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  • The record of the words and deeds of the Prophet as recorded substantially after his death.


The French Role in the Massacre at Hadjin


  • Shams'oddin Mohammad of Shirâz wrote under the name ‘Hâfez,’ born circa 1320. He is perhaps the Persian language's greatest poet. 

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  • The pilgrimage to the kaaba in Mecca which all Muslims make at least once in their lifetime if they are physically able.


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Hajji Baba Club


  • Arabic for Lawful. This is a word I often see used to suggest that food is "lawful" for Moslems to eat. In usage it takes on a meaning similar to that of "kosher" for their Jewish brothers.

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  • Armand Hammer was a Soviet operative whose main duty was to funnel money to the Soviet spy apparatus. Hammer was Jewish but managed to escape the purges that Stalin used to kill off the Lenin era Jews in the Soviet Governmen and Communist Party. After Lenin's death Hammer seperated himself from the Soviet Spy apparatus but stayed close enough to trade favors over the years.

Hamza, Sheikh Abu

  • Sheikh Abu Hamza is a fundamentalist Muslim cleric preaching Jihad at the Finsbury Park mosque in London. Abu Hamza has acted as a spokesmen for the Islamic Army of Aden a Yemen-based fundamentalist Islamic organization that took 16 tourists hostage in 1998. Linked to al-Qaeda.

Hanging Rugs

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Hari Rud

  • The Hari Rud (river) is the primary Eastern drainage of the Hazarajat and the Southern drainage of the Hindu Hush or Hendo Kohis as it is more properly called. Herat takes its name from the river. 


Harkat-Ul-Mujahidin, Jammu and Kashmir

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      In a paper delivered at the Tehran conference in 1991, I introduced Bronze Age instruments of carpet weaving in Iran found mostly in women’s graves. After that I was able to discover two weaving instruments and two early mordants, one of them being a special clay containing iron sulfate and the other being animal urine. Such clay was used for many millennia in some religious baptism especially for women who wanted to dye their hair. Icom textiles working group. Newsletter

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Hattab, Hassan.

  • Salafi Group for Call and Combat an offshoot of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) is believed to be under the leadership of Hassan Hattab since 1999. His leadership has meant a shift of attacks from civilians to the Algierian military. Still the assasination of popular Berber singer Matoub Lounes in June of 1998 serves only to alliaenate the Salafi Group for Call and Combat from the Algerian people. Salafi Group for Call and Combat is believed to be part of al-Qaeda

Hawley, Walter A.


Hazledine, Anthony,

Headmasters Gallery,

  • Headmasters Gallery
    corner 175 Rosedale Road and Porter’s Lane
    St. Ives, NSW 2075, Australia
    Phone: 02.44.6561
    Fax: 02.653.2773
    Hours: Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4

Health Corp.

  • Iranian program under M.R. Pahlavi circa 1964 similar to US Peace Corp but for domestic health issues. This is part of the White Revolution.

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  • Being of or in the style of Greece in the period of 323 B.C. to 27 B.C. Basicly from Alexander of Macedonia to Augustus of Rome.

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  • There were two main factions of the Hezb-i-Islami. The larger faction was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Hezb-i-Islami. A smaller but highly effective unit as run by Mullah Yunus Khalis. It was the Khalis faction that Mullah Omar belonged.

  • Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Hezb-i-Islami did not do much if any fighting during the Russian war against the Russians. The stored their weapons for fighting Afghan Muslems later on.


  • Hezb-i-Wadat is the main Hazara resistance movement. Usted Karim Khalili is the Chairman and Mohammed Muhaqiq is the main commander north of the Hindu Kush.

  • It appears that Hezb-i-Wadat under Usted Karim Khalili is working closely with Ismail Khan and Iran.



  • In 622 the Prophet fled from Mecca to Medina. This was the starting point of the Muslim calendar.

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Soltan Hosayn Mirza Bayqara


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  • A beautiful female creature not of the lineage of Adam but gennerally humanoid. Are identified as having deep black irises with brilliant white scalleras. There is no reason to think that they have two small horns and cloven hoves.

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Howaida, Mohammad Sadiq.

  • Mohammad Sadiq Howaida (AKA Mohammed Saddiq Odeh) was the explosives man for the Embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dae Es Salam. He was arrested in Pakistan where he confessed.

  • The Confession of Mohammad Sadiq Howaida

  • Notes on the War on Terrorism

Howe R. John.

  • R. John periodically gets very nasty with me and I get strange insulting emails from him. Much of it has to do with Child Labor. John condemns me for my stand against child labor. I oppose exploiting children for money but John has close ties with men who admit to very questionable activities in Asia. I feel Asian children are deserving of the same protection as American children and should not be victimized. Still I like John and respect his ability. It is odd to me that John opposes the policy of his former employer the U.S. Department of Labor. USDoL firmly condemns Child Labor and child economic exploitation.

  • Retired Formerly Chief, Branch of Training and Development
    Employment Standards Administration
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Washington, D.C.

  • Howe R. John, The Moguls. Marin Rug Gallery


  • Howe R. John. Lectures

Howrey, Bobbie.

Hsieh, Daniel

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  • Please see Humayun

  • Reigned 1530 - 1539 and 1555 - 1556

  • Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayun in 1539 and becomes Emperor of Delhi .

  • Humayun crossed over into Safavid Persia and gain the backing of Tahmasp Safavi Shahinshah of Persia after converting to Shia Islam.

  • Humayun entered the Mughal empire with an army. This started a 8 year war that finally resulted in Humayan entering Kabul as undisputed leader in 1553. At this point Humayun had his brother Kamran blinded and the court of Kamran was gone forever.

  • In 1555 Humayun control of the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Humayun ruled until his death in 1556.

  • Humayun's tomb, Delhi

Hubel, Reinhard G.

  • The late Reinhard Hubel was the author of "The Book of Carpets". Hubel was a leading German proponent of structural analysis as a key to rug attribution. His book gives structural analysis on about 300 various carpets so that we will be able to compare as a guide to attribution.

  • Hubel, Reinhard G. The Book of Carpets. 1979 reprint of the 1971 ed.,

  • Hubel, R. G. The Book Of Carpets. 1971

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Hughes, Paul.


  • Named IL Khan by his bother Mangu Qan founded Il-Khanid Dynasty.

  • Hulagu, son of Tolui, grandson of Genghis Khan and brother to Mangu and Kublai

  • Hulagu ruled over the areas that today comprise Iran, eastern Iraq, western Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.

  • In the 59-60 war of Mongol Imperial succession Hulagu sided with Mangu against The Golden horde and the Chagatai Horde.

Hull, A.

Hull, Edmund.

  • Edmund Hull was the State Department's Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism. He was the senior advisor for the State Department program to counter terrorist use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).


  • Son of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur and father of Akbar.

  • Shir Shah Sur ruled Northern India from 1540 to 1555. He toppled Humayun and held out for 15 years until Humayun took back his Empire. In 1555 Humayun recovered the throne of Delhi from Sher Khan Lodi.

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  • President of the Textile Museum Associates of Southern CA.

  • Rug Societies

Saddam Hussein

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Last revised: March 26, 2009.

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