Nazmiyal Antique Rugs
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Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs Barry OConnell, Notes on Oriental rugs
Rug Notes Index - Z

Hagop Manoyan Antique RugsNazmiyal Antique Rugs




Rug Notes Index - Z
Zadah Persian Carpets.
  • Zadah Persian Carpets. Exhibition ; (London): (1981).
  • Zadah Persian Carpets. "Pars"-Carpets in the Persian Style ; London: 1983.

Zadeh, Ramin Nemati.

  • Ramin Nemati Zadeh was tried and convicted as an Israeli spy in Iran.
  • Sentenced to 4 years the sentance was reduced to 2 years.

Zadrin, Badsah Khan.

  • Pashtun tribal leader who was trying to form an anti-Taliban government in the Paktia capital city of Gardez. 11/15/01

Zahir Shah

  • Mohammad Zahir Shah. Deposed in 1973 and sought refuge in Italy. Homes in Rome and near San Remo on the Italien Riviera. The King has stayed silent on Afghanistan for all the years of his exile until the US Afghan war. There is still some bitterness that he did not do more during the Russian war or the civil war. This may have been a factor of the efforts by Pakistan to isolate the King and keep him out of Afghanistan.
  • Shortly before the air strikes began Oct. 7, senior State Department official Richard Haass visited the ex-king in Rome, where he has lived since being exiled in a 1973 coup.
  • Mir Wais Zahir, youngest son
  • Abdul Sattar Sirat is a senior adviser to the ex-king.
  • The king was close to Mujaheddin commander Abdul Haq who was executed by Taliban while in Afghanistan on the King's business.
  • Supporters:
  • General Rahim Wardak, is being represented to the Pashtuns in Afghanistan as the military representative to the king. His position is being used to call Shurias in the Logar, Paktia, Ghazni, and Wardak Provinces and appoint Pro-Zahir Shah Governors. 11/15/01

Zahir Shahi

  • Zahir Shahi is a pattern that was introduced after World War II in the reign of Zahir Shah of Afghanistan. It is a design frequently seen in Tekke and Saryk Mauri rugs and copies of Mauri rugs.

Zajaczkowski, Ananiasz.

  • Zajaczkowski, Ananiasz. "'Historia Isfandiara podlug tureckiej wersji 'Sah-name' z Egiptu Mameluckiego" in Rocznik orientalistyczny. Vol. 28: No. 1. 1964. 49-90.


Zaki, `Abd al-Rahman.

  • Zaki, `Abd al-Rahman. al-Ahjar al-Karimah fi al-Fann wa-al-Tarikh. Cairo: al-Mu'assasah al-Misriyah al-`Ammah lil-Ta'lif wa-al-Tarjamah wa-al-Tiba`ah wa-al-Nashr, 1964.
  • Zaki, `Abd al-Rahman. al-Huli fi al-Tarikh wa-al-Fann. Cairo: al-Dar al-Misriyah lil-Ta'lif wa-al-Tarjamah, 1965.
  • Zaki, `Abd al-Rahman. "On Islamic Swords" in Studies in Islamic Art and Architecture in Honour of Professor K. A. C. Creswell. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 1965. 270-291.
  • Zaki, `Abd al-Rahman. "Important Swords in the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo" in Vaabenhistoriske Aarbøger. Vol. 13. 1966. 143-157. Additional title: "Nogle Blankvaben pa Museet for islamisk Kunst i Cairo." Danish text, pp. 143-152.
  • Zaki, M., Arab Accounts of India, Delhi: 1981.
  • Zaki, Abd ar-Rahman, 1958 Sajajid qahirya wa ukhra muttasila biha min al-nahiya al-fanniya [Technical and artistic aspects of Cairene rugs and others related], Al-majalla, vol. 2, pp. 119-21.

Zali, Muhammad



  • Province in Iran with Capitol of the same name.
  • Zangan rugs are single wefted Kurdish rugs related to Qoltuq Bijars.
  • Zanjan now boasts several towns such as the namesake provincial centre of Zanjan, Abhar,Khorramdarreh, Khodabandeh, Ijrud, Tarom and Mahneshan. Getting to know Zanjan province


  • Zaranjis an Afghan town between Zabol (Iran) and Chakansur (Asl-e Cahansur, Afghanistan). Zaranj is a major Baluch trading center.
  • War Report – Baluch take Zaranj
    • 11/13/01 Yesterday a major Baluch militia rose against Taliban and seized Zaranj. Rugs from Zaranj are usually sold as Zabol (Iran) or Chakansur (Asl-e Cahansur, Afghanistan). Baluch leader Abdolkarim Barahui led about 600 – 700 tribesmen against the Taliban and many of the Taliban defected. This is not the first Baluch – Taliban clash.

Mohammad Zavvar


  • Simple cotton kelims with simple design. Made generally for use, not as a commercial article.


  • Zhuz is the Kazakh word for Hundred and it is used to describe a tribal division that is called Horde in Mongol. They are divided into the Ulu Zhuz, Orta Zhuz and Kichi Zhuz.. Olcott, The Kazakhs,  page 10. 

Ziai, Asiyeh.

  • Ziai, Asiyeh. "LETTERS". Hali 97, 1998. page 61. "Mystical Meaning."

Zick-Nissen, Johanna.

  • Zick-Nissen, Johanna. "Review of Islamische Kleinkunst: Ein Handbuch für Sammler und Liebhaber, by Ernst Kühnel" in Der Islam. Vol. 40. 1965. 279-281.
  • Zick-Nissen, Johanna, 1964 Ein Mamlukisches Wirkteppichfragment, Berichte aus den Staatlichen Museen der Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, n.s. 14, pp. 43-44.

Ziegler Carpets

  • Ziegler and Co. was a German firm based in England who was actively involved in both the Opium and Carpet trade. Ziegler set up looms in Sultanabad and helped start the boom in carpets from Arak (Sultanabad) province.

Ziemba, William

  • Ziemba, William and A. Akatay: Turkish Flatweaves, An Introduction to the Weaving and Culture of Anatolia ; London: 197

Zil es Sultan

Zimmerman, Ed.

  • Prominent Washington DC attorney, rug collector, board member and former president of the Textile Museum.
  • Ed Zimmerman

Zipper, K

  • Zipper, K and C. Fritzsche: Oriental Rugs: Volume 4 Turkish ; Munich: 1989.

Zuffetti, Celestina.

  • Zuffetti, Celestina and P. Castelli. Tappeti del Tibet (Carpets from Tibet) ; San Donato: 1991.
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