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  • Turkish for Mountain as in Karadagh (black mountain)


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  • James J. Dalton is a recognized expert on the agriculture of Afghanistan.

Damascene Steel

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M. S. Dar carpets,

Gallery Daroun,

Darreh Gaz and the Deregez Atock



  • A dastan is "an ornate ``oral history'' of the origins, customs, practices, and exploits of ancestors." Paksoy, Basmachi

Date Converter

d'Avennes, Prisse

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  • General Mohammad Dawood The highest-ranking United Front commander in the Seige of Kunduz. Commander of the Takhar region.

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Defense Language Institute

  • DOD foreign languages school for military men and members of the Intelligence Comunity.

  • At the Presidio Monteray, California.

  • The Presidio has also been called Fort Halleck, Ord Barracks, Monterey Barracks and Fort Stockton.

  • First called the Military Intelligence Service Language School. Then the Army Language School in 1947. In 1963, the Department of Defense established a joint service Defense Language Institute, headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Presidio of Monterey became the Defense Language Institute. In 1976 the Defense Language Institute, West Coast Branch was designated the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, and is the the Defense Department’s principle center for foreign language instruction.


Defense Mapping Agency.

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Dekmejian, Richard

  • Richard Hrair Dekmejian is a specialist in Islamic fundamentalism at the University of Southern California.

  • Dr. Richard H. Dekmejian is Professor of Political Science and International Business (IBEAR) at the University of Southern California. His specializations include International Risk Assessment, Leadership Studies, Middle East Politics, Oil Politics, and Multinational Corporations. Professor Dekmejian holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and has authored over 100 articles and five books. A veteran of the U.S. Army, he has worked as corporate consultant and advisor to U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, and multinational corporations. He is a frequent lecturer and Radio-Television commentator on world affairs. APBO: Speakers

  • Dekmejian, Richard H.

  • The Middle East and Armenia's National Security:

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Delhi Sultanate

Dell'Orto, Franco. 

Denny, Walter S.

Denver Art Museum

Denton, Lynn P.

Denwood, Philip.

  • Mr Philip T Denwood, MCD (Liverpool) BA (London)

    • Reader  Languages and Cultures of East Asia,

    • Head of Dept  Art and Archaeology

    • Expertise:

    • Tibetan language, particularly modern literary Tibetan and the spoken Lhasa dialect; the arts of Tibetan speaking regions, including painting, sculpture, architecture and textiles; Himalayan art & architectur

  • Denwood, P. The Tibetan Carpet. 1978 ed., Harold Keshishian gave me a copy that had belonged to Christopher Heublein Perot.

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    JUN 94 Orientations.


Der Manuelian, Lucy.


  • City on the Caspian Sea that had a lively rug commerce in an early period. With the Russian conquest was made part of Daghestan. It is a political distinction since Derbent rugs are more Persianate and true Daghis are a much more tribal rug. True Daghestan is the mountainous region and Derbent and the coastal areas are a separate area even though the Russians put them under one Governor. Derbent was the northen most Persian city in Safavid days. It was one of the first to be occupied by the Russians while Daghestan was relatively late.

  • One very prominent older Armenian Rug Dealer (not Jim Keshishian) told me that the dealers used Derbent as the attribution you give a Caucasian rug when you do not know where it is from.

  • Peter the Great captures Derbent in 1722.

The Dervishes

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The Dervishes

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de Young Museum

  • 75 Tea Garden Drive
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    Museum Hotline: 415-863-3330

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Dickson, Martin Bernard (Deceased 1991)

  • One of the great Islamic scholars.

  • Co-author - Welch, Stuart Cary, Dickson M. B.  The Houghton Shahnameh. Cambridge , Harvard University Press , 1981.

  • University of Washington - BA in Far Eastern Languages and Literature

  • Ph.D. - Department of Oriental Languages and Literature at Princeton University, 1958

  • Professor of Persian studies Department of Oriental Languages and Literature at Princeton University (1959-91)

  • Dickson was one of John Wertime's teachers at Princeton.

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Dilley, Arthur Urbane.

Dimand, Maurice Sven. Ph. D.

Dixon, Jim.

  • A California rug and fragment collector and landscaper. Jim is one of the world's great collectors. Th collection rivas the best and his home and garden were created to frame the collection. Jim is truely a marvel.

  • "Caucasian Prayer Rugs" Denver: ACOR4 Focus Session, 1998.

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  • The capital of Qatar, a peninsula in the Persian Gulf.


  • Rugs made by a Timuri sub-group.

Dokali, Rachid.

  • Dokali, Rachid. Les Mosquies de la peiode turque d Alger, Algiers, 1974,

Dombrowski, G.

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Dome of the Rock


Donchian, J.  B.

  • Donchian, J. B. Threads From The Oriental Loom. 1912,

Dostum, Abdul Rashid.

  • Pasha Abdul Rashid Dostum was the primary warlord of the Uzbeks of Northern Afghanistan. Dostum was an Ally of the Russians until they pulled out in 1989. They left him in control of the equipment and supplies that they left. He ruled in Mazar -i- Sharif while backing the Rabbani Government. He only lost to Taliban when they bribed his Generals (Abdul Malik Pahlawan) with huge amounts of money from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

  • Dostum was not popular with the folks at the US State Department. This was primarily because the were in bed with the Pakistanis. In fact the people I heard criticize Dostum the worst were the same US Officials who wanted to recognize Taliban back in 1998.

  • Dostum commanded Afghan army's 53rd division.

  • Participant in the Sherbarghan Meeting.

Dovetail Tapestry

Dovodov, N.

  • Dovodov, N. Carpets and Carpet Products of Turkmenistan, Turkmen Carpet Company, U.S.S.R., 1983

Doyle, Austin.

  • Washington DC area cancer researcher and rug collector. Austin is married and father of two girls and is a regular at the Textile Museum's Saturday programs. He has a growing collection with some very interesting pieces.

  • Chahar Aimak Rug from the Austin Doyle Collection



  • A draftoon is a weavers comb. It can be metal or wood and comes in variety of sizes and weights.


Dragon Carpets

Drioton, E.

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Dudin, S. M.


Dulles, Allen.

  • Allen Dulles was head of the CIA

  • Brother of John Foster Dulles Secretary of State under Eisenhower.

  • Recruited as a British mole when the Brits caught him with a Austrian spy and were able to black mail him. General Walter Bedall Smith former head of the CIA accused Dulles of taking a French whore as his mistress when Dulles was stationed in Paris.Loftus & Aarons. Secret War page 28 (citing Hersh, The Old Boys page 274 see note 9 page 520).

  • Allen Dulles was the State Department point man for the cover up of the Armenian massacres circa 1920. US sympathy for Armenians would be seen negatively by the oil powers. Loftus & Aarons. Secret War page 220.

Dulles, John Foster.

Dumas, D. G.

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Dumas, Hilary:

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Dunbar, Patrick.

Dunsmore, S.

  • Dunsmore, S. Nepalese Textiles. 1993, British Museum Press,

du Marceau, Alan.

  • English rug dealer.


Durrand, Sir Henry Mortimer

Durand Line

  • The Durand line is the Pakistan-Afghanistan border that was drawn by the British in the 19th century. It divides the Pashtun region (Pashtunistan) and it is a constant source of irritation.

Duranty, Walter


  • Also DORRAÚNÈ the largest Pashtun tribal confederation from which all Afghan dynasties since 1747 to 1973 came.

  • I believe that the Durrani who come from the Abdali were a Persian Kizilbash confederation created in the 17th century. Possibly created by Shah Abbas.


  • Abdali/Durrani Pashtuns of Afghanistan

Durusan Ltd,

Durusel, A. S.

  • Durusel, A. S. Turkish Carpets. Istanbul: 1983.

Durusel Carpets,

Duust Mohammad



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