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Jahan Carpets,


  • Jahangir Reigned 1628 - 1658

  • Jahangir succeeded his father Akbar and became an Shah of Shah or Padishah in India. Jahangir died in 1658.

  • As Prince Selim he had been in revolt against his father but reconciled shortly before Akbar's death.

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  • Jaish-i-Mohammed is an offshoot of the Pakistan backed terrorist group Harakat-ul-Ansar. Mr. Azhar is the leader. Linked to al-Qaeda.

Jajim or chador-shab

  • A thin carpet made of stripes of cloth made like tent band that has been cut and stitched together.

Jalal al-Did Mirak Isphahani.

Jalal-Ud-Din Rumi



  • The Jalayirid were part of the IL-Khanid Mongol Horde who founded a dynasty after the break-up of the IL-Khanid Horde.

  • The Jalayirid ruled in Azerbaijan.

  • The Qara Qoyunlu were part of the Jalayirid IL



  • A Jaller is a Turkmen envelope shaped storage bag that is similar to but smaller than a Juval.

  • Jallers were very common but since they were made for use they do not show up as much in the west.

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Jami' at-tawarikh.

  • Rashid ad-Din was the author of the Jami' at-tawarikh.

  • Rashid ad-Din was a Persian Jew who converted to Islam and served at the Mongol court in Persia.

  • Born in 1247 almost 30 years after Cingis Qan conquered Persia. He served Ghazan, Oljeitu and was executed in 1318 by Abu Sa'id.

  • He assembled a record of the Mongol dynasty called the "Jami' at-tawarikh".

  • There are splendid translations in Russian but I am unfamiliar with a full translation in English. J. A. Boyle translated parts of it and I believe he published some of it in:

    • Boyle, J. A., ed. The Cambridge History of Iran: Volume 5: The Saljuq and Mongol Periods. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1968

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      • Vol III translated by A. K. Arends. Moscow-Leningrad 1946.

Jamiat-i-Islami Afghanistan

  • During the Russian war Dr. Syed Burhanudin Rabbani was the head of Jamiat-i-Islami Afghanistan, a primarily Tajik and Uzbek Mujaheddin group. The group was highly effective particularly in the Panjshir valley under Ahmad Shah Mahsud.

  • Strong links to the Moslem Brotherhood.


  • Taliban was created out of the refugee community in Pakistan and shaped into a rebel force under Pakistan Minister of the Interior General Naseerullah Babar. General Naseerullah Babar was a leader of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-i-Islami which was a political party that controlled the maddrasahs (religious schools) where the Talibs (students) we recruited to create Taliban. Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto sold out on Taliban to get Jamiat-e-Ulema-i-Islami support for her coalition Government.

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Janid or Astrakhanid dynasty:

  • Baqi Muhammad Bahadur, Khan 1598-1605 at Bukhara. Grandson (via daughter) of Khan Iskandar of Samarkand and descendant of a brother of Ahmad Khan, Khan of the Golden Horde (himself descendant of Chingis Khan). Brother of:

  • Wali Muhammad, Khan at Balkh, Afghanistan 1599-1608 and at Bukhara 1605-1608,

  • Sayyid Imam Quli Bahadur, Khan 1608-1640. Son of a brother of Khan Baqi Muhammad and brother of:

  • Sayyid Nadir Muhammad Bahadur, Khan 1640-1647 or 1651. Father of:

  • Sayyid Abdul Aziz, Khan 1647-1680. Brother of:

  • Sayyid Subhan Quli Muhammad Bahadur, Khan at Balkh, Afghanistan 1657-1701 or 1702 and at Bukhara 1680-1701 or 1702. Grandfather of:

  • Muhammad Makim Khan, Khan at Balkh, Afghanistan 1701 or 1702-1706 or 1707,

  • Sayyid Ubaidullah I Muhammad Bahadur, Khan at Bukhara 1701 or 1702-1705 or 1711. Son of Khan Subhan Quli and brother of:

  • Sayyid Abul Faid Muhammad, Khan 1705 or 1711-1747. Father of:

  • Sayyid Abdul Mumin (II) Muhammad, Khan 1747-1751. Brother of:

  • Sayyid Ubaidullah II, Khan 1751-1752 or 1753,

  • Sayyid Abul Ghazi Bahadur, Khan 1758-1785. Descendant of Khan Imam Quli,

Janissaries The Destruction of the Janissaries 1826

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  • A garment, usually without a collar, made of naturally pink colored cotton fiber, especially favored by the mollas or mystics.Alpamysh. Chapter 3 note 30.

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  • A jijim is a rug made from narrow bands of fabric.

Jo‘l, Guillermina.

  • Jo‘l, Guillermina. "Céramiques glaçurées d'époque islamique trouvées à Tôd" in AI. Vol. 26. 1992. 1-18.


  • Jochi was the eldest son of Cinggiz Qan and Borte. In a revenge rain by the Merkid tribe Borte was taken and ravished. Cleaves, Secret History of the Mongols Quatrain 104.

  • It was from that union that Jochi is believed to have come. There is a view that Borte was pregnant before the raid. This is based on Rashid's Collected Chronicales that defends the honor of Borte but that view is not widely held. Blackwell translation of Ratchnevsky, Genghis Khan

  • The illigetimacy issue appears to have colored Cengiz Qan's feelings towards Jochi.

  • Batu son of Jochi grandson of Cengiz Qan founded the Golden Horde

C John (Rare Rugs) Ltd

Johns, C. N.

  • Johns, C. N. "Medieval Slip Ware from Pilgrims' Castle, `Atlit (1930-1)" in QDAP. Vol. 3. 1934. 136-144.

John of Austria,

  • Spanish admiral and general, born 1545 died 1578

  • Bastard son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

  • Commander of the fleet of Spain, Venice, and the Papal States of Italy in the Battle of Lepanto, 1571. Led the fleet to a crushing defeat of the Ottoman Navy.

The Joint Terrorism Task Forces

  • The Task Forces were established to integrate the resources and expertise of the law enforcement authorities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the U.S. Customs Service, ATF, Secret Service and state and local law enforcement.

Jones, Mrs. H. McCoy (Caroline).

  • Widow of H. McCoy Jones and a noted collector of Kilims. Her collection now resides in a San Francisco Museum with her husbands collection.

  • Caroline McCoy Jones

Jones, H. McCoy.

  • McCoy Jones was a prominent east coast Turkmen amd Baluch rug collector. He was a member of the Hajji Baba Club and was founder of the International Hajji Baba Club. He left his collection to the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Charles Grant Ellis refered to McCoy Jones as Uncle Piggy in CONVERSATION WITH CHARLES GRANT ELLIS.

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Amos Josephon Antique Carpets,

Sam Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports,

Joseph's Oriental Rugs

Jourdan, Uwe.

Journal of Indo-European Studies


  • Jozan - Magazine about Oriental rugs with a large number of rug images. The magazine includes links to rug sites, auction news and articles. English and Scandinavian versions.

Judge,.Robert A "Bobby"

  • Jun. 14--The political connections of Robert A. Judge Sr., former Pennsylvania revenue secretary, were primarily why he was chosen last month as the new chief executive officer of the Convention Center.
    Now those political connections may force him out of the job before he begins his first day.
    Judge's appointment violates a provision in a 1986 state law that specifically restricts the Convention Center from hiring managers whose family members are political party officers, public officers, or public officials.
    There are at least three violations of state law in Judge's appointment: His father, Thomas J. Judge Sr., is the longtime chairman of the Delaware County Republican Party, as well as Delaware County's recorder of deeds, which is an appointed position, making him a public official. His brother, Thomas J. Judge Jr., is also a public official: the appointed chief administrative officer for Upper Darby Township.

  • Audit reveals Lottery error cover-up


  • Ottoman/Safavi Foreign Affairs - Julfa

  • In times past there were many churches in Julfa: the Amenaprkich Monastery, the churches of St. Astvadzadzin, St. Gevorg, St. Minas, St. Hovhannes, St. Hakob, Amenasurb, Yerordutiun (Holy Trinity) or Upper Kattan, Andreordi, Pombloz, and others, some of which still exist though partially destroyed.  Khachkar Forest


  • Julkhyr means Bearskin in Uzbek and is the name for a group of long pile, low knot count Uzbek rugs.

  • Uzbek Julkhyr Rug

Jull, A. J. Timothy.

Jungfleisch, Marcel.

  • Jungfleisch, Marcel. "L'apparition de la formule `azza nasrahu sur les monnaies musulmanes" in Bulletin de l'Institut d'Égypte. Vol. (Session 1926-1927) 9. 1927. 51-55.

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Justin, Valerie.

  • Collector and curator of TEXTILES FROM VANISHING CULTURES, an exhibit that has been shown at over a dozen university and community galleries.

  • Ex-President of Textile Museum Associates of Southern California.

  • A former chair of Folk Art Council, Craft&Folk Art Museum, L.A.

  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Textile Museum, Washington, D.C. 1992-1998.

  • President of The Pillowry, rug and textile showroom in Los Angeles. From 1976 in the Design Center (Blue Whale) and now represented at Hansen Collections on Melrose Avenue.

  • Justin, Valerie Flat-Woven Rugs of the World: Kilim, Soumak, and Brocading Van Nostrand Reinold NY 1980,

  • Walking to Eastern Turkestan, by Valerie Justin

  • Shawls of the Berbers of the Atlas Mountains, by Valerie Justin Vol. 11, No. 4, April/May, 1991

  • Woven Jewels: Tibetan Rugs from Southern California Collections, Review by Valerie Justin

  • An Interview with Tom Rutherford, by Valerie Justin

  • "The Brick Rugs of Margaret Kerr", Justin, Valerie, Orriental Rug Review, XII/5/30-35

  • VanishingTextiles on eBay

  • JUSTIN, VALERIE, Flat-woven Rugs of the World, Kilim, Soumak and Brocading, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, 1980.


  • Juval - Joval, Chuval, Tschoval. A large rectangular bedding and clothing bag used by Turkmen. The bags are up to about 3 ft. by 6 ft. They are most often pile on one side but may be flatweave. The large bags are woven as pairs but used singularly.

  • Guide to Turkmen Rugs & Carpets

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