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Gabai, Philippe Simon


  • Gabbeh means unclipped, the term is used to refer to long pile tribal and village rugs. Often times weavers would weave fine tribal rugs for sale and long pile coarser rugs for their own use. They have become commercially popular and now are commercially made all over the carpet producing world.

  • They seem to have gotten commercially popular in the 1980s and around this time commercial versions started appearing. The oldest of the commercial variety were simple geometric shapes in undyed wool. Tan fields with brown or black designs were common.

  • Gabbayeh (Gabbeh) Rugs from Iran

  • Gabbeh (Modern) Rug

  • A good Lori gabbeh, Fars, C. 1900

  • Lori gabbeh, Fars, C. 1920-40

  • Qashqai Gabbeh

Gacek, Adam.

  • Gacek, Adam. "Arabic Scripts and Their Characteristics as Seen through the Eyes of Mamluk Authors" in Manuscripts of the Middle East. Déroche, François et al. (edited by). Vol. 4. Leiden: Ter Lugt Press, 1989. 144-149.

Gadrut design;

Gaffney, Frank.

Gail, Adalbert J.

  • Gail, Adalbert J. (editor). Künstler und Werkstatt in den Orientalischen Gesellschaften. Graz: Akademische Druck - u. Verlagsanstalt, 1982.

Gaillani, Pir Syed Ahmed.

  • Also Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani,

  • Prominent Afghani Duranni Pashtun cleric Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani is a leading figure among the Afghan Royalist expatriates. He comes from an old Afghan family that claims descent from the Prophet Mohammed and is very close to ex-king Zahir Shah.

  • Lives in Peshawar.

  • Chaired the Conference for Peace and National Unity held in Peshawar October 2001.

  • Gaillani was a prominient Mujaheddin leader in the Russian war. He was the head of Mahaz-i-Milli Islami a moderate, pro-democracy, religiously moderate, resistance party. Gailani did his fighting in Public Relations battles from Peshawar Pakistan during the war. As the war progressed Gailani slipped in power and prestige. While he was popular with the West the Mahaz-i-Milli Islami lacked the ability to make meaningful progess against the Soviets.


  • Gajari is the Afghan name for a jijim or rug made by sewing together bands of warp faced material. They are made with the same bands that the Uzbeks also use as tent bands. Murray Eiland Jr. in his landmark book Oriental Rugs A New Comprehensive Guide  suggest that they are also made by the Afghan Ghilzai but I have no knowledge of that.


Galerie Sailer.

  • Galerie Sailer closed in 1998.

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Gallotti, Jean.

  • Gallotti, Jean. Weaving and Dyeing in North Africa. Basle: 1939.

Gallery Carpet

  • A Gallery Carpet is a carpet that is at least twice as long as it is wide. It is a convention to call them runners if small enough to fit a hallway in a normal American home so roughly if it is under 3 foot 6 inches it is called a runner and if wider than that then it is a Gallery Carpet.

  • This is an older format and is most common in older carpets and less common today. With the Persian Carpet this format was most common prior to1880.

Galloway, Francesca.


Gammer Moshe. 

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Garcin, Jean-Claude.


  • Gardez is the capital city of the Province of Paktia south of Kabul.

Gardiner, Roger F.

  • Roger Gardiner is one of the top experts in Canada on carpets and considered by his peers to be among the best in the world on Classic carpets.

  • Gardiner, R.F. Art of The Loom. Exhibition Catalogue, Thames Art Gallery, Ontario, 1974.

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Gardiner, Sam.

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  • Notes on Gaziantep

Geijer, A.

  • Agnes Geijer considered one of of the top authorities on Viking clothing and her book "The Textile Finds from Birka" is widely quoted in the literature.

  • Geijer, A. A History of Textile Art. 1979 (Pasold, Sotheby's) (1982 ed. - minor corrections),

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Geismann, Rudi.

Gelayev, Ruslan.

  • Ruslan Gelayev is a beloved but bumbling Chechen warlord. He fled Groznyy in January 2000 at the orderof the Russian army and then allowed his men to be decimated in his hometown of Komsomolskoye. After taking heavy causalities he invaded Ingushetia. he did minor damage to the Russians and gave them the excuse they needed to step up operations in border areas such as Georgia's Pankisi Gorge. There is intense speculation on whether Gelayev is a moron or is being paid off by the Russians.

  • Born 1966 in Komsomolskoye.

Khan, Genghis


  • Russian Sources claim "Chechen and international terrorists" have been operating from Pankisi Gorge and Tiblisi. They are actrually aligned with Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda

Gentles, M.

  • Gentles, M. Turkish and Greek Island Embroideries. 1964, Art Institute of Chicago,

Gendge (Gyandzha)

Genghis Khan

Geological & Nuclear Sciences,

  • C-14 testing lab.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

  • Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Schätze der Astronomie. Nürnberg: Germanisches Nationalmuseum, 1983. Additional text in Arabic and English; additional titles: Treasures of Astronomy; Kunuz `Ilm al-Falak.

Gerspach, M.

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Getty Conservation Institute.

  • Getty Conservation Institute. The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries. 1989,

Getty, J. Paul,

Ghafoor, Haji Abdul.

  • Haji Abdul Ghafoor is a Pashtun tribal leader and hatchet man for the supporters of former king Zahir Shah.

Ghalicheh, Mahmud.

Ghamsherik, Haji Zaman

  • Cmdr. Haji Zaman Ghamsherik, is a well-known former mujahideen leader from Jalalabad. The Eastern Shura has named Zaman military commander of Jalalabad.

  • A former Mujaheddin that I work with knows Zaman and thinks highly of him as both a leader and a fighter. Ties to Arlington.

  • Amirullah is the brother of mujahideen commander Haji Mohammad Zaman.

  • Longtime foes revive struggles for power

Ghandchi, Sebastian,

  • Ghandchi, Sebastian, Publisher, Hali The International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Art.

Ghassemoff, Shlomo Levi.

  • Mr. Ghassemoff passed away in Nice in May of 1999. One of Italy's great dealers Mr. Ghassemoff was a market leader for years. Father of 4 children including two sons Alberto Levi and Davide Halevim, both world renowned carpets dealers based in Italy and two daughters Dora Amini (married to David Amini of Beauvais Carpets NYC) and Carolina a jewelry designer.

Ghazarian, George.

Ghazarian, Manya.

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  • Ghazarian, Manya. Sokrovishcha Echmiadzina (Treasures of Etchmiadzin). Photographer: Boghos Boghossian. Etchmiadzin : Holy See of Etchmiadzin, 1984.


  • Ghâzî : A Muslim warrior who has fought in Jihâd.


  • 10th and 11th century Turkish Dynasty in Afghanistan

Ghazni, Afghanistan

Gheisari Brothers,



  • Ghilzai is a major dialect of western Pashtun. The Ghilzai are the descendents of the Wu'chi which absorbed the remnants of the Tocharian people after the fall of the Tarim Basin to the Han (Chinese).


Ghiordes Knot

  • The Ghiordes Knot is the common symmetrical knot over two warps.



  • Chinese porcelain was imported to Mogul India in the Reign of Akbar. A heavy porcelain called Celadon and sometimes Ghori was popular. Most was Ming 1368 to 1644 with some Sung 960 - 1280 as well. Akbar: the Great Mogul. Page 298 - 299.


  • Also known as:


    • Gia,

    • Islamic Armed Group

    • Groupement Islamique Arme,

    • AIG,

    • Al-Jama’ah Al-Lislamiyah Al-Musallah;

  • GIA, is a rebel group from Algeria that fought the Algerian government for many years. Some members are still active in European terrorism and are linked to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Members operate out of Belgium where they are given sanctuary by the Belgian Government.

Gibson, Bob.

  • Formerly a rug dealer in Tucson. Bob is extremely knowledgeable about Oriental rugs from both a dealer and a scholarly point of view.

  • Bob Gibson

Gibbs, H. A. R.

  • Gibbs, H. A. R. "Review of Saracenic Heraldry, by L. A. Mayer" in BSOAS. Vol. 7. 1933-1935. 426-429.


  • In Persian a small Gilem or Kelim.

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Gion Matsuri

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Girdlers' Company

Gittinger, M.

  • Mattiebelle Gittinger of the Textile Museum is a published author, writer, and expert in Southeast Asian textiles.

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Golden Horde

  • (At the Kuriltai of 1228) "As eldest son Jochi was given the most distant lands". Morgan, The Mongols. Page 207.

  • Batu son of Jochi grandson of Cingis Qan founded the Golden Horde

  • September 6th 1260 a Mamluk army under Baibars smashed a smaller Mongol army at Ain Jalut in Galilee. Hulegu rushed to revenge his men but became embroiled in war with the Golden Horde. This stopped the Mongol western advance. Rossabi, Khubilai Khan. Page 55.

  • Golden Horde Uzbek Khan 1282-1342 converts to Islam.

  • The Russians defeat the Golden Horde under Mamay Khan at the Battle of Kulikovo Pole.

  • Timur defeats Tokhtamysh, destroys the Golden Horde capital of Sarai Berke, and briefly occupies Moscow.

  • Origin of the termGolden Horde:
    "Actually the term had been in use for numerous centuries as the Mongols had always used the term altan orda when referring to the imperial camp. Altan refers to gold, but it also means to imperial. Thus, while the Mongols referred to the camp of the khan as the "imperial camp" everyone else saw it as "Golden"; considering the riches of the Mongol Khans, no matter which Ulus, it was an apt description". Ostrowski, Donald. Muscovy and the Mongols: Cross-cultural influences on the steppe frontier, 1304-1589. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997. Review by: Timothy M. May http://www.soros.org/tajik/cenasia/0894.html

  • The Golden Horde coinage Excellent site with high quality images of Mongol coins.

  • The State Hermitage Museum: Collection Highlights

Golombek, Lisa.


  • Golpayegan is in the Northwest of the Province of Esfahan . It is almost half way between Isfahan and Arak on the old road. It is south of Markazi and east of Lurestan.

Goltuk see Qoltuq

Gombos, Karoly.

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Gundogdu, Adullah.

Good, Irene.

Gorden, Sam

Gorelik, Michael V.

  • Gorelik, Michael V. "Oriental Armour of the Near and Middle East from the Eighth to the Fifteenth Centuries as Shown in Works of Art" in Islamic Arms and Armour. Elgood, Robert (edited by). London: Scolar Press, 1979. 30-63.


  • Gorgan or Jurjan

  • City of about 150,000 in North Iran in the area east of the Caspian Sea. It was conquerd by the Arabs in 716 and by the Mongols in about 1219. In the second half of the fiftheeth century it was controlled by Husein-i Buyqara The greatest Prince of Herat or his incompetent sons. In those days it was called Astrabad. In the 19th century it flourished because the founder of the Qajar Dynasty Aga Muhammad Khan was born there.

  • The Gorgan plain was held by Turkmen in the 17th century as vassals of Khans of Khiva DEHESTAÚN

  • Gurgan Plain, View of a Tepe Formation.

  • Gorgon/Astrabad and the Gorgon River

Gorgan Museum

  • Archaeological items excavated in Turan-Tappeh, Nur (Behshahr) and Gorgan. and ethnolgical artifacts.

  • Visiting hours: Everday from 8 AM to 7 PM excepted Fridays

  • Address: Gorgan, Shohada Ave,

  • Telephone: (0171) 22364

  • Gorgan Museum

Goring, Elizabeth

  • Goring, Elizabeth (ED.) Chief of Seers Studies in Egyptian art history in memory of Cyril Aldred. Co-ed. Nicholac reeves and John Ruffle. 1997.

Gorman, Paul. General US Army retired

  • General (ret.) Paul Gorman - Former CINC SouthCom (chief of the U.S. Southern Command in Panama)

  • Gorman was more powerful than the Ambassadors in Central Americans. Rubin, Barry Secrets of State. Page 228

  • Founder of the NTC (National Training Center at Ft. Irvine, CA) The Defense Modeling And Simulation Office: How It Started

Gottschalk, Hans L.

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Gouttierre, Thomas E.

  • Thomas E. Gouttierre is a director of the Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

  • Thomas Gouttierre is CNN's Afghanistan analyst, and is the dean of International Studies and Programs and Director of the Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. A U.S. citizen, he lived and worked in Afghanistan for nearly ten years, and also served as a senior political advisor for the U.N. peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan from 1996-1997. http://www.cnn.com/2001/COMMUNITY/10/24/gouttierre/

Grabar, Oleg.

Gradmann, Erwin.

  • Gradmann, Erwin Indische Miniaturen. Bern, 1949.

Grahm, Joss.

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Greck T.

  • Adamova, A., and T. Greck. Miniatures from Kashmitian Manuscripts. Leningrad, 1976.

Gregorian, Arthur T.

  • Retired founder of Arthur T. Gregorian Inc.

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  • Gregorian, Arthur T. Oriental Rugs. 1970.

  • Gregorian, Arthur T. The Gregorian Collection. (No Place): (No Date).

  • Trusted Resource List - Rug & Carpet Dealers In The U.S.

Gregorian, John.

Grey, Anthony D.

  • Grey, Anthony D. "The Pottery of the Later Periods from Tel Jezreel: An Interim Report" in Levant. Vol. 26. 1994. 51-62.

Grioni, John S.

  • Grioni, John S. "Hero & Leander, The Mortlake Tapestries of Bratislava". Hali 98, 1998. page 92. "Perhaps the most aquatic set of tapestries ever woven, this series tells of a pair of ill-starred lovers separated by the waters of the Hellespont. Manufactured in Mortlake, England, the tapestries made their way to Bratislava. Where by many vicissitudes, they can now be seen in the Slovak capitol's newly restored Papal Palace"

Grousset, Rene,

  • Director of the Cernuschi Museum.

  • Curator of the Muse' Guimet in Paris France.

  • Member of the French Academy.

  • Grousset, Rene. The Empire of the Steppes. Walford, Naomi translator. New Brunswick: Rutgers University press, 1994.

Grube, Ernest J.

Gudarzian, Khaibar

Guebre or Zoroastrian

Guerinet, Armand.

  • Guerinet, Armand ed. Tapis de la Chine. Paris: (1910?).


  • A small medallion in Turkmen rugs that by repetition creates the pattern.

  • There is usually a major Gul and a minor or secondary Gul.

  • There are tribal distinctions in Gul usage that are still a matter of conjecture.

  • Also Gulli Gul

Gulbadan Begam

  • Gulbadan Begam bint Babur Badshah (1522/3-1603)

  • Daughter of Babur half sister of Kamran and Humayun.

  • Gulbadan

Gulli Gul

Guest, Arthur Rhuvon.

Gülgönen, Ayan.

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Gunny cloth

  • Gunny cloth is jute plain weave. This is common for making the ubiquitous Gunny Sack. For years it was traditional to make pokes from gunny.

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Gurdjiev, George Ivanovitch.

  • George Ivanovitch Gurdjiev, the founder of the "Institute for the Harmonic Development of Man" at Fountainebleau, near Paris.

  • Prominent mystic, author and dancer.

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