southern Azeri.

The Persian Rug Guides:

More than ten thousand towns and villages in Iran produce Persian Rugs so as I collect data I am creating area guides to the different types. These are expanded sections where I have gone into more depth on types of rugs. If there are two guides listed it means that in some flight of fancy I wrote multiple guides. I do things like that. By the way if it was not woven in Iran it is not a Persian Rug, it is a copy.

Miscellaneous Persian Rugs

Abadeh Persian Rugs


Afshar: Persian Rugs

Amoghli Persian Carpets

Arab Rugs

Persian Rugs: Arabi Main Carpet Circa 1850

Ardabil Persian Carpets

Bakhtiari Persian Carpets

Luri/Bahktiari Persian Carpets


Bidjar Persian Carpets


Borchalu: Persian Carpets

Doroksh Persian Rug

Fars Persian Carpets

Feraghan Sarouk Persian Carpets


Garmsar rugs

Ghoochan Rugs

Gorevan Rugs


Guide To Heriz Rugs & Carpets:

Huseinabad Rug

Guide To Isfahan Rugs & Carpets:

Feraghan Persian Carpets

Hashtrud Rug
Northwest Persian, southern Azerbaijan. Due east of MIYANEH southeast of Tabriz. Hashtrud is the southern boundary of Persian Azerbaijan. There are Shahsavan in the Hashtrud and Mianyeh areas.

A Heriz silk small carpet, lot 104

Joshagan Persian rugs

Jozan Persian rugs

Kalardasht Persian rugs or Kelardasht Persian rugs
Kalardasht is in Mazandaran province near Roodbarak, Roodbarak

Kelardasht Persian rugs

Karaja Persian rugs

Guide to Kashan Rugs & Carpets:

A "Mohtashem" Kashan rug, lot 103

Kashmar Persian rugs

Guide to Kerman Rugs & Carpets

Khamseh Confederation Persian rugs

Bird Rugs of South Persia

Khorossan Persian rug

  • Guide to East Persian Rugs and Carpets
  • Persian Rugs: Koliai/Sonqur

    Kurdish Rugs Notes

    Lamberan Rugs Notes

    Lavar Kerman Rugs

    Lavar Kirman Carpet

    Lilihan Persian Carpets

    Luri Persian Rugs

    Lylyan Rugs


    Antique 7 x 10 Mahal Carpet

    Malayer Persian Carpets

    Mashhad Persian Carpets

    Maslaghan Persian Rugs

    Mohtashem Kashan Rugs - Persian Carpet Guide

    Meshkin Persian Rugs

    Mehriban Rugs:

    Mid 20th C. Mianeh Rug Van-Ham 

    Mood Rugs - Persian Carpet Guide

    Nahavend Rugs - Persian Carpet Guide

    Nahavend Rug W&W

    Persian Rugs: Nehavend - Persian Carpet Guide

    Nain Persian Carpets

    Neiriz rug, Fars Province

    Najafabad Rugs

    Northwest Persian Rugs

    Persian Rugs: Persian Bags

    Persian Rugs: Persian Bags

    Persian Rugs: Kilim, Sumac and Covers - Persian Carpet Guide

    Persian Rugs: Prayer Rugs

    Persian Rugs: By Name

    Persian Rugs: Salt bags - Persian Carpet Guide

    Polonaise Persian Rugs

    Qashqai Persian Rugs

    Qazvin Persian Carpets

    New Qoltug Bijar Oriental Rug

    New Qoltuq Bidjar

    Qum Persian Rugs

    NW Persian Afshan Fragment Rare Elements

    Persian Rugs: Resht

    Sabzavar Persian Carpets

    Saddle Rugs

    Sanandaj Rugs

    Sarab Rugs

    Saraband Rugs

    A Safavid carpet border fragment

    A circa 1900 Sarab Rug

    Sarab. Alt Runner Van-Ham 

    Guide to Sarouk carpets

    Sennah Persian Carpets

    Saraband Persian Carpets

    Serapi Rugs


    Shiraz Persian Rugs

    Shooshtar (Shoshtar) Kelim

    Persian Rugs: Silk

    Persian Rugs: Sirjan


    Sultanabad Rugs

    Tabriz Persian Carpets

    Persian Rugs: Tafresh

    Notes on State Department Carpets

    Teheran Persian Carpets

    Touserkan Rugs

    Veramin Persian Carpets

    Persian Rugs: Viss

    Persian Rugs: Wagireh / Vagireh

    Yalameh Persian Rugs

    Persian Rugs: Yazd

    Guide To Yezd Carpets

    Persian Rugs: Zanjan

    Persian Rugs Persian Carpets  the O'Connell Guide to Persian Rugs: Silk Kashan Rug formerly in the James M. Keshishian Collection

    Silk Kashan Rug formerly in the James M. Keshishian Collection, this rug is circa 1920.

    Persian Rugs Persian Carpets  the O'Connell Guide to Persian Rugs: Heriz Carpet circa 1900

    Heriz Carpet circa 1900

    Persian Rugs: Antique Luri Bahktiari Saddle Bag

    Antique Luri Bahktiari Saddle Bag

    Persian Rug Odds & Ends

    The Forked Tendril Motif

    Village rug corner resolution

    The Largest Persian Carpet In the World...

    The Largest Persian Carpet In the World...

    Laleh International Hotel (formerly the Intercontinental)

    First Hand Information on Tourism in Iran

    Translation of a Cartouche Written in Persian

    New Persian Carpets - Qum, Kum, Gum

    A Lustre-Decorated Kashan 13th C. Star Tile

    A Safavid Green-Glazed Bottle w/Prince

    A Safavid Green-Glazed Molded Pottery Bottle

    A Timurid Cuerda Seca Pottery Star Tile


    Designers: Rashti Zadeh

    Persian Rugs: Tree of Life Kashan Rug

    Tree of Life Kashan Rug

    Persian Rugs: Old Isphahan Persian rug

    Old Isphahan Persian rug

    Persian Rugs: Kerman Province Afshar Village Rug

    Kerman Province Afshar Village Rug

    Master Weavers

    The leading Persian carpet masters of the reign of Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi includes Serafian of Isfahan, Rastehzadeh of Qum, Fathollah Habibian of Nain.

    Rugs with Animals

    Sarouk Rugs: Camel and Lion Mahal Carpet C. 1890 Sotheby's lot 122

    Zanjan Rugs: Bird and Blossom Zanjan Rug

    Huseinabad Rug with Birds in the Spandrels

    Cyprus trees

    Fars - Danicheh-khair village Rug

    Turkmen Gul

    Nagel semi-antique Kelardasht Rug Lot 87

    Animals in Iran/Persia

    Persian Fallow Deer Saved From Extinction

    Persian Yellow Deer released in Yazd province

    Asiatic Black Bear Near Extinction

    Asiatic cheetahs

    Fantastic Animals

    Realistic Animals

    Elephants, Rhinoceroses


    Sotheby's Camel and Lion Mahal carpet C. 1890 lot 122

    Shahsavan camels are facing extinction in Ardabil Province

    Persian Miniature: Fable of the Friendly Bear

    Persian Lions: Reviving the Persian Lion

    Persian Camels in Iran

    Bakhtiyâri Stone Lions

    Bakhtiyâri Stone Lions

    An old “Bakhtiyâri” cemetery with stone lions standing over the graves of the heroes, “Izeh”.

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    Books & Articles

    Some Favorite Books On Persian Rugs:

    Edwards, A. Cecil. The Persian Carpet. London 1953.

    Eiland & Eiland's Oriental Rugs A Complete Guide

    Ford, P. R. J. Oriental Carpet Design. London: Thames and Hudson, 1981, paperback 1993.

    Hubel, Reinhard G. The Book of Carpets. 1964, Accokeek MD, Washington International Associates, 1971.

    Housego, Jenny. Tribal Rugs. New York, Interlink Books, 1991.

    MacDonald, Brain W. Tribal Rugs Treasures of The Black Tent. Woodbridge: Antique Collectors Club, 1997.

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