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If I lost it I would not replace it.

Of some use but not one I would go out of my way to find.


Very useful and one I would recommend strongly.

A very important or even the definitive work on the subject. It does not have to be perfect but if I give it 5 stars and you are interested in that area then you should own a copy.

Not Yet Rated - I haven't gotten to it yet so if you wish to review it please feel free. There is a limit to how many books I can read so it is not rated do not assume anything is wrong with the book. If you disagree with any of my opinions write me and I may annotate this list with your comments.

Babur, Zahiruddin Muhammad. Baburnama. Early Sixteenth Century, Wheeler Thackston trans. Washington DC Smithsonian Institution, 1996

Babur, Zahiruddin Muhammad. - I have had a chance to read three translations and this is by far the most readable. Professor Wheeler Thackston of Harvard is the translator of the newest version and he has done a pretty good job. I spoke with him in the spring of 1997 to question a mistake he made in translating aymaq. He has it capitalized when it should actually be lower case since he is using aymaq as a word for tribe as opposed to a name of a tribe. Frankly Thackston's translation of tribal terms is the weakest part of the book. In the older King translation King used aymaq, Il and Ulus to make subtle distinctions that seem appropriate in context. Thackston translates most of that as tribe which loses the subtle distinctions. The King index is easier to use as well. But King is out of print and hard to find and Wheeler Thackston is in print and reasonably priced so it will do.

On Second thought:

Wheeler Thackston is a far brighter man than I am and the translation of this book is one of the great achievements of the twentieth century. My life today is richer and fuller because of this gift which Thackston has given to the English speaking world. My fault finding was petty and unwarranted. Mongol Mogul History

Bacharach, Jere L. and Bierman, Irene A. (editors). The Warp and Weft of Islam: Oriental Carpets and Weavings from Pacific Collections. 1978

  Not rated yet. General Rug Book

Badeau, John S. ed.: The Genius of Arab Civilization, Source of Renaissance ; Cambridge MA: 1978. 11 x 12, 85 CP.

Baer, Eva. "'Fish-Pond' Ornaments on Persian and Mamluk Metal Vessels." Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 31 (1968): 14-27

  Not rated yet. Persian, Egyptian Art

Baer, J. Collecting The Navajo Child's Blanket. 1986,

  Not rated yet. Navaho Rugs

Bahari, Ebadollah. Bihzad Master of Persian Painting. London UK.: I. B. Tauris Publishers, 1996.

The single best source on the great Persian artist Bihzad and Shaykh Zadeh.

Baharnaz, M.R.  Eternal Drifters of Plains and Mountains. Tehran: 1991.

  Not rated yet.

Baialieva, T. D. ed.: "Culture and Life of the Ketman-Tiubin Kirgiz" ; Frunze: 1979. 6.5 x 8.5, Based on materials of the 1973 ethnographic expedition. Russian text., 15 b/w.

Bailey, G. A. "The Dynamics of Chinoiserie in Timurid and Early Safavid Ceramics." In Timurid Art and Culture.- Iran and Central Asia in the Fifteenth Century, ed. Lisa Golombek and Maria Subtelny. Supplements to Muqamas. Leiden, 1992. Pp. 179-90.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Bailey, J. & Hopkins, M. Through The Collectors Eye: Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections. Providence: Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design, 1991

Bailey, Julia. - A very good look at a broad range of rugs and carpets. Draws heavily on the Rudnick, Paquin, and Varteresian, collections. Very good structural analyses included. Autographed by Mark Hopkins, Rug Convention 1995. General Rug Book

Baity, Elizabeth C.: Man is a Weaver ; NY: 1942. 6 x 9, 79 photo 65 draw. & maps,.

Baker, Patricia L. Islamic Textiles. London, England: British Museum Press, 1995

Nice silks. A textile book as opposed to a rug book.

Balfour-Paul, Jenny: Indigo ; London: 1998. 9 x 11, A comprehensive book on blue dye textiles., 150 CP 50 b/w.

Ballard, James F.: Illustrated Catalogue and Descriptions of Ghiordes Rugs. ; St. Louis: 1916. 8.5 x 11, Limited to 100 copies. Ballard's collections of Ghiordes prayer rugs., 36 b/w.

Ballard, James F. Inaugural Exhibition of a Collection of Oriental Rugs. St. Louis 1929

  Not rated yet. General Rug Book

Ballard, James F. Illustrated Catalogue and Descriptions of Ghiordes Rugs. ; St. Louis: 1916.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Baloch, Mir Khuda B. B. M. Searchlights on Baloches and Balochistan. Karachi: Royal Book Co., 1974

This is a highly personal account of the history of one of the tribes leading light in Pakistani politics. I feel it must be considered in a serious search on the Baluch. However it must be taken to some extent with a grain of salt. I just do not think Mir Baloches is a disinterested party. He reads more like a man with a great deal of pride in addition to his political agenda. Baluch Rugs

Balpinar, Belkis. & Hirsch. U. Carpets of the Vakiflar Museum Istanbul / Teppiche Des Vakiflar-Museums Istanbul. 1988,

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Balpinar, Belkis. Kilim-Cicim-Zili-Sumak. 1983,

  Not rated yet. Turkish Kilims

Balpinar, Belkis and Udo Hirsch, Carpets in the Vakiflar Museum Istanbul, Verlag Uta Hulsey, West Germany, 1988

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Balpinar, Belkis and U. Hirsch Flatweaves of the Vakiflar Museum Istanbul. Wesel Verlag Uta Hulsey, 1982.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Kilims 

Balpinar, Belkis and Udo Hirsch: Carpets of the Vakiflar Museum. Wesel: 1988.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Baltimore: 1973. 11 x 6.5, Baltimore Museum of Art exhibition catalog., Profusely illustrated in b/w.

Bandsma, A. & Brandt, R. Flatweaves Of Turkey. 1995,

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Barber, Edwin A.: Hispano-Moresque Pottery ; NY: 1915. 8 x 5 Paperback, 1 CP, 88 b/w.

Barber. E. J. W. The Mummies of Urumchi. W W Norton & Co; January 1999. ISBN: 0393045218 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 9.59 x 7.41, 240 pages,

Barber, E. J. W.  This is an absolutely stunning look at the mummies of Urumchi found in western China. If you are interested in the Tokharians this is a must read.

Barber, E. J. W. Prehistoric Textiles. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1991

Barber, E. J. W.  - If you read Women's Work and want more depth then this is the book. I find this a highly useful reference book for early weaving. This book serves as a very accessible window in the world of archeology for me.

Barber, Elizabeth Wayland. Women's Work. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 1994

Barber, E. J. W.  - Elizabeth Barber is a wonderful writer and she makes the subject very interesting. This is a good book for people with a general interest in weaving and archeology.

Barfield, Thomas J.  The Central Asian Arabs of Afghanistan. 1981,

 Barfield presents a serious study of a group of people in an important weaving area. It is not a book on rugs but if you want to understand the people of Northern Afghanistan then this book is very important.

Barkley, Susan: Adire: Indigo Cloth of Nigeria ; Toronto: 1980. 8.5 x 11, Museum exhibition catalog., 45 b/w.

  Not rated yet. African Textiles

Barkan, Omer Lutfi. "L'Orpnisation du travail dans le chantier d'une grande Mosquee A Istanbul au XVIE siecle." Annales 17 (1962): 1093- 106. -. Suleymaniye Camu ve Imareti Insaati (1550-1557), 2 vols. Ankara, 1972-9.

Barnard, N. Arts and Crafts of India. 1993,

  Not rated yet. Indian Textiles

Barnard, N. Living With Decorative Textiles. 1989,

  Not rated yet.

Barrett, Douglas. Islamic Metalwork in the British Museum. London, 1049.

Barrucand Marianne. L'architecture de la Qasba de Moulay Ismail d Meas. 2 Vols. Casablanca, 1976. Spain and Maghreb

Barrucand Marianne. Urbanisme princier en Islam: Meknes et les villes royales islamiques post-

Barth, Fredrik: Nomads of South Persia, The Basseri Tribe of the Khamseh Confederacy ; Boston: 1961. 5 x 8 Paperback, UNESCO project of 1958 in Fars. Anthropological study of this nomadic band. Few b/w photos show bags and cradles in use., 10 b/w.

The definitive Anthropology book on the Basseri tribe of the Khamseh federation. My principle reaction is that Barth gives a skewed picture of tribal dynamics because he was in at a point in which the tribe had lost it's military functions and power as part of the anti-tribal policies of the Pahlavid Shahs. But a slightly skewed picture is better than none. My copy is the 11th printing so it is common and it often turns up in used book shops in college towns very inexpensively. Persian Tribes

Barthelemy, Anna. Tazra Tapis & Bijoux de Ouarzazate. Aix-en-Provence: 1990.

  Not rated yet.

Barthold, V.V.: Four Studies on the History of Central Asia ; Leiden: 1962. 7.5 x 5, Volume III.: Mir Ali Shir, A History of the Turkman People.

Bar-Yosef, Ofer: A Cave in the Desert: Nahal Hemar, 9000-Year-Old-Finds ; Jerusalem: 1985. 8 x 7, Israel museum, Jerusalem exhibition catalog of ancient textiles. English and Hebrew text., 12 b/w.

Bashian, Kathleen Ryniker Ph.D. Once Upon A Carpet

I reviewed this book for Rug News and I loved it. It is was a wonderful introductory book. It is not your usual book about where the rug is from and how it is made. It a book about what rugs mean in our society. The rugs in your home do more than keep your feet warm they make a statement. Do you know what you rug says about you. 

I wrote a review of this book that was published in Rug News:

Review - Once Upon A Carpet

Basilov, Ernest V.N. ed.: Nomads of Eurasia ; Los Angeles: 1989. 8.5 x 11, Chapters on rugs, clothing and household furnishings. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles & The Academy of, Sciences, USSR., 99 CP 128 b/w.

  Not rated yet. Tribes

Basset, Henri, and E. Ltvi-Provencal. Chella: une nicropole miainide. Paris, 1923. Spain and Maghreb

  Not rated yet. Tribes

Batari, Ferenec: Alte Anatolische Teppiche aus dem Museum fur Kunstgewerbe in Budapest ; Budapest: 1974. 8.5 x 8.5, German text. Exhibition catalog of very old Anatolian rugs in Budapest Museum., 1 CP, 28 b/w.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Batari, Ferenc: Five Hundred Years in the Art of Ottoman Turkish Carpetmaking ; Budapest: 1986. 6.5 x 9, paperback, GWO 1172. Museum exhibition catalog from ICOC show in Hungary. English/Hungarian text. Paperback., 2 CP 104 b/w.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Batari, Ferenc. Ancient Oriental Rugs from Private Collections in Budapest. Budapest: 1986.

  Not rated yet. Tribes

Batari, Ferenc: Ottoman Turkish Carpets ; Budapest: 1994. 8 x 11 Hardback in dustjacket, Collection of Anatolian rugs in the Budapest Museum of Applied Art., 176 CP.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Batki, John. Traditional Anatolian Kilims. Bronxville: 1986.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Kilims

Battilossi Arte Tessili Dell'Azerbadjian Dal 1550-1850 Torino 1996. Italian text.

Battilossi, Maurizio. Tappeti d' Antiquariato. Torino: 1985. Arseven, Celal Esad: Les Arts Decoratifs Turcs. Istanbul

Battilossi, M. Tappeti d' Antiquariato. 1987,

Battilossi. Tappeti d' Antiquariato. 3. l988,

Battilossi. Tappeti d' Antiquariato, 4. 1989,

Battilossi: Arte Tessile dell Azerbadjian dal 1550-1850. Torino: 1996.

Bauman, John. Central Asian Carpets Study Guide. Islamabad: 1984.

Bausback, C. Alte Teppiche Aus Tibet. 1989,

Bausback, F. 1979: Alte Und Antike Orientalische Knupfkunst.

Bausback, F. 1980: Alte Und Antike Chinesiche Knupfkunst.

Bausback, F. 1982: Alte Und Antike Orientalische Flachgewebe.

Bausback, F. Alte Und Antike Meisterstucke Chinesicher Teppichkunst. 1974,

Bausback, F. Alte Und Antike Orientalische Knupfkunst. 1981,

Bausback, F. Anatolische Knupfkunst Aus Vier Jahrhunderten. 1978,

Bausback, F. Antike Orientalische Knupfkunst. 1976, German.

Bausback, F.1987: Antike Teppiche Sammlung 1987/1988.

Bausback, Franz. Antike Teppiche Sammlung 1987/88 Mannheim 1987. Hardback. Major German dealer's catalog.

Bausback, Franz. Susani, Stickereien aus Mittelasien (Embroideries from Central Asia) Mannheim 1981. German text.

Bausback, Franz: Neue Anatolische Dorfteppiche Mit Aturfarber. Mannheim: 1982.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Bausback, P. Islamisches Stickerei Aus 4 Jahrhunderten. 1985, German.

Bausback, P. The Old And Antique Oriental Art Of Weaving. 1983, German edition,

Bausback, Peter: The Old and Antique Oriental Art of Weaving ; Mannheim: 1983. 8 x 11 Hardback, GWO 89. 82 CP,

Bausback, Peter Anatolische Knupfteppiche aus vier Jahrhunderten (Turkish Rugs of Four Centuries) Mannheim 1978.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Bausback, Peter: Alte und Antike Chinesische Knupfkunst. Mannheim: 1980.

Bausback, Peter: Alte Und Antike Meisterstucke Chinesischer Teppichknupf Kunst ; Mannheim: 1974.

Bausback, Peter: Alte und Antike Meisterstucke Orientalischer Teppich Knupfkunst #4. Mannheim: 1972.

Bausback, Peter: Alte und Antike Orientalische Knupfkunst. Mannheim: 1979.

Bausback, Peter: Anatolische Knupfteppiche Aus Vier Jahrhunderten (Turkish Rugs of Four Centuries). Mannheim: 1978.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

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Bausback, Peter: Antike Orientteppiche. Mannheim: 1978.

Bayani, M. Ahvdl-o dthdr-i khushnivisan, 2nd ed. in 4 vols. Tehran, 1363/ 1985.

Beach, Milo Cleveland (Contributor), Soudavar, Abolala. Art of the Persian Court. New York: Rizzoli, 1992.

This is one of the most important books on Persian miniature art ever printed. Soudavar has done a book that is about as good as it gets. Great pictures, sharp commentary, and solid scholarship. Additionally this book is so pretty it is a work of art itself. If you have any interest in miniature art you should have this book.

Beach, Milo Cleveland. "The Gulshan Album and Its European Sources." Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 332 (1962): 63-91-

Beach, Milo Cleveland. and Welch, Stuart Cary. "Gods, Thrones and Peacocks: Northern Indian Painting from Two Traditions: Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries". New York: Asia Society  and  Ayer Company Publishers, Incorporated. 1976.

Beach, Milo Cleveland. "The Imperial Image: Paintings for the Mughal Court". Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery of Art,   1982

Excellent book primarily on Mughal art. A fair number of Black and white images but Beech is good enough to make up for the B&W pictures.

Beach, Milo Cleveland. The Grand Mogul.- Imperial Painting in India 1600-1660. Exhibition catalogue. Williamstown, MA, 1978

Beach, Milo Cleveland. Thackston, Wheeler (Translator).   "The King of the World: An Imperial Manuscript for the Royal Library Windsor Castle". New York: Thames & Hudson,  1997

Beach, Milo Cleveland. "Mughal and Rajput Painting". Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, 1992

Beach, Milo Cleveland. and Ebba Koch. Thackston, Wheeler (Translator). King of the World, The Padshahnama, An Imperial Mughal Manuscript from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle, London: 1997. 9.5 x 13, 81 CP 136 b/w.

This is a wonderful examination of Shah-Jahan's Padshahnama. The illustrations are first rate and Beach and Koch did a first rate job of presenting the material. Beach studied under the great Cary Welch and of all his students Beach has reached the top rung.

Beattie, May H. Carpets of Central Persia. Sheffield: World Of Islam Festival, 1976, and insert.

This is a very important book. The photos are not very good and many of them are B&W but this is the best and definitive book on the subject. The late Dr. May Beattie does a wonderful job of cataloguing and discussing a major group of classic rugs. You may note I cited this book in reference to the structure insert. One fault if you can count it as such is that she says possibly Kerman and everyone else takes the Kerman part as gospel. Dr. Beattie does not attribute the rugs to Kerman and should state that more clearly. Sadly she failed to mention the most probable places of origin for this important group. Persian Vase Carpets. Beattie, May H.

Beattie, May H. The Rug in Islamic Art. 1984,

Beattie, May H. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection of Oriental Rugs. 1972

Beattie, May H. The Rug in Islamic Art: Temple Newsam House exhibition from April 16 to May 28, 1964 Leeds 1964.

Beck, Lois. Nomad A Year in the Life of a Qashqai Tribesmen in Iran, Berkeley: University of California, 1986. 489 pp., 43 illustrations.

This is definitely the equal of Beck's earlier book. This book is based on Beck's diary for the year she spent researching the other book. In it's own way it gives us a better understanding of how a Qashqai or really almost any nomad lived in Iran. Beck, Lois.

Beck, Lois. Nomad A Year in the Life of a Qashqai Tribesmen in Iran
Guest Review by  William Christian

Almost every collector of tribal rugs is fascinated by the mystery that such beauty was created in the harsh and forbidding circumstances of nomadic life. They also find great charm in the fact that they were not woven for export or sale, but are genuine artifacts of a culture so completely different from our own.

Lois Beck's Nomad will enchant them. It is a strange, sad and beautiful book. Like all the best books, it is written out of love. Lois Beck, then a young graduate student, went to Iran in 1970 to do field research for a doctoral thesis in ethnology. By chance she met Borzu, headman of the Qermezi group of the Darreshuri tribe, part of the Qashga'i confederacy.

Beck and her husband liked Borzu immediately, and he agreed that they could join him and his fractious band of about thirty families for the next year as they migrated from their summer to their winter pastures and back again. Although he reveled in the enhanced status the presence that such exotic guests conferred on him, he asked little from them in return.

During that year, Beck kept the careful notes of a trained ethnographer, but her main intention at the time was a socio-historical study that she published in 1986, The Qashga'i of Iran.

She had no thoughts at the time of publishing a detailed study of Borzu and his Qermezi followers. She had no intention of playing into the hands of the Shah in his plans to subjugate the Qashga'i, nor did she want to bring her friends needlessly to the attention of arbitrary and corrupt Tribal Security Force.

By the late 1980s, however, circumstances had changed, and] when she started to re-read the notes of her earlier journey, she was astounded by the picture she saw unfolding before her eyes of a way of life in the process of disappearing.

Her Qermezi friends, she now realized, had been in the midst of a deep ecological and economic crisis. Constantly harassed by the authorities, exploited by the merchants, their flocks dangerously reduced by drought and disease, the members of the tribe faced the agonizing choice - to settle as marginal farmers or try for another year to live in the nomadic ways of their ancestors.

As headman, the task of keeping his small band of followers intact rested on Borzu's head. Minimally literate, he was forced increasingly to deal with the agents of a distant government whom he distrusted and feared. They disarmed his followers, who could therefore no longer supplement their income through banditry. They forced the Qashqa'i to register for identity cards, and then arrived at the time the young men were most needed to care for the flocks to conscript them for the army.

Desperately in debt, Borzu, who could not drive and did not understand machines, bought an ancient pickup truck, which broke down regularly and provided little effective help. It even diverted him from his pressing duties, as he indulged himself in the pleasure of being driven to the nearest town, where he would park and sit in it, so that he could be seen by those he wanted to impress as the kind of important man who might own such a vehicle.

Such textiles as the women wove that year were mainly for their own use. Settled Qashga'i in villages wove for the market, and were much more productive than their nomadic sisters, since they could set up their looms indoors and weave in the evening by kerosene lamp. But to get the money for wool, they had to borrow from a merchant, and then were forced to sell him their rugs for a tenth of what the merchant himself received from the dealers in Isphahan.

The nomadic Qashga'i women and children worked differently. They scoured the terrain over which they passed during their migrations for wild plants to use as food, medicine and dye. When they could, they set hard at work to weave a gelim, jajim or pile carpet. As the need arose, they also made more utilitarian objects for their own use, such as a decorative strip for the lead camel's neck, small protective covers or bags for their possessions, or a tasseled bag for bread-making equipment that they hung by a braided cord from an animal's load or tied to a tent pole.

Borzu's daughter, Zolaikha, had been working on a pile carpet. She was engaged to be married and was crafting it with great care, since it was meant as part of her dowry. Her mother had been seriously ill while she was working on it and she had woven talismans in it to aid her mother's recovery.

However, Borzu, desperately needing cash for the migration, had gone to the Kazerun bazaar to borrow money, but had come up empty. Now two Persians arrived at his camp and he ordered Zolaikha to spread out her dowry carpet. In return for a cash loan, Borzu gave the carpet to the Persians. Then, in Lois Beck's words:

As the men left, they asked who owned a (different) carpet they had seen draped over the load of a camel heading toward Borzu's camp. When Zolaikha and (her sister) Zoreh went to collect water at a spring at the bottom of the gorge, they spotted the two Persians having a picnic with their families. There, under the feet of romping children, was Zolaikha's carpet laid out with food and a samovar. The sisters put their arms around each other, and tears ran down Zolaikha's face.(188)

Nomad is not a book about rugs, but about the people whose lives gave them their origin and their meaning. It will not teach collectors of tribal woven goods how to attribute or date individual pieces or what price to pay. But their understanding and respect for every piece on the wall or floor will be immeasurably enriched by the thought that it might once have meant as much to the woman who wove it as Zolaikha's carpet meant to her.

Beck, Lois. The Qashqai of Iran, New Haven and London (UK): Yale University Press, 1986.

This is one of my most valuable books. Lois Beck gives us insights into the Qashqai that we can then use to help to understand many of the tribal weaving groups. What I learned from Beck about the Qashqai helped me immensely to understand the Mongols and other tribes.

Bedaghi, Zabihollah. Niazjan and Turkman Rugs. Tehran: 1990.

Bedoukian, Harold. "Natural Dyes in Caucasian Rugs." Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 11, No. 7 (Oct. 1982), pp. 25-26. Also in Rug News, Vol. 4, No. 8 (Oct. 1982), pp. 15-17 and The Armenian Review, Vol. XXXV, No. 4 4-140 (1982), pp. 398-404.

Bedoukian, Harold. "The Orphans of Agin Rug." Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 1, No. 9 (Dec. 1981), p. 17. Also in Rug News, Vol. 3, No. 9 (Nov. 1981), pp. 17-18.

Begley, Wayne. "Illustrated Histories of Shah Jahan: New Identifications of Some Dispersed Paintings and Problems of the Windsor Castle Padshahnama." In Facets of Indian Art, ed. Robert Skelton et al. London, 1986. PP. 139-52.

Belenitsky, Aleksandr. Central Asia, Trans. Hogarth, James. Cleveland: The World Publishing Company, 1968. 6.5 x 9 Hardback, Archaeologia Mundi series., 54 CP 89 b/w.

This book offers rather tantalizing clues as to the Central Asian origins of certain design motifs. The wall paintings are incredible. It is certainly causing me to reconsider my thoughts about Turan before the coming of the Mongols. After rereading this book I had to bump it to 4 stars. Very important work that gains little notice in the west. I find as I go along I keep using this book and it's value grows as I come to understand more of it. So many of the people who take themselves very seriously as rug scholars would do well to read this book.. Having said all that I have to give it 5 stars.

Bellow, Surgeon Major H.W.: The Races of Afghanistan ; Calcutta: 1880.

Belvianes, Marcel. La Vierge Par Les Pientres. Paris Editions de Varenne, 1951.

A touch thin on rug related subjects but there is a nice small pattern Holbein in a painting called La Vierge et l'Enfant adores par les Anges from the fifteenth century of the French School. There is also an intriguing rug with kufic borders in a painting by Memling.

Bemiss, Elijah: The Dyer's Companion ; New York: 1973. 5 x 8.5, Dover reprint of 1815 edition.

Benardout, D. Care and Repair of Rugs and Carpets. 1995.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, R. Antique Rugs. 1983.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, R. Caucasian Rugs. 1978.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, R. Turkish Rugs. 1975.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, Raymond Catalogue of Turkoman Weaving, Including Beluch. London UK: 1974.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, Raymond ed. Woven Stars Los Angeles 1996.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, Raymond: Caucasian Rugs ; London: 1978.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, Raymond: Exhibition Catalogue 23 Oct-4 Nov 1978. London: 1978.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, Raymond: Nomadic Persian and Turkoman Weaving. London: 1977.

  Not rated yet.

Benardout, Raymond: Tribal and Nomadic Rugs. London: 1976.

  Not rated yet.

Bennett, Ian. et al. Oriental Carpets Identifier. New York: Shooting Star Press. 1985, 1995 reprint.

Ian Bennett has created a comprehensive classification of Carpets and Rugs, charting the history and development of the art of Oriental Rug weaving. Illustrated with over 200 rugs and carpets. Glossary of terms and patterns. Good solid introductory and general rug book. General Rug Book

Bennett, Ian. et al. Oriental Rugs Volume 1 Caucasian. Oriental Textile Press, 1981.

If you are interested in Caucasian rugs buy this book. The color picture quality is a little spotty but there are many pictures and good commentary. This book is extremly useful since it gives a good picture of the rugs that passed through a major auction house airly revently. In it we can see rugs that correspond to the rugs in the market place today. Caucasian Rugs Bennett, Ian

Bennett, Ian. Oriental Rugs Volume 1 Caucasian. Suffolk, UK: 1981. (1993 reprint),

  Vide Infra

Bennett, Ian. et al. Rugs & Carpets of the World. New York: A&W Publishers, Inc. 1977.

Bennett has done a great job with this book. The part on classical carpets is excellent. Bennett remains one of the most important scholars in the field of Classical Oriental Carpets. The book gives a good general look at a wide range of types of rugs. It is one of the only books I have that covers Navaho rugs. General Rug Book

Bennett, Ian. et al. Rugs & Carpets of the World. Edison: Wellfleet Press, 1994.

Vide Supra

Bennett, Ian. Book of Oriental Carpets and Rugs. 1973,

Bennett has done his best work in his later books. The day has passed for this one. General Rug Book 

Bennett, Ian. Jail Birds. 1987,

Bennett, James ed. Patterns of Persia, Iranian Nomadic, Village, and City Rugs from Vancouver. Vancouver: Canadian Society

Benson, Anna and Neil Warburton: Looms and Weaving ; Aylesbury: 1986, Shire series #154., 32 b/w.

Berchem, Max Van. "Une inscription du sultan Mongol Uldiaitu." In Milanges Hartwig Derenbourg. Paris, 1909. PP. 367-79.

Beresneva, L. The Decorative and Applied Art of Turkmenia. Leningrad: 1976.

Very nice Soviet era book. My copy was much nicer than I expect from a Soviet book. Well written and good plates. General Rug Book

Berinstain, Valerie ed.: Les Tissus Que L'on Manipule: Pilages-Plissages-Plangi ; Mulhouse: 1987. 8 x 10 Paperback, Musee de L'Impression sur Etoftes Mulhouse.

Bernheimer Fine Arts. Polish and Polonaise. n.d.(1987),

Bernheimer, Otto Oriental Carpets and Textiles London 1987. Dealer exhibition and sales catalog.

Bernheimer. Oriental Carpets and Textiles. 1987,

Bernheimer: Alte Und Antike Knupterbeiten der Turkmenen ; Munich: 1977.

Beveridge, June ed. Authentic Algerian Carpet Designs and Motifs ; NY: 1978.

  Not rated yet. Felt Rugs

Beutlich, Tadek: The Technique of Woven Tapestry ; London, NY: 1967. 7 x 9.5 Hardback, 31 b/w 104 drawings.

Bidder, Hans. and Irmgard Filzteppiche (Felt Rugs) Braunschweig 1980. German text.

  Not rated yet. Felt Rugs

Bidder, Hans. and Irmgard: Filzteppiche (Felt Rugs) ; Braunschweig: 1980.

  Not rated yet. Felt Rugs

Bidder, Hans. Carpets from East Turkestan, Known as Khotan, Samarkand and Kansu Carpets ; London: 1964.

  Vide Infra

Bidder, Hans. Carpets From East Turkestan. Accokeek: Washington International Associates, 1964 reprinted 1979.

This and Murray Eiland's "Chinese and Exotic Rugs" are the two definitive works on this subject. This is a nice book that stands up to time very well. If you are interested in the rugs of East Turkestan you should have this book. Central Asian Rugs

Bieber, M. and R. Plotz: Anatolische Dorfteppiche und Flachgewebe ; Wurzberg: 1980.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Bieber, M. et al. Anatolische Dorfteppiche. 1988,

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs


  Not rated yet. Persian Flatweaves

Bier, Carol. The Persian Velvets at Rosenborg. 1995,

Very good book on velvets. In this area Bier comes into her own. Well worth reading. Persian Velvets

Bier, Carol. Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart, Textile Arts of Safavid and Qajar Iran. Washington: Textile Museum 1987

  Book Review - Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart Not rated yet.

Biggs, Robert D. (ed.) Discoveries From Kurdish Looms Evanston, IL: Mary & Leigh Block Gallery 1983.

  Not rated yet. Kurdish Textiles

Biggs, Robert D. et al. Discoveries from Kurdish Looms. Evanston, IL: 1984.

  Not rated yet. Kurdish Textiles

Biggs, Robert D. Discoveries from Kurdish Looms. Northwestern University, Chicago, 1983

  Not rated yet. Kurdish Textiles

Bilgrami, Noorjehan: Sindh Jo Ajrak Cloth from the Banks of the River Indus ; Bangkok: 1990 (1998). 9.5 x 9.5, Major work on ajrak, double sided printed cloth of Sindh Pakistan. Shows production and dyeing techniques., 148 CP, 25 b/w.

Binney, Edwin: Turkish Treasures from the Collection of Edwin Binney 3rd. ; Portland: 1979. 8 x 8.5 Paperback, Textile section by Walter Denny., 259 b/w (17 of textiles).

this is a nice older book with lots of pictures and is well written. It is not to the printing standards of todays books but the material is valuable. As always Denny is good.

Binyon, Laurence. Akbar. Edinburgh UK: Peter Davies Limited, 1932.

A nicely written cursory examination of Akbar. Thankfully lacking the muddled arrogance common to most Englishmen who write about India. Indian History Binyon, Laurence.

Binyon, Laurence. Painting in the Far East. New York Dover Publications, Inc. 1969 reprint of the 1934 4th edition.

A brilliant early work that is well worth reading in the reprint edition. There is some limited information on both the Mongols and on Persian art.

 Binyon, Laurence. J. V. S. Wilkinson, and Basil Gray. Persian Miniature Painting. New York, 1971.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art. Binyon, Laurence.

Binyon, Laurence. The Poems of Nizami. London, 1928.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art. Binyon, Laurence.

Black, David et al. The Atlas of Rugs & Carpets. London, England: Tiger Books International, 1985.

A very nice general rug book that even a beginner will find useful. It shows good depth in many areas that make it well worth referencing. I recently gave a copy of this book to W. Russell Pickering and he was surprised to see the Moroccan section illustrated with pieces from his (Pickering's) own collection. Contributors to this compendium include: Denis Wright, Lucy Trench, Ksynia Marko, Mark Whiting, Susan Day, Schuyler Camman, Gerard Paquin, Walter Denny, Julia Bailey, Rosemary Crill, Alan Marcuson, Ulrich Schurmann, Jennifer Scarce, Ian Bennett, Rachael Field, John Eskenazi, Steven Cohen, Lucy Trench, Jennifer Wearden, Jane Nylander, Anthony Berlant, Mary Kahlenberg, Vojtech Blau, Ksynia Marko. Black, David

Black, David. ed. The Atlas of Rugs & Carpets. 1985 (1996 printing),

  Vide Supra

Black, David. The Wandering Baluch. London UK: 1976.

This is considered on of the important early books on Baluch. Much cited and of use to Baluch colectors. Baluch Rugs

Black, David. & Loveless, C. The Undiscovered Kilim. 1977

  Not rated yet. Kilims

Black, David. and C. Loveless Woven Gardens, Nomad and Village Rugs of the Fars Province of Southern Persia London UK: 1979.

  Not rated yet. Southwest Persian Rugs
Black, David. and C. Loveless: Embroidered Flowers from Thrace to Tartary. London UK: 1981.
  Not rated yet. Embroidery

Black, David. Islemeler, Ottoman Domestic Embroideries. London UK: 1978.

  Not rated yet. Turkish Textiles

Blackwell, Basil, Ikats - Woven Silks from Central Asia, Basil Blackwell Ltd., Oxford, 1989

  Not rated yet. Ikats

Blair, Sheila S. and Bloom Jonathan M. The Art and Architecture of Islam 1250-1800, 1994,.Yale University Press and Pelican History of Art, 1995.

This book is made to pick up where the classic by Ettinghausen and Grabar lets off. A very strong scholarly look at a vast amount of information. I really like this book. From Mosques to rugs this is a good reference tool. Islamic Art. Blair, Sheila S.

Blair, Sheila S. and Jonathan M. Bloom: Images of Paradise in Islamic Art ; Hanover: 1991. 9 x 12, Museum exhibition catalog of Islamic art including carpets and textiles., 8 CP 26 b/w.

Blair, Sheila S. " Safavid Architecture." In The Timurid and Safavid Periods, ed. P. Jackson. Cambridge History of Iran, vol. 6. Cambridge, 1986. PP- 789-92.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. "Artists and Patronage in Late Fourteenth-Century Iran in Light of Two Catalogues of Islamic Metalwork." Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 48, no. I (I 985): 53 - 9.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. "Ilkhanid Architecture and Society: an Analysis of the Endowment Deed of the Rab'-i Rash-icri." Iran 22 (1984): 67-90.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. "On the Track of the 'Demotte' Shahnama Manuscript." In Les Manuscripts du Moyen-Otient: Essais de Codicologie et de Paleographie, ed. Franqois Deroche. Istanbul/Paris, 1989. Pp. 125-31.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. "The Development of the Illustrated Book in Iran." Muqarnas 10 (1993): 266-74.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. The Ilkhanid Shrine Complex at Natanz, Iran. Cambridge, MA, 1986.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. The Inscription from the Tomb Tower at Bastam: An Analysis of Ilkhanid Epigraphy." In Art et society dans le monde Iranien, ed. Chahriyar Adle. Paris, 1982. Pp. 263-86.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. The Mongol Capital of Sultaniyya, 'the Imperial'." Iran 24 (1986): 139-51

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. "The Flanged Tomb Tower at Bastam." In Art et Societi dans le monde iranien, ed. Chahriyar Adle. Paris, 1982. Pp. 237- 61.

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blair, Sheila S. and Jonathan M. Bloom. "Epic Images and Contemporary History: The Legacy of the Great Mongol Shahnama." Islamic Art 5 (1994).

  Not rated yet. Persian Art

Blanche, Lesley. The Sabers of Paradise. New York: The Viking Press. 1960

A popular history of the revolt of Shamyl the Avar and the account of the Czarist subjugation of the Caucasus. Caucasian History, Lib

Bloomberg, N.J. Navajo Textiles. 1988,

  Not rated yet. Navaho Rugs

Blum, Dilys. The Fine Art of Textiles, The Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia: 1997

  Not rated yet. Textiles

Blumenthal, Betsy and K. Kreider: Hands on Dyeing ; Loveland: 1988. 8.5 x 11, 10 CP 40 b/w.

"The Bob Jones University Collection of Religious Paintings", 1994, Greenville NC: Bob Jones University, 1962.

Rugs can be seen in plate 53, and a nice small pattern Holbein circa 1530 in plate 139. Not much for me in this book, too European in focus. Religious Art

Bode, Wilhelm Von. et al. Antique Rugs From The Near East. Third Edition, 1922,Trans, Riefstahl, R. M. Ph. D., New York: E. Weyhe, 1922.

Poor commentary of bad pictures. I have yet to find any redeeming features except that I got it for a song and even then I question whether it was worth the song. General Rug Book. Wilhelm Von Bode.

Bode, Wilhelm Von. and Kuhnel, Ernst. Antique Rugs From The Near East. Fourth Edition, Charles Grant Ellis, Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1958.

This book was very important in it's day. It is very much a reflection of the strengths and weaknesses of the German school of rug studies. The late Charles Grant Ellis as the world's top rug scholar gave a clear readable translation from German. The book is rather dated today and is relevant more for historical perspective and of course for it's value to book collectors. General Rug Book. Wilhelm Von Bode.

Bogolyubov, A. A.   Tapisseries De L'Asie Centrale / Kovroviya Izdatzia Srednei Azii. 1908, St. Petersburg.

  Not rated yet. Turkmen Rugs

Bogolyubov, A. A.  and Dr. Jon Thompson, ed. Carpets of Central Asia Fishguard 1973. Reprint of 1908 edition.

Important book on Turkmen rugs. A must read for serious Turkomaniacs. Very important building block in many later theories. Turkmen Rugs

Bolton, Eileen: Lichens for Vegetable Dyeing ; London: 1960. 6 x 8, 5 CP.

Boralevi, Alberto ed.: Oriental Geometries: Stefano Bardini and the Antique Carpet ; Livorno: 1999. 8 x 12, Exhibition catalog of early Turkish and Persian carpets displayed during the 9th ICOC. Italian/English text., 47 CP.

A brilliant look at Classic Carpets. Boralevi certainly ranks with the very best of the great rug scholars Bode, Kuhnel, Ellis and others. The primary difference is that Boralevi is more readable then any of the others. He actually makes Mamluk carpets interesting which no one ever did for me before. In his section on "Persian" rugs I am not ready to attribute all Indo-Isfahans to Isfahan but I will conceded that the ones in this collection should be attributed to Isfahan.

I disagree with Alberto on the attribution of Vase carpets to Kirman. I must note however that everyone who has seriously studied them disagrees with me and aggres with Alberto. Still I think to say Mae Beattie "proved" it is an overstatement of the Beattie argumanent. Boralevi notes that Erdman attributed the carpet in question to Kirman.THe Kirman attribution started with F. R. Martin in his book A History of Oriental Carpets Before 1800. Vienna, 1908. So every one else who has studied them goes along with the Martin attribution so my disagreement is a small matter indeed.

I highly recommend this book.

Boralevi, Alberto. L'Ushak Castellani - Stroganoff. Firenze: 1987.

  Not rated yet. Ushak Rugs

Boralevi, Alberto. & Mantiglia, G. C. From the Far West. Sardinian Textiles and Rugs From the Sixteenth Century Until Today. Il Tappeto Parlante, 1997.\

  Not rated yet. Sardinian Rugs

Boralevi, Alberto. "Three Egyptian Carpets in Italy." In Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies II.- Carpets of the Mediterranean Countries 1400 - 1600, ed. Robert Pinner and Walter B. Denny. London, 1986. Pp. 205-20.

  Not rated yet. Egypt

Bosch, Gulnar, John Carswell, and Guy Petherbridge. Islamic Bindings and Bookmaking. Exhibition catalogue. Chicago, 1981.

Bourouiba, Rachid. L'Art religieux musulmane en Algiers. Algiers, 1973

Bowen, Dorothy Boyd and various authors, Spanish Textile Tradition of New Mexico and Colorado, Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, 1979

  Not rated yet. Spanish Rugs

Boxdorfer, Loretta. "A Review of Eastern Armenia in the Last Decades of Persian Rule 1807-1923." Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 3, No. 5 (August 1983), pp. 10-11.

  Not rated yet. Armenian Rugs

Boxdorfer, Loretta. "Dragon Islands." Oriental Rug Review, Vol. 4, No. 6 (September 1984),pp. 23

  Not rated yet. Armenian Rugs

Bozdogan, Sibel. "Modernity in the Margins: Architecture and Ideology in Early Republican Turkey." Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress of the History of art. Berlin, 1993.

Bornet, G. Gabbeh, The Georges D. Bornet Collection. PART 3. 1995,

  Not rated yet. Gabbeh Rugs

Bosley Caroline. Rugs to Riches. New York: Pantheon Press, 1980.

An inexpensive beginners book that I can not think of much to say about it. General Rug Book.

Bosworth, Clifford Edmund. The Later Ghaznavids: Splendor and Decay. 1977, New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd., 1992.

Not much in here for most people studying carpets but if one wishes to understand Persia, Turanian, and Moslem India before the Mughal empire this is a good place to start. Persian History. The Clifford Edmund Bosworth Page

Bothmer, B. V., de Meulenaere, H., Muller, H. W. Egyptian Sculpture of the Late Period. 100 BC TO AD 100. 1960,

  Not rated yet. Egypt

Boucher Jeff W. Baluch Woven Treasures. Alexandria: Jeff W. Boucher, 1989.

This book defines Mashadi Baluch as no other single source does. A very important book on a very important collection. If you are interested in Baluch buy this book before it goes out of print and the price shoots up. This is one you will wish you had. Baluch Rugs

Boucher, F. 2000 Years of Fashion. n.d. (1966), Abrams,

  Not rated yet.

Boulger, Demetrius Charles. Central Asian Portraits. Liechtenstein: Krause reprint of an 1880 First Edition, 1978.

Interesting vignettes of the main players in the Great Game. Useful background information on Central Asia. Good chapter on Yacub Khan. Central Asian History

Bounoutian George A. The Khanate of Erevan Under Qajar Rule 1795 - 1828. Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers in Association with Bibliotheca Persica, 1992.

A scholarly study of the Erevan area at a pivotal point in it's history. From a rug pointy of view it is a little dry but there is a wealth of data that gives us a picture of weaving there. It has facts and figures in such areas as number of dyers, loom builders, etc... plus ethnic makeup of each group. One very interesting part is the list of tribes who stayed in the area after the second Russo-Persian war and who left. Persian Armenian History.

Boyle, J. A. & Marsden, D. J. The Qashqa'i of Iran. 1976,

Good background book on the Qashqai. Part of the Arts of Islam series, Black and white pictures. Nice for it's day but dated today.. Caucasian Rugs

Bradley, James: Wool Carding ; Manchester: 1921. 5.5 x 8.5, Mechanical "Textile Manufacture" Manua1983. series., 99 b/w.

Bradsher, Henry S. Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. Durham: Duke Press Policy Studies. 1983

This is an important book on the early days of the Russian Afghan war by one of the Afghanistan "Old Hands". Bradsher covered Afghanistan in the 1960s so he has a level of discernment that many other authors do not share.

Brend, Barbara. Islamic Art. 1991,

Excellent general book on Islamic art. A useful resource. Caucasian Rugs

Briggs, Amy. "Timurid Carpets.", Ars Islamica

  Not rated yet. Persian Rugs

Briggs, Rose T.: Notes on Vegetable Dyeing ; Plymouth: 1941. 5.5 x 8.5, 6 pp., Published by Plymouth Antiquarian Society Harlow (Old Fort) Brown, Rachel: The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book ; NY: 1978. 9 x 11, 19 CP 413 b/w.

Brinstain, V., Day, S., Floret, ., Galea-Blanc, C, Gell, M, Zial, A. Great Carpets of the World. 1996,

  Not rated yet. General Rug Book

Brooklyn Museum. Annual 1959-1960.

  Not rated yet.

Brooklyn Museum. Coptic Egypt. 1941,

  Not rated yet. Egypt

Brown, Luanne and Sidna Rachid, Egyptian Carpets, The American University in Cairo, 1985

  Not rated yet. Egypt

Brown, Rachel: The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book ; NY: 1978. 9 x 11 Hardback, 19 CP 413 b/w.

Bruggemann, W. and H. Bohrner: Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien ; Munichen: 1982. 10 x 11, Best single book on the subject of piled Anatolian village and nomadic rugs. German text., 114 CP.

Bruggemann, W. and H. Bohmer, Rugs of the Peasants and Nomads of Anatolia, Verlag Kunst & Antiquitdten, Munich, 1983

  This is widely aclaimed as the best book in the field on Anatolian village rugs. I have not read it yet but sooner or latter I will get around to focusing on Turkish rugs. Turkish Rugs

Bruggemann, W. Yayla. Form und Farbe in Turkischer Textilkunst. 1993,

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Bruggemann, W. /Bohmer Teppiche Der Bauren. Anatolien h b 1980 German Text

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Bryan, Nonabah G.: Navajo Native Dyes, Their Preparation and Use ; Lawrence: 1940. 7 x 10 Paperback, 83 recipes.

Buhler, Alfred and E. Fischer and M.L. Nabholz: Indian Tie Dyed Fabrics ; Ahmedabad: 1980. 8.5 x 11, Volume 4, 12 CP 91 b/w.

  Not rated yet. Indian Textiles

Bulloch, John and H. Morris: No Friends But the Mountains, The Tragic History of the Kurds ; NY: 1992. 6 x 9, 11 b/w.

Bunt, Cyril G. E. Hispano Moresque Fabrics ; Leigh-on-Sea: 1966.

  Not rated yet. Spanish Textiles

Burgess, William H. III. Inside Spetsnaz:. 1990, Novato Ca: Presidio, 1992.

Interesting background material for my research into the Soviet effort in Afghanistan. Afghan War

Burkett, M.E.: The Art of the Felt Maker ; Kendal: 1979. 7 x 10 Paperback, 10 CP, 100 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Burling, Judith, and Burling, Arthur Hart. Chinese Art. New York: Bonanza Books. 1953.

  Not rated yet. Chinese Art

Burnaby Fred. A Ride To Khiva. New York: Arno Press and The New York Times. 1977.

  Not rated yet. Persian Tribes Qashqai

Burnham, Dorothy K., Unlike the Lilies: Doukhobor Textile Traditions in Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 1986

  Not rated yet.

Burns, James. The Caucasus, Traditions in Weaving, Seattle: 1987.

This is one of the better books on Caucasian Rugs. Burns has a great eye and his collection is spectacular. Caucasian Rugs

Butterweck, G. & Orasch, L. Handbook of Anatolian Carpets. Central Anatolia. 1986,

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

Butterweck, G., Kryza-Gersch, F., Neuber, E., Roth, F. O., Stanzer, W., & Trimbacher, P. Antique Anatolian Carpets

  Not rated yet. Turkish Rugs

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