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Gardabani Azeri Kazak Rug with N Z Border
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Seen on: www.Sothebys.com

I lost the information on this item. It is most likely from Sotheby's and possibly was lot 5 but That is all I have. If you recognize it let me know. I am including it because it is a very intriguing rig.

Reciprocal borders point to Bordjalu.

The six sided medallions are related to Gardabani district of Southeast Georgia.

The "head and shoulders" of the mihrab as well as the outline of the "keyhole" are an Azeri minor (N-Z) border seen most commonly in Marasali and Talish area rugs.

Reciprocal borders are far more sophisticated then I ever would have guessed the first 6 times I looked at it. At first I thought it very primitive.

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