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Rabbani, Syed Burhanudin.

Raby, Julian.

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Rachid, Sidna.

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Rageth, Jurg.

  • European dealer and speaker at the TM Rug Convention 1997.

  • "A Selendi Rug" Hali may 1998, Issue 98, g 84.

  • Jurg Rageth

  • Jurg Rageth (2)

  • Red and Blue - West Anatolian Sofra Kilims". Hamburg/Berlin ICOC7 1993.

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  • Rageth, Jurg. "A SELENDI RUG". Hali 98, 1998. page 84. "A forgotten act of Swiss corporate civility turns out to have involved the latest recruit to the elite group of Turkish white-ground Chintamani design prayer rugs, most known examples of which survive in the German Evangelical churches of Transylvania."

Ragib, Yusuf,

  • Ragib, Yusuf, "Les Premiers Monuments Funéraires de l’Islam," in Annales Islamologiques, vol. ix (1970), pp. 21-36.

  • Ragib, Yusuf, "Les Premiers Monuments Funéraires de l’Islam," in Annales Islamologiques, vol. ix (1970), pp. 21-36.

Rahanwein Resistance Army (RRA)

  • Old news so to speak. When the US began to make moves to back the RRA against the TNG the situation stabilized and we never had to go in. (The Rahanwein Resistance Army (RRA) is a clan-based faction of the Somali Reconciliation and Restoration Council (SRRC). The RRA has been meeting with DOD/CIA operatives to prepare for taking the war on Terrorism to Somalia. They are preparing to fight the the Transitional National Government (TNG) which is allied with the Al Qaeda network. The RRA has also been helping the US scout for the logistical infrastructure nessasary for taking the war to Somalia.)

  • Rahanwein Resistance Army fought with the forces of Hussein Aideed for control of the town of Baidoa, 1999.


Rakht-e-khab peech

  • A kelim used for carrying bedding in migration.

Rashid, K.A.,

  • Rashid, K.A., "The First Muslim Invasion of the Northwest Frontier of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent," in Historical Dissertations, vol. ii (1978), pp. 39-47.

  • Rashid, K.A., "The First Muslim Invasion of the Northwest Frontier of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent," in Historical Dissertations, vol. ii (1978), pp. 39-

Rahimpour, Hajji Gholamreza.

Rahman, Sania.

  • Rahman, Sania. Editorial Assistant, Hali The International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Art.


  • Rakhsh or in English "Lightning," is the legendary horse of the great Southwest Asian hero Rustam, Rakhsh is a key character in the Shah-nameh(Book of Kings). Through many adventures Rakhsh carries and sometimes even defends Rustam until they die together in a "bed of spears" trap laid by Rustam's evil half-brother Shaghad.

Ramazanoglu, Gulseren.

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Ramsey, Paul.

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Raphel, Robin.

  • Robin Raphel was the State Department official in charge of Afghanistan policy early in the Clinton administration. She was replaced by Karl F. Inderfurth.

Rassam Arabzadeh Carpet Museum

  • Museum of Persian carpets & carpet designs
    Mr. Kamal Arabzadeh
    Tel : +98 21 2847911-13, 2849775, 2849754
    Fax : +98 21 2849712
    Address : # 7, Boostan 1 St., Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran
    Open 8:30 to 6
    Closed Fridays and holidays

Rastehzadeh .

Rautenstengel, Annette & Volker.

  • The Rautenstengels are a German husband and wife team who did some very important work in identifying structural peculiarities in the Thompson Imreli group of Turkmen weavings. The group is popularly called Eagle group.

  • Rautenstengel, Annette. & Azadi, S. Studien Zur Teooich-Kultur Der Turkmen. 1990,

  • Rautenstengel, Annette & Volker and Azadi, S.: Studies on Turkoman Culture. Hilden: 1990.

  • The Rautenstengels became rather unpopular for their rebuttal of Ned Long's review of their book Golklan-Tukmenen und ihreTeppiche in Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 13, No. 1, October/November, 1992. Ned Long described their rebuttal as "mean spirited".Many people felt Long wwas being generous and in some quarters the Rautenstengels became known as the "Rotten Stinkers". I think (hope) here is a possibility that what they wrote may have may not have translated well from the Rautenstengels native German.

  • The Rautenstengel Eagle Group Turkmen criteria

    • Group I: 3- and 4-ply pile yarn. Asymmetrical knot open to the left. Wool weft with at least one silk weft shoot, usually dyed red. Dark red-brown field color. Primary gul is similar to Moshkova's LIX,3. (Seven carpets listed and illustrated.)

    • Group II: 2-ply pile yarn. Asymmetrical knot open to the right. Wool weft with at least one cotton (not silk) weft shoot. Medium red-brown field color. Primary gul is similar to Moshkova's LIX,6. (Eleven carpets listed; ten illustrated.)

    • Group III: 3-ply pile yarn. Asymmetrical knot open to the left. Wool weft; may or may not have silk or cotton shoots. Dark aubergine field color. Primary gul is similar to Moshkova's LIX,6. (Three carpets listed and illustrated.)

    • In addition, there are seven possibly related main carpets listed that differ from Groups I through III by at least one key trait. None has silk weft shoots, and two are woven with symmetrical knots. Golklan-Tukmenen und ihreTeppiche

  • Rippon-Boswell Rautenstengel Eagle Group II Main Carpet lot 21

  • Guide to Turkmen Rugs

Rasmussen, Mary.

  • "Restoration From The Owner's Viewpoint", Chicago: Panelist ACOR II, 1994

Rathjens, C.

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Rawlinson, Prof. H.G.

  • INDIAN ART. Essays by Prof. H.G.Rawlinson, K.de B.Codrington, J.V.S.Wilkinson and John Irwin.

Raziq, Fazle.

  • Fazle Raziq is an al-Qaeda operative was arrested in Peshawar by Pakistani authorities. Raziq is being held for interrogation. News sources say that he was on a mission that ``entailed action against military targets in Kuwait,''.
    Taliban Gets 3 Days to Quit Kunduz; U.S. Says No Pact
    Publication: Bloomberg News
    Date: 11/20/2001
    Author: Kate Linebaugh

Red Fort

Reed, Christopher.

  • Reed, Christopher. Turkoman Rugs ; Cambridge: Fogg Art Museum, 1966.

Reed, Stanley.

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Reeves, N.

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Reid, James J.

  • PhD 1979 History UCLA

  • Senior Researcher, SB Vryonis Center

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Reid, J.W.

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Reinisch, Heinrich.

  • Reinisch is an author and rug collector.

  • The Joseph V. McMullan Award

  • Reinisch, H. & Stanzer, W. BERBER. 1992,


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Reitlinger, Gerald.

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Renningers Antique & Collectors Market

  • RT. 272 1/2 Mile North of PA Turnpike exit #21, Adamstown, PA 19501 - 717-385-0104      Over 375 dealers - Every Sunday 7:30-5:00


  • The former Bavarian Royal Palace Royal used by the Wittelsbach family

  • Winged Genii Portrayed on Classical Carpet Borders

  • RESIDENZMUSEUM and SCHATZKAMMER: 3 Max Joseph Place. Daily except Mon 10-4:30. Take trolley #1,4,21, and get off at OPERA. The RESIDENZMUSEUM was the official Palace of Bavarian Kings, and contains Court rooms from various periods. All of them have been beautifully restored after complete destruction during WW2. The SCHATZKAMMER has a splendid collection of jewelry, all reflecting the vast wealth of Bavarian Royalty. The various museums are part of the same building. home.att.net/~genegill2/GERMANY16Munich.doc

Reswick, Irmfraud.

  • Reswick, Irmfraud. Traditional Textiles of Tunisia ; Los Angles: 1985.

Reuben, David.

Revault, Jacques.

  • Revault, Jacques. Designs and Patterns from North African Carpets and Textiles. NY: 1973.

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Review Publishing Co.

  • Review Publishing Co. Oriental Rugs and Carpets ; NY: 1910.

Reynolds, Holly Smith.

  • Holly Smith Reynolds is a restorer and textile conservation expert based in Boston.

  • "Rug Construction and Deconstruction", Chicago: ACOR II, 1994

  • "The Basics of Warp & Weft" Santa Monica: ACOR 3 , 1996.

  • "To Restore Or Not To Restore?" Santa Monica: ACOR 3 , 1996.

  • "Detecting Restoration", Chicago: ACOR II, 1994 Holly Smith-Reynolds

Reynolds, R. Neil.

  • R. Neil Reynolds is a collector of propaganda art and has a number of war rugs in his collection. Proprietor of a poster shop in Old Town Alexandria Va.

Reza-i Abbasi

Reza Shah,

  • Reza Shah Pahlavi ruled Iran from 1925 to 1941. He was forced to abdicated in favor of his son in 1941 by the Allied Powers. He was exiled to the island of Mauritius before dying in Johannesburg in 1944. In 1925 more than half of the people in Iran spoke a Turkic language. Both Reza Shah and his son Mohammed Reza Shah maintained a policy of trying to erase the Turkic origins of the majority of the Iranian people and replace it with the myth of a Persian people. Reza Shah was fond of large medallion 1930 style Mashad rugs.

Rhie, M.M.


Riboud, K.

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Richards, Donald Sidney.

  • University Lecturer in Arabic; Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford.

  • Research Interests: Medieval Islamic History (Ayyubid and Mamluk periods) Historiography Archival Material and Diplomatics

  • Courses Taught: History of Egypt (10th to 14th Centuries) Classical Arabic Prose Literature (al-Jahiz and al-Hamadhani) Selected Arabic Historical Texts

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Richards, John F

  • Professor Richards is a brilliant scholar and a true gentleman. I will always be grateful for his kind and patient advice,

  • Richards, John F. The Mughal Empire. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

  • Richards, John F.: Power, Administration and Finance in Mughal India,

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Richthofen, Baron Ferdinand [Paul Wilhelm], freiherr von.

  • Richthofen, Ferdinand [Paul Wilhelm], freiherr von. born 1833 died 1905.

  • Great uncle to Manfred von Richthofen, AKA The Red Baron.

  • German explorer, geologist, and geographer.

  • Prussian expedition in E Asia (1860–62),

  • Western United States expedition (1862–68),

  • China and Japan expeditions (1868–72).

  • Professor university of Bonn (1875–83),

  • Professor university of Leipzig (1883–86),

  • Professor university of Berlin (from 1886)

  • Founder and the first director (1902–5) of the Institut für Meereskunde, Berlin.

  • Ferdinand (great uncle to Manfred von Richthofen, AKA The Red Baron) held the chair of geography at University of Leipzig

  • Richthofen, Ferdinand [Paul Wilhelm], freiherr von. The Comstock lode: its character, and the probable mode of its continuance in depth. San Francisco, Sutro tunnel company, 1866. 83 p. 24 cm. No illustrations.

  • Richthofen, Ferdinand. Die Metall-Produktion Californiens und der angrenzenden Länder. Mittheilungen von den pacifischen Küstenländern Nord-Amerikas. (Petermann's Geographische Mitteilungen, Ergänzungsheft 14). Gotha, J. Perthes, 1864.

  • Richthofen, Ferdinand Freiherr von. Führer für Forschungsreisende. Anleitung zu Beobachtungen über Gegenstände der physischen Geographie und Geologie. Berlin, Oppenheim, 1886.

  • Richthofen, Ferdinand Freiherr von Ergebnisse und Ziele der Sudpolarforschung Berlin 1905.

  • Von Richthofen, Baron Letter by Baron Richthofen on the Provinces of Chili, Shansi, Shensi, Sz'-Chwan, With Notes on Mongolia, Kansu, Yunnan and Kwei-Chau. "Ching-Foong" Printing Office/"North-China Herald", Shanghai 1872 12 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 86 pages. Several volumes at least 7 or 8.

Ridge, Thomas

  • Director of Homeland Security, former Congressman, and two term Governor of Pennsylvania. I knew Tom back when he was a Congressman working his way around thePa political establishment seeking higher office. Tom always reminded me of Dick Tracy or Tom Dewey. He was a moderate (liberal). Now to some people moderate was a good thing and it has served him well. However when I remember him as a moderate I also remember that Tom supports murdering babies and was a weak sister in Congress when it came to Conservative issues. Tom was cut from the same bolt of cloth as Arlen Spector but I never thought he was as bright. I may have been wrong about that Tom Ridge has gone farther than I ever expected. One big thing Ridge had going for him was that he was seen by many as a Elsie Hillman favorite. Elsie is a major player in Pa. politics and she supported and encouraged pro-infanticide liberal Republicans.

  • Ridge was born in 1945, while his father was away in the Navy during World War II. His father later became a meat salesman in Erie, Pa., where the family lived in public housing. http://abcnews.go.com/sections/GMA/GoodMorningAmerica/WTC_011008_RidgeProfile.html

  • Scholarship student at Harvard, B.A. with honors in 1967.

  • Tom was drafted into the Army during his time at Dickinson Law School in Carlisle, Pa. Unlike many of the Chicken Hawks in the Bush administration Tom was a war hero who served in Vietnam earning the Bronze Star in combat. He then returned to Dickinson Law.

  • Elsie Picture

Riefstahl, Rudolph M.

  • 1925 Das Palmenmotiv auf einem Ägyptischen Teppich der Ballardsammlung, Jahrbuch der Asiatischen Kunst, vol. 2, pp. 159-62.

  • Riefstahl, Rudolf M. "The Date and the Provenance of the Automata Miniatures" in The Art Bulletin. Vol. 11. 1929. 206-215.

Riegl, Alois,

  • Riegl, Alois, "The Modern Cult of Monuments: Its Character and Its Origin," in Oppositions, vol. 25 (1982), p. 21.

Rimbaud, Arthur,

  • Rimbaud, Arthur, Oeuvres, (Paris: 1960).

Ripley, Mary Churchill.

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Rittman, Joseph R.

Rizzardi, C.

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Roberts, Ernest F.

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Rocklin, Keith.

  • Keith Rocklin operates Keith Rocklin Oriental Rugs, dealer in collectible rugs, bags and textiles including Pre-Columbian. General consultant in finer antique rugs and textiles primarily from the Middle East, but also including Pre-Columbian and European."Also rare and better books relating to these.

  • Trusted Dealer List - Keith Rocklin Oriental Rugs

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  • Kim Roosevelt was CIA and was Don Wilber's boss in Operation Ajax.

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  • Prominient rug collector and painter, Ray is active in the San Diego Rug Society.

  • Ray Rosenberg

  • Ray Rosenberg

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  • Roth is actually the former US naval intelligence officer Lieutenant Andrew Roth, who fled a Grand Jury indictment issued in August 1948 after he was caught by the FBI passing US naval intelligence documents to a Soviet agent named Philip Jaffe, who edited a magazine entitled Amerasia based in offices on 225 Fifth Avenue, New York.  Roth only escaped immediate incarceration because the FBI had used illicit surveillance methods. http://www.guardianlies.com/Section%203/page3.html

  • Known associate of Owen Lattimore.

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  • Shoulder-fired antitank rocket launchers that were originally developed in the former Soviet Union. China later made a higher powered rocket which was popular in the brushfire wars of the 1980s such as Afghanistan.


Rudenko, S.

Rudnick, Mitchell & Rosalie

  • New England rug collectors who also owned a vegetal dye kilim shop (now sold) in Sunapee, New Hampshire. The Rudnicks are known for their collection of rugs including some Caucasian rugs and for being active in the New England Rug Society.

  • 5 Star Guide To Oriental Rug Books

  • Mitchell & Rosalie Rudnick

  • "Memorable Rugs" Santa Monica: ACOR 3, 1996. (Rosalie Rudnick)

  • "Good Rug? Great Rug?" Denver: ACOR4 Focus Session, Panel, 1998. (Rosalie Rudnick)

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  • Bob Rue grew up around his fathers rug cleaning plant in Clear Water Florida. He attributes a lot of his success to the lessons he learned from the older Armenians and Turkish Jews who taught him rugs when he was a boy. He has operated the Sarouk Shop in New Orleans since 1974.

  • Rug & Carpet Dealers In The U.S.

Ru Korsi

  • A Ru Korsi is cloth cover used used as the decorative cover for a charcoal brazier.


  • 4 by 6 foot and smaller it is a rug and if it is over 4 by 6 feet   it is a carpet.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Warehouse

Ruggles, D. Fairchild.

  • Department of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University

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Runge, Tad.


  • A runner is a carpet at least twice as long as it is wide and generally under 3 foot 6 inches wide. If it wider it is called a Gallery Carpet.

Ruprecht, William.

Russian Ethnography Museum
  • Also The Russian Ethnographic Museum.

  • The most Important Turkmen rug collections in the world. Includes the Dudin collection. While there are other important collections none matches the Russian Ethnography Museum for quality and information. Many of the pieces have a far more detailed provenance then is usual.

  • Address: 191011, Inzhenernaya Ulitsa 4/1, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Metro: Nevsky Prospekt/Gostiny Dvor
    Tele: 219-1710
    Fax: 315-8502

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm
    Closed Monday


  • Rustam was one of the mightiest hero of Persian legend. He is a principle character in the Shahnama

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  • Ryder is considered the authority on sheep and the interaction of man and sheep from the dawn of man.

  • Ryder, M.L. Sheep And Man. 1983, Duckworth.

  • 5 Star Guide To Oriental Rug Books

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