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Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs
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Rug Notes Index - W
Wafa Humanitarian Organization
  • Wafa Humanitarian Organization is a charity operating in Afghanistan. It linked to al-Qaeda and features Saudi Arabians linked to the royal family.

Wagner, Dietrich.

  • Wagner, Dietrich. Textil Kunst der Steppen und Bergvolker Zentralasiens ; Basel: 1974.

Wagner, Ewald.


  • Saudi Arabian Islamic Cult that calls itself Salafists and thinks of themselves as Sunni.

Walker, Daniel S.

Walker, David.

  • David Walker is the proprietor of Talisman in Santa Cruz, CA, and an expert on textile conservation.
  • "The Cleaning and Preservation of Oriental Rugs" Santa Monica: ACOR 3, 1996.

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Wallick, Phil.


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Walters Art Gallery

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War Rugs

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Wardak, Abdul

  • Former Afghan General who is also a leader of the Wardak tribe (Eastern Pashtun). Wardak is west of Kabul.
  • Gen. Abdul Wardak led a small band of armed men from Pakistan into Afghanistan about November 3, 2001 in an attempt to raise his tribe against the Taliban. Gen. Abdul Wardak was second in command to Afghan General Shah Nawaz Tani.
  • General Rahim Wardak, is being represented to the Pashtuns in Afghanistan as the military representative to the king. His position is being used to call Shurias in the Logar, Paktia, Ghazni, and Wardak Provinces and appoint Pro-Zahir Shah Governors. 11/15/01

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  • "The lengthwise or vertical structural elements upon which a rug is woven by the addition of weft and pile." http://sothebys.ebay.com/
  • Carpet warps are usually cotton or wool and may less frequently be silk and very rarely flax. At each end of the rug the fringe often seen is the ends of the warps.

Washing Rugs

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

  • Dr. Patrick Clawson is the research director with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He is a leading voice in the anti-Iran anti-Iraq Pro-Israel lobby and he is a severe critic of President Khatami. Clawson has close ties to the Pro-Israel lobby & AIPAC.
  • Washington Institute for Near East Policy was founded by Martin Indyk who was formerly with AIPAC.
  • America-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the "official" Israeli lobby in the United States. Within a year, AIPAC had ponied up $100,000 to Indyk to hive off the research unit as the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP).

Water Damage

  • Discussion:
  • Water Damage? - Bruce McLaughlin 09:10:09 6/26/98 (3)
    • Re: Water Damage? - phil kellogg 14:16:58 6/26/98 (0)

Waterbird Traders

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Waxenberg, Michael.

  • New York City rug collector and Auction corespondent.
  • I had the opertunity to have Mike and his charming wife as my guests at the Sotheby's Hajji Baba club preview and I was impressed by both of them.
  • Auction Reports

Waziri Gul

Wearden, Jennifer Mary.

  • Wearden is with the Textile department of the Victoria and Albert Museum London.
  • 5 Star Guide To Oriental Rug Books
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    • A historical survey as well as a practical guide to stitch techniques.
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  • "The widthwise or horizontal structural elements of a rug, passed over and under the warps to form pile rugs' basic structure or foundation and flat-woven rugs' design." http://sothebys.ebay.com/
  • Carpet wefts are usually cotton or wool and may less frequently be silk and very rarely flax.

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Weisbrode, Kenneth.

  • Kenneth Weisbrode is an independent expert on defense issues in Central Asia.

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Welch Anthony,

Welch/Dickson Shahnameh

Welch, Stuart Cary.

Welliver, Janet.


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Wertime, John.

Wertime, Suzan.

  • Mrs. John Wertime formerly of Iran.  A woman of beauty, charm, and intellect, wife of internationally known dealer, author, and authority, John Wertime.

Westmoreland, William

  • General William Westmoreland was a butcher who sacrificed American Units as bait so that he could lure out the NVN and hit them with air power. Hoopes. The Limits of Intervention. Page 64.

Westphal-Hellbusch S.

  • Westphal-Hellbusch S.: Mutzen aus Zentral Asien und Persien (Caps of Central Asia and Persia) ; Berlin: 1976.

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Whitcomb, Donald S

  • Whitcomb, Donald S. "Islamic Glass from Quseir al-Qadim, Egypt" in Journal of Glass Studies. Vol. 25. 1983. 101-108.

White, Harry D.

  • Soviet spy.
  • Colleague of Soviet Spy Alger Hiss and Secretary of State Dean Acheson and a participant in the Bretton Woods Conference.
  • Harry D. White is considered one of the people most responsible for the creation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

White House

White, Nellie Ballard.

  • White, Nellie Ballard. Twenty Oriental Rugs from the Collection of Nellie Ballard White St. Louis 1932.

Whitechapel Art Gallery.

  • Whitechapel Art Gallery. WOVEN AIR. 1988,

Whitfield, Charles.

Whiting, Mark.

  • Ph.D. in chemistry at Imperial College, London UK, 1948.
  • Professor of Organic Chemistry at Bristol University (hired 1965).
  • Worked at the University of Manchester, at Harvard University and at Pembroke College, Oxford.
  • extensively examined carpets of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK.
  • Began to collect Oriental rugs in 1967.
  • He is well known for his research into the dyes used in Oriental Carpets. His article in Hali #1 is a classic.
  • Contributor to Black, David et al. The Atlas of Rugs & Carpets
  • "The Dyes of Specific Turkmen Tribes" . Washington DC: ICOC 1980.
  • Whiting, Mark The Red Dyes of Some East Mediterranean Carpets, Hali, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 55-56. London. 1981

Whitman, Sandra.

Widener Mughal Animal Carpet

Wieck, Roger S.

Wiederhold, Lutz.

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  • Wiesbaden is the capital of the German state of Hessen.

Wiet, Gaston.

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Wilfling, Hans. Teppiche-Motive der Turkvolker (Rugs and Patterns of Turkic People) ; Wien: 1985.

Wilkinson, Lulu

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  • Williams, Caroline. "Review of The Art and Architecture of Islam, 1250-1800, by Sheila S. Blair and Jonathan M. Bloom" in IJMES. Vol. 27: No. 4. 1995. 525-527.

Williams Collection

Winterbottom, Neil


  • A magnificent former DuPont estate in Delaware which is now a museum of the Decorative Arts.
  • Mary Hammond Sullivan is the head Docent and Bobie Howrey is Winterthur's education director.

Winscoe, Peter G.

  • Winscoe, Peter G. ABC of Carpet Selling ; (London): (1964).

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  • Wirgin, Jan. Kinesiska Mattor ; Stockholm: 1986.

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Wizarat al-Awqaf.

  • Wizarat al-Awqaf. The Mosques of Egypt. Giza: The Survey of Egypt, 1949.


  • Weapon of Mass Destruction

Wolf, Marshall and Marilyn

Sara Wolf, P.

Wolfe, FF. & Wolfe, A.T.

  • Wolfe, FF. & Wolfe, A.T. How to Identify Oriental Rugs. 1927,

Wolfowitz, Paul.

Women's Market - Bethesda

  • The Women's Market is an outdoor flea-market at 7190 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda in the heart of "rug row".  Best days are Sat. and Sun.  The Persian restaurant next to the Women's Market has good food.
  • Look for my friend M. Ahmad, in with new tribal rugs he sometimes has some surprises like a great antique Afshar bag my wife bought for $60.

Wong, Mark.

  • Mark Wong is the U.S. deputy coordinator for Counterterrorism at State Department.

Wood, William

  • "Title: The Sariq Turkmens of Merv and the Khanate of Khiva in the early nineteenth century Date: 1998 Name of Degree: Ph.D. Institution: Indiana University Department: Department of Central Eurasian Studies Country: USA Keywords: Turkmens, Khiva, Islamic Saints, Sedentary-Nomadic Interactions, Bibl. Info.: 272 pp. (bibl., pp. 259-272) Contact Information: Institution: Dept. of History, Point Loma Nazarene University Address: 3900 Lomaland Dr. \ San Diego, CA 92106 \ USA Phone: +1 (619) 849-2689 E-mail: billwood@ptloma.edu "
  • "Wood, William Contact Information: Institution: Dept. of History, Point Loma Nazarene University Address: 3900 Lomaland Dr. \ San Diego, CA 92106 \ USA Phone: +1 (619) 849-2689 E-mail: billwood@ptloma.edu William Wood, assistant professor of history, is the son of a rural pastor who became fascinated with the history and culture of Soviet-Central Asia. After completing his B.A. at Colorado State University, he earned his M.A. at Indiana University. His research has taken him to the Soviet Union and its successor states five times since 1988. While most of his study has been in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, Muslim countries just north of Iran and Afghanistan, he has visited almost all of the former Soviet republics." Google Cache

Woodamen, Peter.

Woodman, Dennis.

  • Woodman, Dennis. "Letters". Hali 97, 1998. page 61. "more Tsars for sale."

Woods, John.

  • Professor of Middle Eastern History, University of Chicago.
  • PhD Princeton, 1974,
  • Graduate work at Teheran University (1964-69, ABD).
  • Fadlullah Khunji-IsfahaniÕs Tarikh-i ÔAlam-ara-yi Amini (edited Persian text and revised English translation, 1992)
  • The Timurid Dynasty (1990), Taqwim (Julian-Gregorian/Islamic era conversion program for IBM & Mac, 1989),
  • The Aqquyunlu: Clan, Confederation, Empire: A Study in 15th/9th Century Turko-Iranian Politics (1976),
  • Persian Architecture at a Glance (trans., 1967), University of Chicago Readings in Islamic Civilization (co-editor, with Robert Dankoff, in preparation).


  • The primary factors in fiber size and crimp are genetic. Different breeds have different wool. Then as for variations in fiber size among sheep of the same breed or even the same sheep the chief factors are age, sex, and level of nutrition. Males have coarser wool or as the wool people like to say a higher micron value at a given age than females. The micron value increases as the sheep age and diet affects size as well. Old overfed male sheep give wool of the highest micron value for their type.
  • Wool - Why are rugs made out of wool? - 04/04/2000
  • Wool - Felting and Spinning - 04/07/2000
  • Wool - Physical Characteristics - 04/10/2000
  • Notes on Creased Wool
  • Worsted

Woolley, Linda.

  • Woolley, Linda. "Books". Hali 98, 1998. page 103. "Review - Textiles in Egypt 200-1500 AD by Marianne Erikson.'

Wooley & Wallis,

Woolsey, R. James.

Worcester, Ted.

  • "Understanding Tibetan Rugs" Denver: ACOR4 Focus Session, 1998.

World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders

  • In 1998 Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda formed the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. Islamic Jihad ceased to function as an independent organization. The merger also spelled the last gasp of Islamic Jihad as an anti-Egyptian Government effort and shifted to focus on Osama Bin Laden plans to attack the US and her allies.


  • Worsted wool is combed rather than carded prior to spinning. Combing straitens out the individual wool fibers more than carding so the yarn has less loft. In a man's suit this is a good thing because with less loft the fibers can be spun tighter which makes a harder wearing fiber. For rugs however worsted wool is far less common.

Woven Legends Restoration, Inc

  • Woven legends operated a full-service Oriental carpet restoration facility at the Aegean Free Zone in Izmir, Turkey. This makes it possible to draw on qualified workers and still avoid duties and shipping problems. I have seen their work and it is very good. They are not inexpensive but compare favorably to the better restorers. Bob Mann seems like a nice person but all I can say about George Jevremovic is that even though my friend Ron O'Callaghan likes him George won't return my phone calls.
  • United States (Robert Mann)
    2540 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205
    (t) 303. 292. 9865
    (f) 303. 292. 9801

    Europe & Turkey (Hasan Opcin)
    Ege Serbest Bölgesi Akçay Cad. 144/1 B Blok Modül 1-7-8
    (t) (90) 232. 251. 5252
    (f) (90) 232. 251. 7300

    General Inquiries (George Jevremovic)
    4700 Wissahickon Avenue, No. 106 Philadelphia, PA 19144
    (t) 215. 849. 8344
    (f) 215. 849. 8354.
  • Oriental Rug Restoration: To Restore or Not

Woven Treasures,

Wright, Nicholas H.

  • Nick Wright is well known as an expert on Tibetan Rugs. But as a dealer he has expanded into general oriental rugs and textiles.
  • Coordinator for ACOR4
  • Member Hajji Baba Club New York City and the International Hajji Baba of Washington DC.
  • Dealer primarily in Tibetan Rugs
  • Rug & Carpet Dealers In The U.S.
  • "Carbon 14 Dating" Denver: ACOR4 Focus Session, 1998.
  • "Understanding Tibetan Rugs" Denver: ACOR4 Focus Session, 1998.
  • Box 642, Williamstown, Massachusetts 01267-0642

Peyton Wright Gallery,

Wright, Richard.

Wulff, Hans E.

  • Wulff, Hans E. The Traditional Crafts of Persia, Their Development, Technology and Influence on Eastern and Western Civilization.

Wynn, Kirk.

  • Midwest carpet dealer.
  • "A Great Man and a Kurdish Carpet," Wynn, Kirk, IX/5/52-53.
  • Wynn, Kirk, "Me and Gurdjieff," IX/2/46-47
  • Souq, Ltd. (Kirk Wynn), Omaha, NE, X/3/45
  • "Simply Heaven," Wynn, Kirk XI/2/57
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