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Karachopf Kazak Rugs: The James C. Allen Type B Karachopf Kazak

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Karachopf Kazak Rugs: The James C. Allen Type B Karachopf Kazak
Karachopf rugs fall into two main groupings. Type A is far more common something. This falls into the Type B group and even in that group is unusual. The white chartouche is commonly seen in this group but the drawing is more elaborate than usual. The border is unusual as well. We see those medallions in Karachopf rugs but typically in the field not the border.

Karachopf is in the Southerj part of the Kazak region in a historically Armenian area. Armenian inscriptions are common in Karachopf rugs. Ian Bennet suggest that a related rug is a link to Bordjalou Kazak rugs. Bennett, Ian et al. Oriental Rugs Volume 1 Caucasian plate 38. I agree and will thake that a step further and suggest the link is stongest to my Type A Bordjalou Kazak rugs that I am tentativly attributing to the Bolnisi region. The guard border is one seen in Bolnisi and other Armenian rugs.

This is a classic Kazak back. The back is flat, there is no warp depression. Note also how most rows have six shots of weft and others have four.

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Here is a rare Caucasian weaving from Karachopf, a Karachopk Prayer Rug. This ancient center was renowned for the largest and most beautiful carpets from the Caucasus Mountains in the second half of the 19th century. Many people are aware that Karachopf carpets have sold for many tens of thousands of dollars, even fifty thousand isn't too hard to imagine. The Karachopf weavers employed the best dyers and obtained the great high altitude wool, that is so very soft and durable, to weave their carpets with. There always was something special about Karachopf Kazaks and their long-standing popularity reflects that.

This Prayer Rug contains many of the most basic Karachopf design elements and combines them with the large size and famous soft Karachopf wool to produce an absolute masterpiece of Caucasian rug weaving.

This rug measures 4 feet 4 inches X 8 feet. The dyes are all natural and it is obvious this rug was always cherished, being well cared for it is in near mint condition. The ends have been to the beauty parlor but no repiling and the selvages are original. The pile probably isn't mint but it is FULL. The wool of the pile is incredibly soft yet the pile is still about one half inch long. The white reciprocal figures in the white ground border come absolutely alive at night. In fact this rug glows in a fire or candlelight from the incredible sheen of the wool. The back looks really old and the loose weave and great wool are consistent with a prayer rug made for local use and not for sale. This rug did in fact come directly out of the Caucasus Mountains and might well have been there for 120 to 150 years.

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