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T-Meander Border Kazaks Attributable to Fachralo?

Jerry Raack has been a huge help and this page represents more of his work than mine. Thanks Jerry! The mistakes however I reserve for myself alone. Most of these rugs are obviously what we call Fachralo rugs. However some are clearly not but are included because they have the T-Meander Border.

The Jerry Raack 1814  Fachralo

Dated 123(0)/1814

Jerry Raack Collection

1814 Dated Piece
Size: 42" x 64"
Warp: Ivory Wool
Weft: Light Red Wool, 2 shots per row
Knot Count (per inch): 8 H x 8.5 V = 70/sq. in.
Pile: Short about 1/8", soft to the touch and glowing with deeply saturated colors
Selvedge: not original
Ends: not original
Colors (10): Ivory, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow/Gold, Deep Purple, Pink, Green, Blue-Green, Dark Brown
Closely Related Example: Hali Issue 23 (Band 6, Number 3), Page 274 in black and white, dated 1809.
Also related: Hali Issue 37, Hali Gallery, Page 60

Fachralo Rug Dated 1903

Jerry Raack Collection

  • 1903 Dated Rug
  • Size: 32 1/2" x 53"
  • Warp: Ivory wool
  • Weft: Light Red Wool - 2 shots
  • Selvedge: Double with 2 warps per bundle overbound in figure 8 in light red wool
  • Ends: 3/4" plain weave in light red wool; bottom with looped warps; top cut warps
  • Knot Count (per inch): 7 H x 7 V = 49/sq. in.
    Pile: Short about 3/16" long, somewhat dry and bristly to the touch
  • Colors (7): Ivory, Yellow/Gold, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, Dark Red, Emerald Green, Dark Brown

The Ed Krayer Fachralo Kazak

Dated 1330 AH/1912 AD

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The Hort 1904 Kazak Rug, Fachralo?

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