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If I lost it I would not replace it.

Of some use but not one I would go out of my way to find.


Very useful and one I would recommend strongly.

A very important or even the definitive work on the subject. It does not have to be perfect but if I give it 5 stars and you are interested in that area then you should own a copy.

Not Yet Rated - I haven't gotten to it yet so if you wish to review it please feel free. There is a limit to how many books I can read so it is not rated do not assume anything is wrong with the book. If you disagree with any of my opinions write me and I may annotate this list with your comments.

Eagleton, William: An Introduction to Kurdish Rugs and other Weavings. Brooklyn: Interlink Books, 1988.

The best book on Kurdish rugs. If you are interested in Kurdish rugs you should have this book.

Eder, Doris. Orientteppich Band 1 Kaukasische Teppich. Munchen: 1979.

  The English language rights to this book were apparently sold or transfered allowing it to be rewritten by Ian Bennett and sold under his name with no mention of Eder or her hard work. Eder is a widely respected auction house rug expert and this book is highly regarded. I am not rating it since my German is not very good.

Edgu, F. Karapinar Tulu Carpets. 1989,

Edhem, Fehmi and Ivan Stchoukine. Les manuscripts orientaux illustrés de la Bibliothèque de l'Université de Stamboul. Series: Mémoires de l'Institute Fran ais d'Archeologie de Stamboul, I. Paris: E. de Boccard, éditeur, 1933.

Edwards, A. Cecil. The Persian Carpet. London 1953. The standard text on the subject.

  Vide Infra.

Edwards, A. Cecil.  The Persian Carpet. London: 1991.

  Vide Infra.

Edwards, A. Cecil.  The Persian Carpet. 1977 (1983 impression),

Considered the definitive rug on Persian Carpets. Edwards is a great source on things that he has seen and a good source on things he concludes. One must realize that this book is a snapshot of weaving in Persian in the mid 20th century.

(A later note, this is an excellent book but it falls short of being definative. It is best when read with PRJ Ford's P. R. J. Ford's Oriental Carpet Design.)

Edwards, A. Cecil.  The Persian Carpet, Duckworth, London, 1975

  Vide Supra.

Edwards, I. E. S. Shore, A. F. & Pinder-Wilson, R. H. 5000 Years of Egyptian. 1962, Arts Council,

Efendiev, Rasim. Folk Art of Azerbaijan. Baku: 1984. 204 pp., 9.5 x 13 Hardback in dust jacket, GWO 1394.

Eickelman, Dale F. The Middle East. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice hall, 1979.

Anthropology textbook on the anthropology of the Middle East. Useful and interesting reading.

Eggebrecht, A. et al. Das Land am Nile. Hildeshiem: 1979.

Ehnbom, Daniel: Indian Miniatures, The Ehrenfeild Collection ; New York: 1985. 9 x 12, 127 CP.

Eiland, Emmett. Oriental Rugs Today. Berkeley: Berkeley Hills Books, 1999

"Emmett Eiland has condensed thirty years of learning into the most helpful book ever written on the contemporary rug market. Everyone contemplating the purchase of an Oriental rug needs a copy. Dealers and wholesalers will study it with the greatest interest as well."
-Jim Opie, author of Tribal Rugs

"All rugs were young once and every rug ever woven was once newly cut from the loom. This book is timely and up-to-date because rug weaving nowadays is experiencing a renaissance. The author gives current information about well-woven and well-dyed rugs made of the best materials. The buyer who wishes to walk on worthy products of the loom without spending a fortune on antiques will find useful and reassuring information in this first-rate book."
-Dr John L. Sommer, President of the San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society

"This is the single best book on the carpets most people will be buying."
-J. Barry O'Connell, Rug News
Oriental Rugs Today

Eiland, Emmett and M. Shockley: Tent Bands of the Steppes; Berkeley: 1976.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. and Pinner, Robert. Between the Black Desert and the Red. Berkeley: 1999

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. Chinese and Exotic Rugs. Boston: New York Graphic Society, 1979.

As you can see by the number of times I reference this book in my foot notes this book is a favorite.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. Chinese and Exotic Rugs. Boston: New York Graphic Society, 1979.

As you can see by the number of times I reference this book in my foot notes this book is a favorite.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. et al. Oriental Carpets and Textile Studies. Volume IV. Berkley: San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society and OCTs Ltd., 1993.

A useful scholarly book. I especially found Nevin Enez's article on the Topkapi prayer rugs of particular interest. Boralevi's article on Italian Peasant rugs is a stand out as well. I think it is fair to say that all the OCTS books rate 5 stars but I am remiss in not having all of them.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. and Eiland, Murray L. III Oriental Rugs A Complete Guide. Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1998 4th edition.

The single best collectors book on Oriental carpets. This completely blows away the 3rd edition and that was the best book in the field before this one.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. Oriental Rugs A New Comprehensive Guide. Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1993 3rd edition.

I downgraded this one from 5 stars to 3 stars because the new edition makes this one obsolete. Buy the new one.

(Previously I wrote: If I could only have one rug book this would be it. Eiland has one of the keenest minds in the rug world and in many areas is the reigning expert. That is not to say that I agree with every thing he writes but even when we agree to disagree I have to admire his intellectual integrity. I recently spoke with Murray and he mentioned that his 4th edition will completely blow this one away. )

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. Oriental Rugs From Pacific Collections. 1990,

This is Eiland's single best rug book. Eiland is at his best because he focuses on good rugs and brings his mind to bear on questions that interest him. Good pictures and a huge number of rugs. Highly advised.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. Oriental Rugs from Western Collections. Berkeley: Oriental Rug Co., 1973.

Poor pictures but vintage Eiland. I think it is a great catalogue and I find the Turkmen stuff very valuable.

Eiland, Murray L, Jr. M.D. We're Off to See the Wizard an exploration of new paths to well-being. Berkeley: Rosebud, l980.

Ellis, Charles Grant. Early Caucasian Rugs. Washington DC: The Textile Museum, 1975.

Ellis was a tremendous talent in the world of Oriental carpets. This book belongs in any serious library on Oriental Carpets. Ellis laid out a view of Dragon Carpets that has been excepted as the conventional wisdom. Later books, particularly Wright, Richard. Wertime, John. Caucasian Carpets and Covers offer a serious challenge to the Ellis view. Call me old fashioned but I still side closer to the Ellis view than the "Tabriz Hypothesis".

Ellis, Charles Grant. East of Turkestan, An Exhibition of Chinese Rugs and Textiles ; Washington DC: 1967. Museum of Art, 1988.

Ellis, Charles Grant. Oriental Carpets in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia: Philadelphia

A truly great book. A scholarly triumph. Perhaps the single most impressive rug book I have ever see. The pictures are good and the depth of analyses is outstanding. I wish every major collection was documented this well. One has to wonder why he did this book for the PMA rather than the TM.

Ellwanger, W. D. The Oriental Rug. 1903, Dodd, Mead,

Elmby, Hans. Antikke Turkmenske Taepper / Antique Turkmen Carpets. 1990,

Elmby, Hans. Antikke Turkmenske Taepper / Antique Turkmen Carpets II. 1994,

Elmby, Hans. Antikke Turkmenske Taepper / Antique Turkmen Carpets III. 1996,

Elmby, Hans. Antique Turkmen Carpets ; Copenhagen: 1990. 8.5 x 11.5, Danish dealer exhibition and sales catalog., 45 CP.

Elmby, Hans. Antique Turkmen Carpets II ; Cohenhagen: 1994. 8 x 12, Danish dealer's second Turkoman catalog. Danish and English text., 44 CP.

Elmby, Hans. Antique Turkmen Carpets III ; Copenhagen: 1996. 8 x 11.5, The third exhibition and sales catalog of this Danish dealer of Central Asian rugs., 46 CP.

Eltz, Nicky. Woven Art of the East. Eugene, OR, Nicky Eltz. 1986; desk calendar format

Emery, Irene. The Primary Structure of Fabrics. Washington DC: 1966. 9 x 12, Reprinting of 1980 edition., 376 b/w.

The is the definitive book on textile structure. This may be a little beyond the needs of most collectors but it does have a place in a serious textile library.  For pile carpets I think Marla Mallett's Woven Structures is far more valuable but for textiles this is the book.

Enderlein, Volkmar. Die Miniaturen der Berliner Baisonqur-Handschrifi. Bilderhefte der Staadichen Museen zu Berlin, Heft I. Berlin, 1991.

Enderlein, Volkmar. Orientalische Kelims. 1986,

Engelhardt, H. & E. Orientteppiche der Sonder Klasse ; Mannheim: 1982.

Engelhardt, H. Orientteppiche der Sonder Klasse. Sammlerexemplare Aus Dem Alten Russland. Mannheim: 1982.

Engelhardt, E. Teppiche die Bilder Des Orients. Heidelberg: 19?

Engelhardt, E. Orientteppiche Der Sonderklasse. 1980,

Engelhardt, E. Teppiche die Bilder Des Orients. Vol II. 1978,

Engelhardt, E. Teppiche die Bilder Des Orients. 1977,

Epton, N. The Palace and the Jungle. n.d., c. 1950,

Erber, Christian. ed. A Wealth of Silk and Velvet. n.d. (1993),

Ercoli, Edoardo. Il Tappeto Orientale (Oriental Rugs). Roma: 1942.

Erdmann, Kurt. Oriental Carpets. The Crosby Press, Fishguard, Wales, 1976

  Vide Infra.

Erdmann, Kurt. Oriental Carpets. 1962, Universe Books, 2nd American edition,

Nice book but a little dated. Useful but I would not pay a fortune for this book since the book collectors have run the price up. .

Erdmann, Kurt. Seven Hundred Years of Oriental Carpets, ed. Hanna Erdmann. trans. M. H. Beatty and H. Herzog. Berkeley and Los Angeles, Univ. of California, 1970

Somewhat dated collection of Erdmann pieces published elsewhere but a very important book. In classic carpets this book is often used to define the conversation. Includes The Tuduc chapter.

Erdmann, Kurt. Seven Hundred Years of Oriental Carpets, Faber and Faber Ltd.,

  Vide Supra.

Erdmann, Kurt. Translated by Robert Pinner: The History of the Early Turkish Carpet ; London: 1977.

Eren, A. N. Turkish Handmade Carpets. N.d. (c. 1990),

Ertug, Ahmet et al. Turkish Carpets from the 13th-18th Centuries. Istanbul 1996.

Erzen, Jale. "Sinan as Anti-Classicist." Muqarnas 5 (1988): 70-86.

Eskenazi, John. IL Tappeto Orientale Dal XV AL XVIII Secolo. 1981,

Eskenazi, John. J. Kilim. 1980,

Eskenazi, John.  Suzani ; Milano: 1995.

Frances, Michael and Eskenazi, John.  Turkish Rugs and Old Master Paintings. London: 1996.

Ettinghausen, Richard. The Islamic Garden. Washington DC: Dumbarton Oaks, 1976.

Carpets and gardens are both expressions of the Islamic esthetic and this book gives us several important perspectives.

Ettinghausen, Richard. Dimand, M.S., Mackie, L. W., & Ellis, C. G. Prayer Rugs. Textile Museum 1974,

Interesting older TM publication. Ettinghausen, Dimand, & Mackie, come across as the conventional wisdom and the flashes of brilliance appear to be Charles Grant Ellis.

Ettinghausen, R. et al.: 7000 Years of Iranian Art ; Washington D.C.: 1964. 8 x 10.5 Paperback, Circulated by the Smithsonian Institution 1964/65., 17 CP 136 b/w (1 textile).

Ettinghausen, Richard: I. The Unicorn, Studies in Muslim Iconography ; Washington: 1950. 6 x 9, Freer Gallery of Art. Occasional paper Vol. 1 No.3., 49 b/w.

Ettinghausen, Richard. Turkey - Ancient Miniatures. Paris: 1961.

Ettinghausen, Richard. Masterpieces from Turkey. Zurich: 1966. 9 x 12.5 Folio, Supplement to Art Treasures from Turkey., 11 CP (1 rug, 1 textile).

Ettinghausen, Richard. June 1970 Islamic Carpets, The Joseph V. McMullan Collection ; NY: 1970.

This is one of the all time greatest rug books. The importance of McMullan's work. vision and collection can not be understated. Joe McMullan was a great collector but I wish he had paid a little attention to structure. The collection is wonderful and the plates are a joy to behold.

Ettinghausen, Richard. et al. Tales From a King's Book of Kings. Corning Museum of Art / Baltimore Museum of Art,1973.

Ettinghausen, Richard. Ancient Carpets From The Collection of the L.A. Mayer Memorial Institute

Ettinghausen, Richard. et al. Art Treasures of Turkey .Washington D.C.: 1966. 8.5 x 9.5, Circulated by the Smithsonian (1966-68).Prehist.-18th C., 125 b/w (3 rugs & textiles).

Ettinghausen, Richard. Turkey - Ancient Miniatures Paris: UNESCO World Art series, 1961.

Ettinghausen, Richard. "On Some Mongol Miniatures." Kunst des Orients 3 (1959): 56-65.

Ettinghausen, Richard. "Persian Ascension Miniatures of the Fourteenth Century." Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei I 2 (1957): 360-83

Ettinghausen, Richard. "Some Paintings in Four Istanbul Albums." Ars Orientalis I (1954): 9I-103

Ettinghausen, Richard. "New Affiliations for a Classical Persian Pottery Type." Parnassus 8 (1936): to.

Ettinghausen, Richard. "New Light on Early Animal Carpets." In Aus der Welt der Islamischen Kunst.- Festschriftftir Ernst Kuhnel, ed. R. Ettinghausen. Berlin, 1959. PP- 93-l16.

Ettinghausen, Richard. "Notes on the Lusterware of Spain." Ars Orientalis I (1954): 145-8.

Ettinghausen, Richard. " The Covers of the Morgan Manafi' Manuscript and Other Early Persian Bookbindings." In Studies in Art and Literature for Belle Da Costa Greene. Princeton, 1954. PP. 459-73

Ettinghausen, Richard. " The Emperor's Choice." In De Artibus Qpuscula XL: Essays in Honor of Envin Panofsky, ed. Millard Meiss. New York, 1961. Pp. 98 - 120.

Ettinghausen, Richard. "The Impact of Muslim Decorative Arts and Painting on the Arts of Europe." In The Legacy of Islam, ed. Joseph Schacht and C. E. Bosworth. Oxford, 1974. PP. 290-320.

Ettinghausen, Richard. An llluminated Manuscript of Hafiz-iAbrfiin Istanbul. Part I. "Kunstdes Oli-ts 2 (19S5): 30-44.

Ettinghausen, Richard. Arab Painting. Geneva, 1962. The Bustan Manuscript of Sultan Nasir-Shah Khalji." Marg 12 (1958): 40-3

Eyice, Semavi. "Zaviyeler ve zaviyeli camiler." Iktisat Fakeltesi Meanuasi 23 (1962-3): 3-80.