Nazmiyal Antique Rugs
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Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs
Rug Notes Index - Q
Hagop Manoyan Antique RugsNazmiyal Antique Rugs




Rug Notes Index - Q
Qadir, Hajji Abdul.
  • Hajji Abdul Qadir was a governor of Nangahar Province (Jalalabad) from 1992 to 1996. During that time he was a willing host to Osama Bin Laden and a longtime Khalis ally.
  • The Eastern Shura in Jalalabad has named Hajji Abdul Qadir as Governor 11/18/2001.
    Qadir is Pashtun but was allied with the United Front.
  • Haji Abdul Qadir was gunned down Saturday July 6th 2002, his son-in-law was driving away from the gates of a government ministry building in Kabul when they were both killed in an ambush. He was buried the next day by his brother Abdul Haq, in Jalalabad the capital of Nangarhar province.
  • Karzai and the US want to paint this as a terrorist act but that is a little unlikely. Odds are that Qadir's killer are part of the Government. They are trying to say that Karzai is hurt by this but it actually weakens former President Burhanuddin Rabbani since Qadir was one of Rabbani's key Pashtun allies. So rather than outside terrorists trying to hurt Karzai it is a Pashtun power play to weaken the Northern alliance.
  • Key questions to ask. Where were the bodyguards and who benefits by his death?
  • Longtime foes revive struggles for power


  • The Qainat Region is south of Mashad in Khorasan Iran. The region produces the Persian Rugs usuallt called East Persian Carpet or Khorasan Persian Rugs
  • It is the area divided by Route A78 from Gonabad to Mud and for a wide distance east and west even out as far as Ferdous.
  • Major cities include Birgand, Qayeh, as well as the others mentioned.


  • Qala-i-Nau, the capital of Badghis Province in western Afghanistan.
  • Qala-i-Nau is Hazara for castle in a gully or narrow valley.

Qanuni, Yunis.

  • Interior Minister of the United Front (Northern Alliance).

The Qara Qoyunlu, or Black Sheep Turks

  • 1351 -1380 - Under Bayram Khja the Qara Qoyunlu were part of the Jalayirid IL
  • 1380 -1389 - Qara Muhammad Qara Qoyunlu IL Khan
  • 1382 - Under Qara Muhammad broke with the Jalayirid and became independent.
  • 1390 -1420 - Qara Ysuf Qara Qoyunlu IL Khan
  • 1400 - 1449 - The Qara Qoyunlu were a Timurid Vassal.
  • 1420 -1438 - Iskandar Qara Qoyunlu IL Khan
  • 1439 -1467 - Jahn Shh Qara Qoyunlu IL Khan
  • 1467 -1469 - Hassan 'Al Qara Qoyunlu IL Khan
  • 1469 - Ab Ysuf Qara Qoyunlu IL Khan
  • 1469 - Conquest by the Aq Qoyunlu under Uzun Hassan


  • Qatar is an oil rich emirate on a peninsula bordering on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emerates, and extending into the Persian Gulf. The Al-Thani family with attendant advisory and ministerial boards rules it. Doha is the capital.
  • Embassy of the State of Qatar, 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20016, telephone (202) 274-1600, fax (202) 237-0053,
  • Consulate General of the State of Qatar, 4265 San Felipe Street, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77027, telephone (713) 968-9840, fax (713) 968-9841.
  • US Embassy in Doha www.usembassy.org.qa


  • Qoltuq is the Northern edge of the Bijar production area.
  • The village of Qoltuq is Northeast of Bijar and Southeast of Zangan in in Zangan Province, Iran.
  • It produces small medallion rugs which are generally sold as Bijars. The rugs are doubled wefted with a deeply depressed foundation. Knot counts average from 80 to 120 KPSI. They are extremely durable and attractive rugs. Almost invariably the area produces Persian Rugs rather than Persian Carpet.

  • Qoltuq Bijar 1


  • Quchan is an important collection point for Kurdish and Afshar tribal and village rugs. The Persian Rugs and Carpet share designs with Northwest and Caucasian Kurds and Afshar.
  • Abbas Safavi Shah ruled Iran from 1588 - 1629 at the beginning of his reign Persia was in serious trouble. The Ottomen had taken Tabriz and most of Northwest Persia. Abbas Safavi Shah made a treaty with the Ottomen and Persia was forced to pay tribute. While on the eastern front the Uzbek came as far west as Mashad. Abbas used Kurds and Afshar to retake Mashad and gave those Afshar Turks and Kurdish mercenaries land in the Quchan area  as a reward for service and as a line of defense against the Uzbeks and their Turkmen vassals. The descendents of those Kurds and Afshar live in the Quchan area and produce rugs.
  • Notes on Kurdish Weaving

Quiring-Zoche, Rosemarie.

  • Quiring-Zoche, Rosemarie. "Review of The Age of the Crusades: The Near East from the Eleventh Century to 1517, by Peter M. Holt" in ZDMG. Vol. 137. 1987. 194-195.

  • Quiring-Zoche, Rosemarie. "Review of Al-Quds al-Mamlukiyya: A History of Mamluk Jerusalem Based on the Haram Documents, by Huda Lutfi" in ZDMG. Vol. 137. 1987. 195.



  • A collection of stories from Mohammed a prophet of allah. Mohammed could not write so he told the stories and his followers recorded them.

Qutb Shahis

  • Qutb Shahis School of Painting. Qutb Shahis descended from Qara Qoyunlu Military leader sponsored miniature paintings in Golconda. Blair and Bloom Pp. 296.

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