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Babar, Naseerullah.

Babayan Kathryn,

Babur, Zahiruddin Muhammad


Bactrian Camel

Badi’ Uzman Mirza

Bacha-i Saqao

  • Bacha-i Saqao was a Tajik Freedom Fighter who forced King Amanullah to abdicate in 1929. Bacha-i Saqao ruled for several months and then was defeated by the Pashtun tribes under the leader ship of Nadir Shah in October 1929.

Bacharach, Jere L.

Badakshan Afghanistan

Baer, Eva.

Baer, J.

  • Baer, J. Collecting The Navajo Child's Blanket. 1986,

Baffioni, Carmela.

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Baginski, Alisa.

  • Baginski, Alisa. Textiles from Egypt, 4th-13th Centuries, C.E.. Jerusalem: L. A. Mayer Memorial Institute for Islamic Art, 1980. Exhibition catalogue

Baghlan Afghanistan

  • North of the Salang Pass there is a fork in the road, left goes to Maser i Sharif and the right goes to Kunduz. Baghlan is on the road to Kunduz. It is Uzbek territory with a significant population of Tadjiks. and Turkmen.

  • Afghan War Rugs: Baghlan Afghanistan War Rug

Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat

  • In 1537 Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat met with the Portuguese on board a ship to negotiate the restoration of the island of Diu back to Gujarat Sultanate. Instead of negotiating in good faith the Portuguese murdered the Sultan and threw his body overboard.

  • Charles Grant Ellis if I recall correctly speculated that this was the source of the design in the so-called Portuguese carpets

Bahaji, Said.

  • Said Bahaji is son of a Moroccan father and a German Mother. He was raised in Morocco and attended collage in Germany. Bahaji roomed with Mohammed Atta and suspected 20th hijacker Ramzi Binalshibh, in a Hamburg apartment in November of 1998. Ziad Jarrah and Marwan Al-Shehhi were frequent visitors to their apartment. Bahaji age 26 dropped from sight in Karachi in late November 2001.

Bahari, Ebadollah.

Bahgat, Aly.

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Baharnaz, M. R.

  • Baharnaz, M. R. Eternal Drifters of Plains and Mountains. Tehran: 1991.


Bahram Mirza

Bailey, G. A.

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Bailey, Julia.

Baker, Patricia L.

Bakshaish Carpets


  • Guide to Baku Rugs

  • City in the Caucasus that passed from nominal Persian control to Czarist Russian Control in 1806.

  • The city is in the center of a massive oil field and was a site of early fire temples that contained natural seeping oil fires.

  • Baku rugs frequently have botehs which some relate to the flames of the fire temples.

Baku Carpet Museum

Balland, Daniel

  • Balland, Daniel and Augustin de Benoist Nomades et semi-nomades Baluc d'Afghanistan, Revue Géographie de l'Est, vol. 22, pp. 117-144.1982

Ballard, James,

  • American collector, author, and publisher, now deceased.

  • Member Hajji Baba Club New York.

  • Ballard Mughal Saph

  • Ballard, James F. Inaugural Exhibition of a Collection of Oriental Rugs. St. Louis 1929

  • Ballard, James F. Illustrated Catalogue and Descriptions of Ghiordes Rugs. ; St. Louis: 1916.

  • The James F. Ballard Late 16th Century Bursa Prayer Rug

  • Ballard, James F.: Illustrated Catalogue and Descriptions of Ghiordes Rugs. ; St. Louis: 1916. 8.5 x 11, Limited to 100 copies. Ballard's collections of Ghiordes prayer rugs., 36 b/w.

Baloch, N. A.,

  • Baloch, N. A., Fathnamah-i Sind, (Islamabad: 1983).


Baluchi Camel

Baluch Type



Balkh Afghanistan

Balpinar, Belkis.

Bamborough, Philip

  • 1979 Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets. Blandford Press, Poole, England.


Bandar bin Sultan

Bandsma, Arend.

  • Bandsma, A. & Brandt, R. Flatweaves Of Turkey. 1995.

  • Flatweaves of Turkey

Banguoglu, T.

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Barber E.J.W.

Barfield, Thomas, J.

Barkan, Omer Lutfi.

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Barkely, S.

  • Barkely, S. Adire: Indigo Cloth of Nigeria. 1980.

Barnard, Anne.

  • Anne Barnard, is covering the war in Afghanistan for the Boston Globe. Very talented reporter.

  • Normally covers health & science.

  • abarnard@globe.com

Barnes, Ruth.

  • Barnes, Ruth. "BOOKS". Hali 97, 1998. page 98. "The Newberry Collection in the Ashmolean Museum, by Ruth Barnes."

Barrett, Douglas.

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Barnett, Ronnee.

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Barrucand Marianne.

  • Barrucand Marianne. L'architecture de la Qasba de Moulay Ismail d Meas. 2 Vols. Casablanca, 1976. Spain and Maghreb

  • Barrucand Marianne. Urbanisme princier en Islam: Meknes et les villes royales islamiques post-

Barthelemy, Anna.

  • Barthelemy, Anna. Tazra Tapis & Bijoux de Ouarzazate. Aix-en-Provence: 1990.

Bartold, Wilhelm.

  • Wilhelm Bartold (1869-1930) of St. Petersburg University. Paksoy, Basmachi

  • Like the majority of the founding scholars comprising the Imperial Academy of Sciences and the universities Bartold was of non-Russian origin. Bartold was of a German family settled in the Russia. Paksoy, Basmachi Note 5

  • 1900 doctoral dissertation entitled "Turkestan Down to the Mongol Invasions". Paksoy, Basmachi

Basayev, Shamil.

  • Famous Chechen commander from the first Russian war.

  • Prime minister for a short time in 1997.

  • Linked to Wahabis, Saudis, al-Qaeda.

  • Leader of joint Saudi/Chechen bandit raid into Daghestan in August 1999.

Basha’s Oriental Rugs,

al-Basha, Hasan.

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Bashar, Haji

Bashian, Kathleen Ryniker Ph.D.

Basilov, V. N.

Basset, Henri.

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Batanouni, Hoda.

  • Batanouni, Hoda. "Catalogue of Mamluk Doors with Metal Revetments" Master's thesis, American University in Cairo, 1975.

Batari, Ferenc.

Bates, Michael,

  • Bates, Michael, "Byzantine Coinage and its Imitations, Arab Coinages and its Imitations

Bates, Ülkü Ü.

  • Ülkü Bates, Ph.D.
    Professor of Art History
    Hunter College
    New York City

  • ÜLKÜ BATES, Professor; PhD, University of Michigan; Islamic Art, Chinese and Japanese Art
    Graduate advisor; Office: 11021 HN, Phone: (212) 650 3752 facultygoodDocument

  • Bates, Ülkü Ü. "Review of Palais et maisons du Caire, I: Époque mamelouke (XIIIe-XVIe siècles), by Jean-Claude Garcin, et al." in IJMES. Vol. 18. 1986. 83-84.

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  • Turkish Carpets

  • Culture - Calligraphy Tucson

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Batur, Sabahattin.

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Bausback, C.

  • Bausback, C. Alte Teppiche Aus Tibet. 1989,

Bausback, Franz:

Bausback, Peter.

Bavarian National Museum/Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

  • Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

    • Prinzregentenstraße 3, D-80538 München (Munich)
      Tel: 0049 - 89 - 211 24-01 (General Information)
      Tel: 0049 - 89 - 211 24-216 (Information concerning Guided Tours and events)
      fax: 0049 - 89 - 211 24-201

  • Hours

    • Tues to Sun 10 to 5
      Please check with the museum for the hours on public holidays.

  • Admission

    • Adults - 3 Marks
      Reduced rate - 2 Marks
      Groups (10 or more) - 2 Marks
      Annual ticket - 16, Marks
      Museum Pass - 16, Marks
      (Valid in 23 state museums in Munich for 14 days)
      Free admission for members, children, and young persons under 15.
      Free admission on Sundays
      The entrance prices do not apply for special exhibitions..


  • The title Bay (often "prince") is appended to the name of a tribal elder or a member of the ruling elite; it may simply signify "man of wealth." It may precede or follow the proper name. Paksoy, Alpamysh. Chapter 3 note 5.

Bay, G.

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Bayani, M.

  • Bayani, M. Ahvdl-o dthdr-i khushnivisan, 2nd ed. in 4 vols. Tehran, 1363/ 1985.

Bayazid Sultan Bayazid

Sultan Bayazid II

  • Ottoman Sultan Bayazid II reigned 1481 - 1512. Soudavar, APC. Page 85

  • Sultan Bayazid II's offered refuge to the Sephardic Jews. In 1492,Sultan Bayazid II ordered his provincial governors of the Ottoman Empire to welcome the Jews openly. http://www.hagalil.com/galluth/il-turk.htm

  • Sultan Bayazid II was forced from the throne by his son Selim I (Selim the grim). This was in part due to the reluctance of Bayazid to deal with the Safavid threat on their eastern border.

  • Bayazid II Sultan Bayazid II

Bayazid Turkish Armenia

Beach, Milo Cleveland.

Beattie, May H.

Beck, Lois.

Becker, Jerry

  • "Navajo/Pueblo Textiles" Denver: ACOR4 Focus Session, 1998.

Bechtel Corporation

  • Bechtel Corporation is one of the world’s great construction companies. It has done many power plant, energy, and oil related projects. The work it has done in many Arab countries has caused it to be seen as Pro-Arab and this has garnered some ill will.

  • Pro-Israeli authors have alleged that Bechtel has worked so closely with the CIA that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Further that Bechtel was working against Israel. Loftus & Aarons. Secret War page 244. It must be noted that the allegations were presented without corroboration or sign of factual basis. JBOC

  • George Schultz and Casper "Cap" Weinberger were Bechtel executives. Loftus & Aarons. Secret War page 254.

Bedaghi, Zabihollah

  • Bedaghi, Zabihollah. Niazjan and Turkman Rugs. Tehran: 1990.

Bedoukian, Harold.

Beginners Guide

Beghal, Djamel.

  • Djamel Beghal is an Algerian who has lived in France. He was arrested in the United Arab Emirates traveling to Paris on a fake French Passport. Under strenuos questioning he admited to working for Abu Zubaydah. and al-Qaeda in planning the bombing of the US Embassy in Paris. His information was used in the world wide round up of al-Qaeda terrorists in late November 2001.

  • Djamel Beghal was trained at two seperate al-Qaeda terrorist training camps in Afghanistan along with former Tunisian soccer player, Nizar Trabelsi.

Begley, Wayne E.

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Belcher, Chris.

Bell, Gertrude.

  • British spymaster in Asia.

  • With the British Military Intelligence Department and likely recruiter of Jack Philby as a spy. Loftus & Aarons. Secret War page 28

  • Bell was a contemporary of British sodomite and agent provocateur Thomas Edward "T. E." Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

Bell, Robert.

Bellini, Giovanni

  • "(1430?-1516). The founder of the Venetian school of painting, Giovanni Bellini raised Venice to a center of Renaissance art that rivaled Florence and Rome. He brought to painting a new degree of realism, a new wealth of subject matter, and a new sensuousness in form and color." WebMuseum: Bellini, Giovanni

Benardout, D

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Benardout, Raymond.

Bencard, Mogens

  • Bencard, Mogens Persian Textiles at Gottorp, in Bier, The Persian Velvets at Rosenborg, Copenhagen, pp.64-75. 1995

Benjamin, Daniel.

  • Daniel Benjamin was a terrorism expert in the Clinton White House.


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Bennett, James.

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  • Notes on Beshire Rugs

  • Besim, Ferdie

    • Prominient German rug dealer.


    • Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe that is now part of Romania. Few pile rugs but a steady production of flatweaves.

    • Bessarabia Russian Federation

    Berzin, Yan Karlovich.

    • General Yan Karlovich Berzin was the chief in the Fourth Bureau of the GRU. "a colorful commander who had been in the forefront of the Bolshevik revolution of October 1917. Espionage - Sorge, Richard

    • Berzin was the Soviet Far eastern spy expert up until the time he was shot in the Stalin purges.

    • Owen Lattimore worked for Berzin.

    Beveridge, June

    • Beveridge, June ed. Authentic Algerian Carpet Designs and Motifs ; NY: 1978.


    • Literally it is Grandmother's weave. In Bahktiari rugs it refers to the finest work. The implication is that it is the best work of the most experienced weaver for family use.

    Bidder, Hans.

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    • Bidgeneh is a village southwest of Zenjan in Iran. The rugs are very much like Qoltuqs and are often called Qoltuq or Bijar. They have a heavy double wefted construction and are very nice rugs.


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    • Michael Bischof is a German carpet expert

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    Black Church

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    • London Rug dealer

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    Black Light

    Black Tents

    • There is a dichotomy in nomads in Southwest Asia. Some use a yurt while others use a tent made from woven goat hair. Goat hair tents are often called Black Tents. Goat hair tent walls breath and allow air to circulate when they are dry but swell and provide protection from rain when they are wet. Black tents are more suited to moderate climates and yurts to more severe climates but in place in Afghanistan you may see both used with in a few miles of each other.

    Blackmon, Jim.

    • Jim Blackmon is a dealer of antique textiles based in San Francisco.

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    Blomberg Nancy

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    Bloom, Jonathan M.

    Bloom, Myrna,

    • Myrna is the top Oriental Rug Book seller in the US and perhaps the world. Her index is incredibly detailed and complete. Myrna lives in Dresher Pa. where she paints, and sells books. Myrna was a early member of the New York Rug Society and she frequently lectures to rug clubs around the country.

    • www.myrnabloom.com

    • Trusted Resource List - Book Dealers.

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    Bogolyubov, General Andrei Andreevich.

    • 1908. General Bogolyubov was the czarist Governor of the Transcaspian Province from 1880 to 1901. Bogolyubov built a collection of 139 Turkoman pieces. In 1908 he published an important study of the carpets of Central Asia. It was later translated and annotated by Dr. Jon Thompson M.D.

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    • Harald Bohmer of Marmara University, Turkey is internationally known for his work on Turkish rug dyes. Bohmer was instrumental in creating the DOBAG project which has had the effect of revitalizing the Turkish carper weaving trade.

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    • Boldaji is a town in the southern part of the Chahar Mahal region. They are good, well made and sturdy medium grade Bakhtiari.


    • Similar to a Pushti. Usually a pile faced, sack like, bag. Opens on the long end. Used as a cushion.

    • Could be used as a grain or fodder sack but that use is debatable.

    Bolsen, Harry

    • Manager of J.H. Dildarian, Inc. the 80 year old Madison Avenue store


    Published: January 6, 1997

    BOLSON - Louise, age 94. Died December 27 in Pompano Beach, Fl. Beloved wife of the late Harry Bolson. Until their retirement in 1969, prominent retailer of Oriental and European rugs at J.H. Dildarian, Inc. the 80 year old Madison Avenue store founded by her first husband, Jacques Dildarian. She is mourned by her daughters. Anne Katherine Scott, Gladys Dildarian Hamilton; stepdaughter, Jeanette Bolson Hayes: a sister, Emilie Chura; seven grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren. Donations in her memory to the hospice or charity of your choice.

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    • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

    • Consultant to the World Bank.

    • President of The International Hajji Baba at the club's greatest point.

    • Boucher Jeff W. Baluch Woven Treasures.

    Boucher, Shirley.

    • Widow of the late Col. Jeff Boucher. Mrs. Boucher donated the rugs from her late husband's book to the Indianapolis Museum of Fine Art. Mrs. Boucher is a delightful lady who stays active in the International Hajji Baba.

    • Shirley Boucher

    Boudin, Leonard.

    • "The Post burnished its bad reputation on January 28 with a glowing news story on a memorial service for far-left defense attorney Leonard Boudin, who for many years was general counsel for the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, a Communist front. "Civil Liberties Attorney Embraced Constitution," read the headline. Post reporter Paula Span ran an old Boudin quote: "I could never embrace an ism...I did embrace the Constitution." But Boudin, was fond of one "ism" the Post didn't report -- communism. He was a member of the Communist Party, USA.

      The father of Kathy Boudin, in prison for a 1981 Weather Underground armed robbery, Boudin was remembered by the Post for defending "victims of McCarthyism" during "what has been called the American Inquisition of the late '40s and '50s." Span added that "More than once, he was referred to as having been the best constitutional lawyer in the United States."" MediaWatch -- 02/01/1990 -- NewsBites:  Ray and Frances Shop for Bad News

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    Bralevis Islam

    • Sunni Moslems in Pakistan who abstain from Jehadi or anti-Shia militant activities.

    Brahui, Abdol Kariam,

    • Also Barahui, Abdolkarim.

    • Abdol Kariam Brahui is the Baluch military leader in the province of Nimruz. Brahui was a Leutenant in the Afghan Army before the Russian war. During the war he was head of the Nimruz Front a primarily Baluch Mujaheddin militia.

    • Brahui led about 600 - 700 tribesmen against the Taliban outpost near Zaranj on Novenber 11th. The Taliban collapsed with little fighting and many of the Taliban deserted to Brahui's militia. He too Zaranj on the 12th.

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    Burnham, Martin and Grace

    • American missionaries of New Tribes Missions. They were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf Group at a resort in the Philippines where the Burnhams where taking a short break from their missionary activities. The Burnhams are from Wichita, Kansas.

    Burns, James D.

    • Jim Burns is known as one of America's most important collectors and a heck of a nice guy.

    • Noted American collector best known for Caucasian rugs both in his collection and in his book.

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    • The Joseph V. McMullan Award

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    Butterfield & Butterfield


    Bush, George Herbert Walker.

    • George Herbert Walker Bush former President of the United States. The elder President Bush contacted President Mikhail S. Gorbachev immediately after the coup in Moscow in August 1991 to say that the United States was completely with Russia in its moment of crisis. Bush felt the enemy we know is better than the enemy that we do not know. This was a shock to many of us old Reagan hands who were firmly anti-Communist. When you add up the elder Bush presidency and it compare it to the Clinton years it is obvious that Bush was more liberal than Clinton. Bush claimed to be pro-Life but he failed to advance that cause in any meaningful way. He claimed to be conservative fiscally but Government grew dramatically during his term. Bush talked family values but he maintained a mistress during his years as VP and President. He talked about integrity but when DoJ had his brother-in-law (Barbara's brother) on 2000 counts of mail and wire fraud the brother was let off the hook and E.F. Hutton was charged as a corporation.

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    • Buzkashi is a game played on horseback that involves carrying the carcass of a goat across a goal line. Buzkashi can be translated as "pulling the goat". It is played in the north of Afghanistan and is most common among Turkmen and Uzbeks. Over the years the Uzbek have begun to use a calf weighted with sand and soaked in water for a day.

    Bylinski, Janusz.

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    Bynum, Maury.

    • Maury Bynum, an Oriental rug dealer, engineer, and ex-educator, founded Textile Conservators, Inc. in 1983 to provide a facility for the professional maintenance of antique art textiles. Maury is well know for his vast knowledge in a broad range of rug and textile knowledge.

    • Trusted Resource List - Restorers.

    • "Ethnographic Rugs", Chicago: ACOR II, 1996

    Byzantine Empire

    • Byzantine Empire In 330 the Roman empire split and the eastern division was based in the new city of Constantinople.

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