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Naein Rugs By Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini Of Iran Rug Co.

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Trusted Resource List - Rug & Carpet Dealers Outside The U.S.

Trusted Resource List - Rug & Carpet Dealers Outside The U.S.

These Are The Best Rug Dealers In The World (Outside the US)
Every effort has been made to assemble this list, to check references and to assure that we pick the best. To keep this list comprehensive we count on you. If I missed someone let me know and if the is a problem or if a shop closes let me know.

References are required to make this list. It takes at least two references from people I know.

If you are on this list and would like to add a link to your web page and are willing to link to RugNotes send me a note and I will add your link.



Milton Cater Oriental Carpets
Milton Cater
Bangalow, Australia
Phone 02 6687 1193
On the beach -- Open by appointment at our home/gallery in the beautiful hills of Bangalow (one of the few intact villages on the East Coast of Australia).
Milton Cater Oriental Carpets

Matt Dickie
Phone: (011) 612 0412 432 937
Persian and Oriental Rug Dealer and Consultant   Specialist in repair, restoration and evaluation of new, old and antique rugs, kelims and textiles.    

Nomadic Rug Traders
Ross Langlands
125 Harris St , Pyrmont 2009
Tele: (02) 9660-3753 Fax: 02 9552 4939
Oriental rugs, carpets and restoration. Tribal Art. European and South East Asian textiles.
Member Australian Antique Dealers Association.



Feichtner & Mizrahi
Seilerstaette 28 1010 Vienna Austria
Tel: 0043 1 5125158 Fax: 0043 1 5125340

Gebhart Blazek / Berber carpets & textiles
A - 8010 Graz ... Leonhardstrasse 12
A - 1040 Wien ... Schleifmuehlgasse 13
p/f: + 43 316 81 35 00
m: +43 664 214 2241

James Cohen
Rainerstrasse 2/32
5020 Salzburg , Austria
By Appointment
Dealers welcome
Antique tribal carpets and rugs are to be found here!
Tel+ 43 (0) 676 53 88 66 3




Vidadi Muradov President
2 Shamsi Rahimov St. Baku, Azerbaijan
Tele. +994 (12) 65 66 58
Fax. +994 (12) 65 66 59
Azerilme on Ebay
High quality new Caucasian rugs plus large stock of Antique rugs and ethnographic textiles.



Alan Marcuson & Diane Hall
Place Julien Dillens 1, apt. 3a
1060 Bruxelles
t: +32 (0)2 538 7369
+32 (0) 473 344 715
Marcuson was inadvertently left off this list even though if anyone should be on it he should. JBOC

Michel Antoine
Oriental Rugs and Carpets Brussels Belgium
Av. de l'Hippodrome 132
1050 Brussels Belgium
tel : 00 32 (0)2 6496534
mobile : 0475-232972
The shop is open daily from 10 am till 7 pm.
We are closed on Sunday and Tuesday but you can always contact us to make an appointment.



Ararat Rug Co.
Harald Bedoukian
3457 Park Ave. Montreal, Quebec H2X 2H6 Canada

James Green Antique carpets

James Green
215 Davenport Road, Toronto Canada
Tel: 416-925-5356 Fax: same
Green has a reputation for being a top Canadian dealer of Antique Rugs.
Open by chance or appointment.

Herat Carpets
Shir Khosrow Paiwand
Toronto Canada
Tel: 416-920-3680

(Paiwand's rugs are featured in Parsons, R. D. Oriental Rugs Volume 3 The Carpets of Afghanistan. Shir Paiwand has a fantasticly rich knowledge of Baluch and Baluch type weaving. JBOC)

Indo-Iranian Rug Ltd.
Georges Yeremian
241 Queen Street, Toronto, Ontario, MSV 1Z4 Canada
Tel: 417-593-5870 Private Tel: 905-764-0817
(Mr. Yeremian is a founding member of the Armenian Rug Society and a real gentleman. JBOC)

Peter Tolliday Oriental Carpets
Peter Tolliday
2312 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C. V6H3g3
Tel: 604-733-4811, Fax: 604-733-4802

Tola Carpets, Inc.
235 Laurier West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2T 2N9
Contact person: Keith Sulany
phone 514-272-8500

Tola Carpets, Inc.
3060 St. Charles Blvd, Kirkland, Quebec, Canada H9H 3B7
Contact person, Gillian Bennett
Phone 514-630-3333
(Active on the OrientalRug discussion list where I appreciate her good advice. JBOC)

Saillian Rugs,
Ron Saillian,
450 Woodlawn Avenue West, Unit 5, Guelph, Ontario
Tel: 519-824-7187 or 1-888-254-4161
Fax: 824-2803
(Well know for his common sense good advice on the Internet. JBOC)

England and Scotland


Mark Abis Oriental Carpets
Mark Abis
Gas Basin No.2.Canal Way London W.10 5AJ.
tel & fax : (044) 0181 968 9940
Visits by appoinment.
Dealers in rare and beautiful carpets and rugs.

Aaron Nejad Antique Carpets
Aaron Nejad
403-405 Edgware Road, Staples Corner, London, NW2 6LN
(T) 44-(0)181 830 5511 (F) 44-(0)181 830 5522
Email -
Aaron Nejad deals in rare and unusual oriental antique carpets from his London showroom. He specializes in both antique tribal rugs and room-size decorative carpets, offering a broad selection of Persian, Central Asian, Caucasian and Anatolian examples.
I was surprised that Aaron Nejad does not back on his links page. If you see him ask him if I did soething.

Antique Oriental Carpets,
Anthony Hazledine,
High Street, Fairford, Glos GL4 7AD.

Atlantic Bay Gallery
5 Sedley Place, London W1R 1HH
Tel: 0171-355 3301; Fax: 0171-355 3760
Open Monday-Friday 9-5.30
Antique Oriental and European carpets and textiles

S. A. & V. A. Bedford
65 Hill Road Clevedon, N. Somerset. United Kingdom
TEL 01275 873 220

David Black Oriental Carpets
96 Portland Road, Holland Park, London W11 4LN
Tel: 0171-727 2566; Fax: 0171-229 4599
Open Monday-Saturday 11-6; other times by appointment
Carpets and rugs; tapestry, needlework and fabrics

Christchurch Carpets
David Philpot Gallery Manager & John Sheppard Owner of Christchurch Carpets.
11 High Street, Dorset, Christchurch, United Kingdom
Telephone + 44 (0)1202 482712

John Eskenazi Ltd.
15 Old Bond Street, London W1X 4JL, England
Tel: 44 171 409 3001 Fax: 44 171 629 2146
Franses, Michael and Eskenazi, John. Turkish Rugs and Old Master Paintings

Fairman Carpets Ltd
John and Serina Page & Harvey Page
218 Westbourne Grove
London W11 2RH
Tel: 01712292296 and Fax 0171 2292263
e mail
Books available " The Woven Mystery " - Antique Tibetan Rugs by John Page
The Cat Sat on The Mat Exhibition of cat rugs both Nomadic and Chinese Rugs
Specialist in antique and oriental rugs, antique Tibetan Rugs and Modern Gabbeh and Tribal Rugs.
All carpet requirements catered for from underlay to insurance valuations, cleaning and restoration.

Victor Franses Gallery
57 Jermyn Street, St James's, London SW1Y 6LX
Tel: 0171-493 6284 and 0171-629 1144; Fax: 0171-495 3668
Open Monday-Friday 10-5; other times by appointment 19th-century animalier sculpture; rare carpets and rugs; valuations.

Haliden Oriental Carpets
Craig Bale, Andrew Lloyd and Owen Parry
98 Walcot Street, Bath, North Somerset, BA1 5BG, United Kingdom
Tel & Fax +44 (0)1225 469240

M Heskia
c/o CFASS Ltd, 42 Ponton Road, London SW8 5BA
Tel: 0171-373 4489
Open by appointment
Mainly 19th-century Oriental carpets and rugs; European tapestries; valuations

C John (Rare Rugs) Ltd
70 South Audley Street, London W1Y 5FE
Tel: 0171-493 5288; Fax: 0171-409 7030
Open Monday-Friday 9.30-5; appointment advisable
Carpets and rugs; tapestry, needlework and fabrics

Alexander Juran & Co
74 New Bond Street, London W1Y 9DD
Tel: 0171-629 2550 or 0171-493 4484; Fax: 0171-493 4484
Open Monday-Friday 9.30-5.30
Carpets and rugs; tapestry, needlework and textiles; valuations

Joseph Lavian - Member of The Oriental Carpet Centre
Building E, Ground Floor, 105 Eade Road, London, N4 1TJ England
Tel: 0181-800-0707 Fax - 0181-800-0404
Web site under development

Christopher Legge Oriental Carpets
25 Oakthorpe Road Oxford England
Tel: 01865-557572 Fax - 01865-554877

The Loom
U. Safa, T. Safa,
4 Greenwich Market Square London SE10 9HZ U. K.
Tel: 0181-293-9178

Clive Loveless
54 St Quintin Avenue, London W10 6PA
Tel: 0181-969 5831; Fax: 0181-969 5292
Open by appointment
18th- and 19th-century Oriental tribal rugs; 17th-19th-century Ottoman, Central Asian, African
and Pre-Columbian textiles; valuations.

Brian MacDonald Antique Rugs & Carpets
Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK – By Appointment
Office:-     00 44 1451 824447
Mobile:-   00 44 7980999114

The Nomads Tent
21 St. Leonards Lane, Edinburgh, EH8 9SH
Phone: 0131-662-1612
Rugs, kilims, bags and textiles from west and central Asia. Also jewellery, books, UK Shows and Rufus Reade Tours.

Oriental Carpet Brokers Ltd.Suite 402, 71 Bondway Commercial Centre
London SW8 1SQ, UK England
Tel: +44(0)20 7091 7373 -
Fax: +44(0)20 7091 7475
Skype: Bondway
London's online shopping warehouse for hand knotted persian rugs, antique carpets and other decorative rugs and textiles.

Oriental Rugs of Bath,
17 Argyle St, Bath, BA2 4BQ, UK
Fax: 01225 445097 - from outside UK +44 1225 445097
01225 465558 Telephone from outside UK +44 1225 465558
Mobile: 0973 640530 - from outside UK +44 973 640530

Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs
Clive Rogers
Coach House Studios, Wraysbury, Berkshire. UK.
Phone: +44 (0) 1784 481177 Fax: +44 (0) 1784 481144
Studio: +44 (0) 1784 481100
PO Box 234, Staines, Middlesex TW19 5PE England
E mail:

David M. Rueben
O.C.C Building D 1st Floor 105 Eade Road
N4 1TL
United Kingdom
Telephone 020 8442 8221 Fax 020 8442 8221

Robert Stephenson Carpets
1 Elystan Street Chelsea Green LONDON SW3 3NT England
Good decorative carpets.

Ibrahim Tekin, MPhil
6 Sutherland Court, 15 Bruce Rd,
Glasgow, G41 5EN,
United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 141-4339583

Whytock & Reid
Sunbury House, Belford Mews Edinburgh EH4 3DN Scotland
By Royal appointment - decorative and general

Linda Wrigglesworth, Chinese Costumes and Textiles,
Ground Floor Suite, 34 Brook Street, London W1Y 1YA
Tel: 0171-408 0177; Fax: 0171-491 9812
Open Monday-Friday 10-6; weekends by appointment
Antique Chinese costume, textiles and decorative arts



Berdj Achdjian
10, rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris
tel 01 42 65 89 48 fax 01 42 65 61 30
(Achdjian is a Gentleman. Highly recommended. JBOC)

L. & M. Naalbandian,
Chemin du Plan D'Arles, Biver 13220 Gardanna France



Galerie Arabesque
Dr. Ulrike Montigel and Michael Craycraft
Breitscheidstrasse 98 Stuttgart, 70176, Germany
Telephone +49 (0)711 63 47 34 Fax +49 (0)711 64 04 578
(Michael Craycraft has a wonderful eye for great rugs. JBOC)

The video of visit with Dr. Ulrike Montigel and Michael Craycraft of Galerie Arabesque at the Tribal Arts Show in San Francisco 2009.

Galerie Alfred Ruppenstein
Seitstrasse 17, 80538 Munich, Germany

Mohammad Tehrani
Neue Groningerstrasse 10, Hamburg, D-20457, Germany
Tel:+49 40 32 42 86 Fax:+49 40 32 23 39

Hans Eitzenberger Oriental Carpets
Alstertor 20, Ecke Ballindamm, Hamburg, D-20095 Germany
Tel:+49 40 30 38 18 00 Fax:+49 172 413 56 10

Bertram Frauenknecht
Steinsdorfstr 21, 80538 Munich, Germany
Tel:+49 892 95259
(Noted Author, expert, and lecturer. JBOC)

Galerie Rageth
Jurg Rageth
Sieglinweg 10, CH-4125 Riehen,
Tel: 0041- (0) 61/ 641 33 22
Fax: 0041- (0) 61/ 643 92 40
Galerie Rageth
founded 1981

Marcus Voigt
Siegenburger Strasse 26, 93359 Wildenberg, Germany.
Tel: + 49 94 44 97 73 94.



Araghchi Trading Co,
Exemplary exporter of year 2006.

No 24, Valieasr St, Opposite of Mellat Park , Kajabadi St, 19669 Tehran Iran
tel: 0098-21-220 52 975
mob: 0098-912-150 12 19
Contact Person : Ali Araghchi , Marketing Manager.

Bazaar Saraye Amin,
Saray Negar No # 148, Esfahan, Iran
Phone: (0098-31) 222531
Fax: (0098-31) 222577
Bazaar in Esfahan: (0098-31) 212300

Iran Carpet Company
NO#30,Shahid Kalantary St.
Sepahboud Gharani Ave. TEHRAN, IRAN
Tel: +98 - 21 - 8908715
FAX: +98 - 21 - 8906059
Iran Carpet Company is the largest and most esteemed Carpet Company in the world.

Tel: +98-21-5626065

F. Haghighi & Co. Isfahan
Main Office:
No. 2, Agahi Parking, Baitol Al-Hossein Alley, Neshat St.
Isfahan , Iran
Tel: +98 (31) 228542
Fax: +98 (31) 617953
No. 45, Atelier, Naghshe Jahan Sq.
Isfahan , Iran
Tel: +98 (31) 226784
Tel: +98 (31) 222921

Haghighi Carpet Co. Tehran
Located in northern Tehran at:
No. 5 Golshahr Blvd - just off Africa F. Way, Tehran, Iran
Phone: (0098-21) 205-5683, Fax: (0098-21) 205-9643

"Very high quality Esfahan carpets woven by his brother. Weaving and designing carpets started by his father. Has pieces that are affordable as well as "museum quality" pieces. Worth a visit if you are interested in city rugs. He can arrange for shipping. "

Akbar Mahani
Akbar Mahani
Bazaar Saraye Amin,
Saray Negar No # 148, Esfahan, Iran
Carpet Bazaar in Esfahan Phone: (0098-31) 222531, (0098-31) 212300
Fax: (0098-31) 222577
In Tehran: (0098-21) 880-1411 Sometimes this phone is turned on "fax".
Mobile, Best Contact when in Iran: 0098-911-318-0746
Akbar Mahani of Isfahan

Nikookar Co. (and Koosha Kar Co. export division)
Has very high quality city carpets from exclusive weaving factories throughout Iran.
They can ship as they have an export division. Has a shop in Dallas, Texas.
Managing Director: Ahmad Behgooy
Located in northern Tehran at:
Shemiran Vali-e-Asr Avenue, No # 1823/1, Tehran, Iran 19618
Phone: (0098-21) 2710697, 2717007, 2717782 Fax: (0098) 2716839

Mohammad Eslami Said
Has antique carpets and was recommended by Mr. Mahani.
Located in the Bazaar - Saray Rohanie, No. 3 – UG or Saray yamin No. 6-7 Tehran:
Phone: (0098-21) 5631171

Miri Iranian Rugs Since 1820
The Miri Brothers
Sherkat Saderat Ghali Ltd.
Tehran - Iran
Someone who judgment I trust and respect told me about the Miri Brothers, "They are producers and exporters of fine Persian carpets and they are well-known in the field and very respected and correct businessmen."

Mohammad Seirafian Esfahan
No. 50 Mellat Boulevard
Isfahan , Iran
Tel: (+98) 311-6244772
Fax: (+98) 311-6241144
"Mohammad Seirafian is among the greatest producers of carpets in the world, now or at any time. "

Sobhe Trading Tehran
Eng. Ali Sobhe, Daryush Sobhe, Dr. Khosrow Sobhe
843 Ahmadabad Mostufi Drive,Tehran Ring Way Cross, Old Karadj Road,Tehran,33169,Iran
Tel: +98 229224 2483
Fax: (+9821) 2567976&+98 229224 2469
Dr. Khosrow Sobhe is a gentleman whose I judgment I trust and respect. He is a leader in the Iranian Carpet Industry.
See Notes on Dr. Khosrow Sobhe



Peter Linden
PETER LINDEN - Ireland's leading dealer in Old & Antique rugs, carpets, runners, kilims, tribal weavings, Uzbek Suzanis and period European tapestries. Also a leading dealer within the DOBAG project with substantial stock at any time. Finally we do a number of other modern rugs like Zollanvari Gabbehs, Egyptian "Zieglers" and Khan Mohamadi Afghan rugs from Peshawar, Pakistan.

All our pieces must have stable dyes, preferably all natural. We avoid big production lines and excessively "antique washed" pieces. No painted rugs, rugs with cut-and-shut reductions, really only in mint condition if we can help it.

Finally we do in-house washing and restoration.



Dr. Mark Berkovich
20 Mazal Arie Street, Old Jaffa, 68036, Israel
Telephone 972 58 676740 Fax 972 4 9974172



Alberto Boralevi Antique rugs and Textiles
Primo piano, Palazzo Frescobaldi Via S. Spirito,11 - Firenze
Tel. 055211423 - Fax 0552650560
By appointment.
(Some people assume that just because Boralevi is one of the World's great rug scholars he must be expensive. Actually he is very "in" for smart shoppers. Take a look at Boralevi on JBOC)
Notes on Alberto Boralevi

Alberto Levi Gallery
Alberto Levi
Via San Maurilio, 24 - 20123 Milano, Italy
Tel +39-0289011553 - Fax +39-0272015118

Ambient s.r.l.
Mr. B. Emami
Padua, Via Tiepolo No.75 / A
Telephone + 39049 7800764 Fax + 39049 7806790 Mobile + 39335 808 0801

Daniele Boralevi.
Boralevi Daniele
Via Maggio 84r. 50125 Florence ITALY
telefon. 055281756
fax 0552676631

Galleria Hermitage
Rodolfo Kashanian
via Vincenzo Monti 56, 20123 Milano
Tel: ++39-2-4985907 - Fax ++39-2-48019559

Davide Halevim has closed his gallery and is now working in Teather and Cinema as an actor. Rodolfo Kashanian, Owner of Hermitage and partner of Halevim has closed his gallery and opened a new business called

Rodolfo Kashanian
Viale Tunisia 43 20124 Milano (MI)
tel: 02 2708 0862.

KILIM Art & Antiquities
Giorgio Battistoni
Corso S. Anastasia 23, 37121 Verona (Italy)
Tel: ++39-(0)45-8031843

Marchi Collection
Walter Marchi
Ancient carpets
via Cavour 23 - 31015 Conegliano (TV)
Tel: 0438-60021, ore 15.30-19.30 appointment only.

David Sorgato
via S.Orsola, 13 - 20123 MILAN, ITALY
Tel. +

Antique & decorative oriental rug
Via Della Moscova 27 - 20121 Milano
Tel: 02-29006397

Rodolfo Kashanian, Davide Halevim and Marianna Prevarin
via Capelli 6 - Milano
tel 02 2708 0854 fax 02 2578 5245

Origini S.r.l.
Corso Porta Borsari 36 37121 Verona (Italy)
Tel: ++39-(0)45-8008885

Galleria Rascid Rahaim
Franco Dell'Orto
XII Marzo 2380 Venezia (Italy)
Tel: ++39-(0)41-522473

Moshe Tabibnia
via Brera, 3, 20121 Milan,

Textile Art
Ziya Bozoglu
Via Calderini 11, Perugia, 06123, Italy
Telephone +39 075 573 4890 - +39 075 573 6842 Fax +39 075 573 4929
Textile Art on
I really enjoy looking at Bozoglu's rugs. I have not spoken with him yet but I am very impressed by his color sense. Take a look at Textile Art on JBOC



Rika Yamamoto / Gallery Tulip

Rika Yamamoto
1-3-207 Akashicho Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0044 JAPAN
(Tel/Fax:+81-3-3545-6030) By appointment only
Antique Rugs, Oriental Carpets & Collectible Textiles



The Rugsouk- Kuwait
SOur main clientelle is the US/UN?British Mission, Expatriate staff working in Foreign Companies and Embassy staff.
We specialize in tribal rugs and carpets. We are now importing large quantities of Khal Mohamadis and Afghani Silk carpets. (You can check a good selection of Khal Mohamadis at ) Please contact Mr. Talal Abdulla
Contact Numbers:
Telephone & Fax: (+965) 566-1876
Mobile: (+965) 664-7677
E-Mail Address:



Anthony Foster
venida de las Palmas 555 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico City 11000
Tel 525 207 7421 and Fax 525 207 7433
Fine antique Oriental and European carpets and tapestries. Selected finer new examples as well.

Silvia Franco
Porfirio Diaz 148-A Tepatitlan, JAL 47600



Pars Oriental Carpet
Verlengde Hereweg 9, Groningen, NL-9721 AB, Netherlands
Tel:+31 50 526 6035
Fax:+31 50 526 6035

Astrid van Seijen
Appelsteeg 3
1811 NA Alkmaar
T 072-5203231
International : 0031-72-520-3231
Store hours : Wednesday through Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00 and by Appointment.
E-mail :



Mannam Carpets
Mirza, Tariq
U- 171/2 Defense, Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel: 92 42 5728194

(Tariq is more than a friend, he is someone I trust and count on. JBOC)

Paramount Crafts
C-57 Al-Karim Centre Moti Bazar
Rawalpindi,46000,Punjab, Pakistan
Establishment Year : April 1998
Orientalgallery on eBay

Splendour International
Manufacturers and Exporters of Handmade Oriental Carpets, Afghan Tribal rugs and Kilims of all kinds.
Contact persons:M. Ilyas Butt and Bilal Butt
4-Carpet Chambers 19/10 Abbot Road Lahore - Pakistan
Tel:042-6301722 Fax:042-6360639
Email =
"Established in 1968 and doing a reliable business ever since"

Republic of South Africa


Saudi Arabia


Dr. Faisal Al Damer
Phone: 09 954 409 410
Ulaiya- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
JBOC Note: Dr. Faisal is recommended by my old friend Mr. Talal Abdulla.



Claudio Mariani

SH Sameyeh Pte Ltd
TEL. 65 - 973 535 72
FAX 65 - 673 461 17
To see the Collection clich here.


José Luczyc-Wyhowska
Orixa, Abrollido, Donas, 38388 Gondomar, Spain
Tel. + 34 616512209
Visits by appointment only
José Luczyc-Wyhowska is co-author with Alastair Hull of: Kilim - The Complete Guide, first published in 1993 by Thames & Hudson, second edition (2000) in paperback



HALI, Rugs & Books
Ingemar Albertsson
Åkervägen 40, 181 41 Lidingö, Sweden
Tel & Fax +46-8-765 11 31
HALI trades in old and antique carpets, kilims and books about textile art.

J. P. Wilborg Antique Rugs
Sibyllegatan - 41, S11442 Stochhlm Sweden
Tel: +46-8-783 02 65 Fax: 46-783-59-93



Pourfallah Ex-Import
Mr. N. Pourfallah
Freilager str. 47, 8043 Zurich, Switzerland
GSM (+41-89) 400.4545
Tel: (+41-1) 493.5464 - Tel. (+41-77) 410.4

Werner Weber
Zürcher Zollfreilager
Block I Freilagerstrasse 47 CH - 8043 Zürich Switzerland.
Phone: +41 44 492 47 47
Fax: +41 44 491 21 24



Gallery Shirvan
Erol Kazanci
Hilicilar Street 50/52/54, Grand Bazaar, Beyazit, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: 90-212-522-4986 Fax: 90-212-522-4987
Keseciler Street 55/57, Grand Bazaar, Beyazit, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: 90-212-520-6224
(I have sent friends to Erol and he has always treated them with the greatest care and courtesy. Highly recommended. JBOC)

Seref Ozen
Arasta Bazaar. No. 93 34400
Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turkey
TEL: 0090(212)6383330 and TEL/FAX: 0090(212)5180338
w.Page :
Please see Notes on Serif Ozen of Cocoon

Dekorativ Carpets and Kilims
Mahmut and Ludwina Akbulut
AtaturkMah.1005 Sk.11/B
Selçuk - Ephesus, Turkey

Gallery Anatolia
Sener Ozturk
Goreme / TURKEY
Gallery Anatolia Today

Ibrahim Tekin
Antique Rugs&Restoration
Purcuklu Mah, Ayanbey Sok,
Emek Ishani. No 27/203
Tel Workshops: + 90 332 353 0257
Mob : + 44 777 964 0788

Indigo Gallery
Orta Mahalle No:1 50180 Goreme - TURKEY
Tel, Fax: 90.384.271 23 51

(Nice people with a good hotel. They used to be more active on the Internet but I have not heard from them lately. JBOC)

Leaf Carpet
Manufacturer and trader of handmade
Carpets and Kilms
Cumhuriyet m. Cumhuriyet Is Hani Pasaj ici
No: p-8
38040 Kayseri - Turkey
Tel: +90-352-2314408
Fax: +90-352-2227747
GSM: +90-544-4416655
Icq: 159849451

Maison Du Tapis D’Orient
Mehmet Çetinkaya
Arasta Çarsisi No.151, Sultanahmet - Istanbul, 34400 Turkey
Telephone [90] 212 517 6808 Fax [90] 212 638 1553
Maison Du Tapis D'Orient on

Noah's Ark Rugs & Kilims

Divanyolu Caddesi Ticarethane Sokak
Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey, 34410
Telephone: 5118050
Fax: 5118056
Information: + 90 212 for international calls

Ismet Odabasi
Halicilar Caddesi No:41
Kapalicarsi, Istanbul
Tel / Fax:

Sefes Tur. Hav. Ins. Teks. LTD.STI

Mrs.Safak Civici and Mrs. Gulistan Belli
Cumhuriyet Mah. Aytar Sok. Anadolu Ishanı No. 8 Kayseri
Phone 90-532-2922856 (cell) Fax 90-352-2222591
Please note that we have a time difference with the USA of 7 h East coast and 10 h West coast. The company is registered with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Kayseri, with the Tax Office Erciyes in Kayseri and with the Turkish Exporters Federation. Documents can be presented upon request. Founded in 1997 by myself. I have a partner who joined me in 1998, Mrs. Gulistan Belli. We are dealing only with Turkish rugs and Kelims. The rugs and Kelims are new or used ones. I am not dealing with antiques, but with old rugs and Kelims. The provenance of the rugs and Kelims are Kayseri, Yahyali, Taspinar, Konya, Sultanhani, Milas, Malatya, in short: all over Turkey. We also have the manufactured Kars type rugs which appeal to a lot of customers due to their pastel hues and bold designs. I can call myself a specialist in the Nomad rugs, the so called "Yoruks". I do not deal with silk rugs, but with silk Kelims. However, I know some good silk rug dealers.

Hotel Hali:
Klodfarer Caddesi
TEL: 00 90 212 516 21 70 -00 90 212 17 77 FAX: 00 90 212 516 21 72
E mail:


Necati Kokoglu Ahmet Kokoglu
Binbirdirek Mah Babayani Sk. No. 4 34122 Eminonu - ISTANBUL
Tel: +90.212 518 2901 Fax: +90.212 518 2902 Gsm: 0 532 261 8189
JBOC: I got the following from an old and trusted friend; "I have a personal favor to ask. There is an old, dear friend here in Istanbul, an honest (honest!) and honorable dealer who very much deserves to be on your dealer list. I don't know why I have not suggested this before, but I know that others on your list can also vouch for him. He has worked with many Americans over the years - (4 dealers on my list), etc. It would be a great thrill for him to be included among your other dealers. We were looking at your site yesterday and he became a bit sad that he was not listed. I told him I would ask, on his behalf. His heart and his intentions are as clean as they come. He sells on rug rabbit and is finishing a website very soon, within days. His name is Necati Kokoglu, and he works with his brother, Ahmet. They have helped me and my all friends whom I have sent to him, so much. They are my dear friends, and would be indebted to you forever if they were to see their business listed on spongobongo. I guarantee their character.

Tribal Collections Nomadic Rugs & Textiles

Ruth Lockwood & Faruk Ciftci
Tel/Fax: +90 384 271 2400 * Mobile:+90 532 486 1419
I notice that Ruth left me off her links list. I hope she is not mad at me. JBOC



Turkmen Carpets Online

59/1 Yoleten Street
744024 Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

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