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Fabre, Nicole

Fahim, Mohammed.

  • Notes on General Mohammed Fahim

Fairbanks, Charles H. Jr.

  • Charles H. Fairbanks Jr. is a Central Asia expert at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Charles Fairbanks

  • Fairbanks, Charles H., Jr. "Choosing Among Technologies in the Anglo-German Naval Arms Competition, 1895-1915," Naval History: The Seventh Symposium of the U.S. Naval Academy. William B. Cogar, Ed. Wilmington: Scholarly Resources, 1988



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Farah Province

  • The tribal forces of Gul Agha Shirzai took the Province of Farah from Taliban peacefully.

Farès, Bisher.

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Farhad, Massumeh

Farhang-e joghrifiyi-ye Irdn

  • Farhang-e joghrifiyi-ye Irdn (Geographical dictionary of Iran), Iranian Army General Staff, I0 volumes, Tehran, 1328-32/1949-53.


  • Bin Laden training camp 12 miles south of Jalalabad.

Farrow, G. F.

  • Farrow, G. F. & Harrow, L. Hagop Kapoudjian. 1993,

Farruhk Beg


Fath Ali Shah


  • The daughter of the founder of Islam Muhammad. Fatima married Ali Ibn Abi Talib and had two sons, al-Hassan and al-Husayn. She is especially venerated by the Shiites


  • Ismaili Shiite dynasty of independent sovereigns who seized power in Ifriqiya in 909 AD, and later in Egypt in 969 AD where they reigned until 1171 AD. During the Fatimid period, Islamic art, literature and science flourished

Fatehpur Sikri.

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Feith, Douglas.

Fel, E.

  • Fel, E., Hofer, T., & k.-Csillery, K. Hungarian Peasant Art. 1958, Corvina,

Feldman, Marc

  • NLOP (This is not to be taken as either an endorsement nor anything in anyway negative.)

Felkersam, A.

  • Felkersam, A. Alte Teppiche Mittelasiens (Old Rugs of Central Asia). Hamburg: 1979.

Felton, Anton

  • Felton really did a splendid book. I scheduled a trip to San Francisco to coincide with the opening of his museum show and then unfortunately Felton had family problems and he rescheduled at the last minute. So unfortunately I missed meeting him and seeing the collection.

  • Jewish Carpets by Anton Felton

  • Jewish Carpets

  • Felton, Anton Jewish Carpets :a history and guide Woodbridge, Suffolk UK: Antique Collectors' Club, 1997.

Fenlon, Sharon.

  • Sharon Fenlon is President of ACOR.

  • Rug Societies

  • "Restoration From The Owner's Viewpoint", Chicago: Panelist ACOR II, 1996

  • Fenlon, Sharon Oriental Rugs, An Exhibit from Area Collections Neenah 1979.

Ferdinand, K.

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Fertig, Barbara.

  • Fertig, Barbara. Introduction by J. McMullan: Turkish Rugs, The Rachel B. Stevens Memorial Collection. Washington: 197?


  • Foreign Emergency Support Team, also known as the FEST. It is an interagency team that coordinates the interagency response overseas, securing American lives and assets, and keeping Washington informed on key developments in a Terrorist attack. FEST is staffed by experts from DOD [Department of Defense], FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation], and other agencies. The FEST team works closely with the U.S. mission and local host government to ensure that all steps are taken to protect U.S. interests and lives, and, in cases where American citizens are the victims of a terrorist attack abroad, to help bring terrorists to justice.

  • April 1999 State Department Actions to Accountability Review ...

  • Department of State Washington File: Text: US Counterterrorism ...

Ffrench, James

Finch, K.

  • Finch, K & Putnam, G. Caring For Textiles. 1977, Watson-Guptill,

Fine, George.


  • City in Khorasan formerly called Tun, Iran. Site of an important Seljuk era (12th century) madrassa. Produces Persian Carpet.


  • Abolghassem Mansour-ibn-Hassan Firdausi Tousi born circa.940 died 1020. Persian poet and author of the Shah Namah (book of kings).

Fisher, A. W.

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Fisher, Carol G.

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Fitzherbert, Teresa.

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Fitz Gibbon, Kate.

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Fling, Russell.

Flint, Bert.

  • The Joseph V. McMullan Award

  • Bert Flint Museum

Floor, Willem

  • Willem Floor (Ph.D., University of Leiden)

  • World Bank since 1983 as an energy specialist.

  • The Persian Textiles Industry 1500-1925.

  • Safavid Court and State Institutions (1969).

  • A Fiscal History of Iran in the Safavid and Qajar Periods 1500-1925. Persian Studies Series, No. 17

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  • DE BRUIN (or de Bruyn), CORNELIS by Willem Floor

Flower Shirvan

Fokker, N.

  • Fokker, N. Oriental Rugs For Today. 1973

Folsach, Kjeld von

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Ford, Garry

Ford, P.J.R.

Foreign Service Institute

  • The Foreign Service Institute is located at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center in on Va. State Rt. 50 at the intersection of George Mason Drive one block south of Glebe in Arlington, Virginia. NFATC is a 72-acre campus that formerly held Arlington Hall Junior College Arlington Hall Station, an Army installation.

  •  The National Foreign Affairs Training Center (NFATC) is the primary training institution for personnel of the foreign affairs community. That includes State Department as well as 43 other government agencies. There are over 425 courses including 60 in language. The courses last from 2 days to two years.

Forkl, H.

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Forman, B.

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Forman, W.

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Formenton, F.

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Forrestal James,

Foster, Newton.

Fouquet, D.

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Fraad. Irma L.

  • Fraad. Irma L., and Richard Ettinghausen. "Sultanate Painting in Persian Style, Primarily from the First Half of the Fifteenth Century: A Preliminary Study." Chhavi (1972): 48-66.

  • Donor to the Smithsonian Institution in Fiscal Year 1994

  • Donor to the Smithsonian Institution in Fiscal Year 1995

Franke, Jerry.

  • "Turkoman Roundtable", Chicago: Panelist ACOR II, 1996

Franses, Jack.

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Franses, Michael & Jacqueline.

  • Michael Franses is a London based salesman of used rugs and textiles

  • Franses, Michael. Consultant Editors, Hali The International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Art.

  • Franses, Michael and Eskenazi, John. Turkish Rugs and Old Master Paintings

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  • Quoted in Aberrant Floral Form

  • BADA Member by Specialist Categories

  • Franses, Michael 1982 Chinese Carpets: Early Ninghsia Carpets, Hali 5/2, pp.132-40.

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  • Cited in:Oriental Rugs: Mughal Floral Lattice Carpet

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Frantz, K.

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Frauenknecht, B.

Freeman, M.B.

  • Freeman, M.B. The Unicorn Tapestries. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, l976,

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Fremlin Carpet

  • Indian Carpet wool on cotton Lahore circa 1640

  • Irwin, John. "Fremlin Carpet" Indian Carpets, Bombay: Marg Publications, 1965

French & Co.

  • French & Co. The Creation of the World. n.d.,

Frierman, Jay D.

  • Frierman, Jay D. Medieval Ceramics, VI to XIII Centuries. Exhibition organized by the Museum of Cultural History, University of California, Los Angeles.. Los Angeles: Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery, 1975.


  • Artificial paste bodied ceramics combining silica, glass frit, and fine white clay.

  • Iznik tile can be up to 3/4 quartz as the filler in the frit.

Fritz, Robert.

  • Bob Fritz of Robert Fritz Oriental Rugs in Durham, NC was in Afghanistan when the Soviets invaded. He may well have been the first American to see the invasion.

Frost, K.

  • Frost, K. Eastern Rugs From Lariston. 1986,

Frost, Robert

Frothingham, Alice Wilson.

  • Frothingham, Alice Wilson. Catalogue of Hispano-Moresque Pottery in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America. New York, 1936.

Frum, David.

  • Neo-Conservative former Bush speech writer. Left White House after scandal when his wife claimed he coined the Bushism "Axis of Evil". First he seemed to acknowledged it then he denied it later claiming he came up with "Axis of Hate".

  • Claims Bush did not fire him. Seen as disloyal by some for stealing Bush's glory.

  • Questions have arisen about Frum a then foreign national working as a Bush speech writer.

  • Not born in the US but naturalized recently (2002).

  • Popular speaker in Canadian Synagogues as well as occasional guest on network "talking head" shows.

  • Frum Hatchet Job on Novak and Buchanan

Richard Nelson Frye


  • Fuschine was a name for light sensitive magenta aniline dyes. There were at least 5 separate dyes called Fuschine the first of which was invented by Hoffman and Nicholson circa 1858. Later Fuschine was available at least until the second decade of the twentieth century and is not discernibly different with earlier Fuschine by visual test.

  • Use of Certain Rug Dyes as Markers of Age, by Paul Mushak, Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 15, No. 5, June/July, 1995

  • Dyes and Dating Caucasian Weavings, by Steve Price, Fugitive Fuchsin poses questions, Vol. 15/4

  • RugNotes - Dyes

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