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If I lost it I would not replace it.

Of some use but not one I would go out of my way to find.


Very useful and one I would recommend strongly.

A very important or even the definitive work on the subject. It does not have to be perfect but if I give it 5 stars and you are interested in that area then you should own a copy.

Not Yet Rated - I haven't gotten to it yet so if you wish to review it please feel free. There is a limit to how many books I can read so it is not rated do not assume anything is wrong with the book. If you disagree with any of my opinions write me and I may annotate this list with your comments.

Haack, H. Oriental Rugs. 1960 (1972 printing),

  Not rated yet.

Hackmack, Adolf. Chinese Carpets & Rugs. New York: Dover Publications, Inc, 1973.

A nice older book looking at Chinese rugs. Not the best available but useful..

Hackmack, Adolf. Chinese Carpets and Rugs. NY: 1921.

  Not Yet Rated. Chinese Rugs

Hackmack, Adolf. Der Chinesische Teppich. Hamburg: 1921.

  Not Yet Rated. Chinese Rugs

Hackmack, A. Chinese Carpets and Rugs. Tientsin: 1924.

  Not Yet Rated. Chinese Rugs

Hackmack, A. Chinese Carpets and Rugs. 1973 reprint ed., Dover,

  Not Yet Rated. Chinese Rugs

Hackmack, Adolf. Chinese Carpets and Rugs ; NY: 1921. 74 pp., (1980 reprint),

  Not Yet Rated. Chinese Rugs

Hafiz. Trans by Daniel Ladinsky. The Subject Tonight is Love. Myrtle Beach: Pumpkin House Press, 1996.

Hafiz is a poet whose poetry occurs in Important Classical carpets. This is a nice translation and it is accessible to everyone. Lib.

Hali: International Conference on Oriental Carpets ; London: 1993.

  Not Yet Rated.

Hali: Annual Number 1 ; London: 1994.

  Not Yet Rated.

Hali: The Hali Index: 1978-1995 Issues 1-84 ; London: 1997.

Very useful index to a very important magazine..

Hali Annual 1995: Asian Art. London: 1995.

Asian Art is a large beautifully produced book with great articles and excellent pictures. The Wright Wertime article on Dragon Carpets is very important even though I personally disagree with them. The book crosses the gamete of the whole range of Islamic Art. Quality is high much in the tradition of Hali magazine.

HALI: Istanbul: The Hali Rug Guide ; London: 1996.

  Not Yet Rated.

HALI: Istanbul: The Hali Rug Guide ; London: 1996.

  Not Yet Rated.

Hall, A. J. The Standard Handbook of Textiles. London UK: The National Trade Press, 1946 (3rd edition, 1950)

A dated handbook for the textile professional but it is makes interesting back ground reading. The information on the fibers especially and to a lesser extent the dyes is very helpful. Lib.

Haneda, Akira and M. Yoshida: The Old Textiles of Turkey. Kyoto: (No Date).

  Not Yet Rated. Turkish Rugs

Harris, Nathaniel. Rugs and Carpets of the Orient. London: Hamlyn. 1977.

  Not Yet Rated. General Rug Book

Harrison, Selig S. In Afghanistan's Shadow Baluch Nationalism and Soviet Temptations. Washington DC: Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, 1981.

This book is of marginal interest to Baluch specialists. Mostly it is a testimony to how far, American far left liberals, would go in the Cold War days.

Harrow, Leonard. The Riverbank Collection, Silk Rugs from Turkey and Persia. London: 1996.

A very nice look at some interesting silk rugs. .

Hartel, Herbert. Among the Ancient Silk Routes. New York: 1982.

  Not Yet Rated.

Harvey, J. Traditional Textiles of Central Asia. London UK: Thames and Hudson 1996,

Very nice book. 262 illustrations, 212 in color, 2 maps. Good general book on a wide range of Central Asian Textiles. Central Asian Textiles, Afghanistan, Ikat, Suzani, Lib.

Harvey, Janet. Traditional Textiles of Central Asia. London: 1997.

  Vide Supra.

Hasalova, V. & Vajdis, J. Folk Art of Czechoslovakia. 1974, Arco,

  Not rated yet.

Haskins, John F. Imperial Carpets From Peking. Pittsburgh: 1973.

  Not Yet Rated. General Rug Book

Hassan, R. Caucasian Rugs. 1986,

  Not rated yet.

Hassouri, Ali Sistan Carpet. Tehran 1993.

  Not rated yet.

Hassouri, Ali: Turkman and Neighboring Tribes' Carpet Patterns. Tehran: 1992. 11 x 8, Carpet Monograph 2. Minimal English/Farsi text., 8 CP, 783 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Hawley, Walter A. Oriental Rugs Antique and Modern. 1913 New York: Dover Publications, Inc, 1970.

While I refer to this book for background information I do not usually reference it for most rugs because I feel a little uncomfortable with some of what he says. However I have found clues here that I was able to confirm elsewhere. One area where this book is pretty good is old Turkish rugs. Use this book with discernment. General Rug Book, Lib.

Hegenbart, Heinz: Anatolische Dorf Teppiche vom Ende des Sultanats ; Wien: 1996. 8 x 11, Bieler exhibition catalog of 19th century Turkish pile carpets. German text., 34 CP.

Hegenbart, H. Ausgewahlte Orientalische Gewebe. 1982,

  Not rated yet.

Hegenbart, H. Seltene Webatschen Aus Dem Orient / Rare Oriental Woven Bags. 1982,

  Not rated yet.

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Hegenbart, Heinz and Adil Besim: Rare Oriental Woven Bags. Munich: 1982.
  Not rated yet.

Held, Shirley E.: Weaving, A Handbook for Fiber Craftsmen ; NY: 1973. 8 x 10, 42 CP 570 b/w.

Helfgott, Leonard M. Ties That Bind. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994.

A very good book to help you understand the rug business in history as opposed to the rugs. Helfgott did a good bit of research that helps us to sort fact from rug myth. Lib.

Herbert, Janice Summers. Affordable Oriental Rugs. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc., 1980.

A nice older resource on some unpopular rugs. If you are a collector of primarily late 19th and 20th century rugs from China, India, Pakistan Romania this is a useful book. Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Romanian Rugs. Lib.

Herdeg, Klaus. Formal Structure in Islamic Architecture of Iran and Turkestan. New York: Rizzoli, 1990.

Nice book for background. No rug stuff and it is light on pictures. Lib.

Heringa, Rens and H.C. Veldhuisen: Fabric of Enchantment, Batik from the North Coast of Java ; NY-LA: 1996. 9 x 12, Los Angeles County

Hermann, F. Teppiche Aus Dem Orient. 1986,

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, E, Asiatische Teppiche- Und Textilkunst / Asiatic Carpet and Textile Art. 1989,

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, E, Asiatische Teppiche- Und Textilkunst / Asiatic Carpet and Textile Art. Bd. 2. 1990,

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, E. Kaukasische Teppichekunst IMm 19. Jahrhundert Ein Bilderbuch (Caucasian Rugs in the 19th century, a Picture)

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, E. Von Uschak Bis Yarkand. 1979,

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, Eberhart. Seltene Orientteppiche V. Munich: 1983.

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, Eberhart. Seltene Orientteppiche VI. Munchen: 1984.

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, Eberhart. Seltene Orienteppiche VII. Munich: 1985.

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, Eberhart. Seltene Orientteppiche IX. Munich: 1987.

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, Eberhart. Asiatische Teppich und Band 3. Munich: 1991.

  Not rated yet.

Herrmann, Eberhart. Kaukasische Teppichkunst. Munchen: 1993.

  Not rated yet.

Hicks, Amy Mali: The Craft of Handmade Rugs ; NY: 1914. 6 x 8.51 CP 21 b/w.

Hillman, Michael C. Persian Carpets. Austin: 1984.

  Not rated yet.

Hintlian, Neshan. Oriental Rugs. Washington: (1930?).

  Not rated yet.

Hirsch, Udo and I. Vok: Anatolia: Kilims and Other Flatweaves from Anatolia Vok Collection ; Munich: 1997. 12 x 12, #3 of the wonderful Vok collection with same high standards., 77 CP.

Hirsch, Udo and B. Balpinar. Anatolian Kilims. Milano: 1984.

  Not rated yet.

Hoag, John: Western Islamic Architecture ; NY: 1963. 7 x 10, Islamic architecture of North Africa, Spain and Turkey., 137 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Hobson, R.L.: A Guide to the Islamic Pottery of the Near East ; (London): 1932. 5.5 x 8.5 Paperback, British Museum publication., 118 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Hodjamukhamedov, N. et al. Carpets and Carpet Products of Turkmenistan. Ashkhabad: 1983.

  Not rated yet.

Hoffman, Jim. The Harrania Tapestries. New York: 1973.

  Not rated yet.

Hoffmann, Marta: The Warp-Weighted Loom: Studies in the History and Technology of an Ancient Implement ; Oslo: 1964. 6 x 9, 137 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Hoffmeister, Peter: Turkomen Carpets in Franconia ; (Edinburgh): Crosby Press, 1980.

Guest Reviewer - James C. Allen

I recommend; Turkoman Carpets by Peter Hoffmeister , Crosby Press for an excellent and well thought-out editorial on these enigmatic weavings.

Hollis, Christopher and R. Brownrigg: Holy Places ; London: 1969. 7 x 10 Hardback in dust jacket, Jewish, Christian and Muslim monuments in the Holy Land., 16 CP 100 b/w,

  Not rated yet.

Hole, Frank: The Archaeology of Western Iran ; Washington: 1987. 8.5 x 11, Settlement and society from prehistory to AD 700., 39 tables 89 figures.

  Not rated yet.

Holmes, W. H. Textile Fabrics of Ancient Peru. 1890, Smithsonian Institution,

  Not rated yet.

Holt, Eugene I.: Textiles of Antiquity, Third to Fifteenth Century: Woven Works of Art by the Egyptians, Persians, Peruvians and the Peoples of ; Los Angeles: 1959. 7 x 10, the Mediterrane, L.A. County Museum Bulletin of the Art Division., 1 CP 27 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Holt, Eugene I.: Textiles of Antiquity, Third to Fifteenth Century: Woven Works of Art by the Egyptians, Persians, Peruvians and the Peoples of ; Los Angeles: 1959. 7 x 10, L.A. County Museum Bulletin of the Art Division., 1 CP 27 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Holt, R. B. Rugs Oriental and Occidental Antique and Modern. 1901, 1st edition, McClurg,

Review by Leonard C. Willis, United Arab Emirates.

RUGS Oriental and Occidental, Antique and Modern.

By Rosa Belle Holt. First edition 1901, Second edition 1908, Third edition 1927,

I received a copy of the 1927 edition recently as a gift. It graces well my bookshelf, wearing its age with decorum, being a beautifully bound specimen.

Of great interest is the insight it gives into the attitude towards rugs in America at the turn of the century and how Ms. Holt chose to describe them. In her preface to this third edition she describes her early work as "A pioneer", as indeed it was. In it she traces the history of weaving mentioning the tombs at Beni-Hassan dated 2800 to 2600 BC, even making reference to Naamah, daughter of Lamech of which legend has it that she was a weaver of thread into cloth, and that goes back to 3,700 BC, if we accept Ussher's chronology. The 12 full colour pictures of carpets are marvellous considering the photographic technology available in the early 20th century. There are 21 monochrome photographs. All are protected by semi-transparent fly-sheets. The volume's 208 pages sight weavings from 12 countries. 40 pages of appendices provide some useful information as well as a comprehensive index.

Holt, S. P., Holt, E. I, Ackerman, P. & Pope, A. U. Woven Treasures of Persian Art. 1959, Los Angeles County Museum,

  Not rated yet.

Holt, S. P., Holt, E.I. Ackerman, P. & Pope, A. U. Woven Treasures of Persian Art. 1959, Los Angeles County Museum,

  Not rated yet.

Holt, Stefania. Art of the Weaver. Los Angeles: 1954.

  Not rated yet.

Homer, J. P. J. Exclusively Belouch. Cheltenham: 1986.

A small sales catalogue but it it's day a very important book on Baluch. Forward by Ian Bennett and introduction by Julian Homer. Baluch Rugs, Lib.

Homer, J. P. J. Truly Tribal. 1988,

  Not rated yet.

Hooper, Luther: Weaving With Small Appliances ; London: 1923, 25, 26. 6.5 x 8, 7 CP 33 b/w; Book 2 Table Weaving 7 CP 45 b/w; Book 3 Table Loom Weaving 8 CP 49b/w.

Hope: Needlepoint Rugs ; NY: 1971. 7 x 9.5, 10 CP 46 b/w.

Hopf, A. Oriental Carpets and Rugs. 1962, Viking,

  Not rated yet.

Hopkirk, Peter. The Great Game. New York: Kodansha International. 1994.

Hopkirk is a better than average apologist for British Imperialism. He makes a point to say he is not taking sides then he spends the whole book paint the rosiest possible picture of the evils of the British attempt at world domination. His collection of facts seems very good but then he puts an unbelievable spin on the story. For instance he has the basic facts correct about Col. Stoddart's imprisonment and execution but then he tries to make the Emir of Bukhara out to be a bad person just because he dealt with British spies and agent provocateurs in an expedient manner. Compared to how the British acted in Ireland the Emir looks like a kind and patient man.  I had the book for two years before I bothered to read past the first chapter However if you can overlook the strong bias towards the "fallen empire" then there is value to this book. 

Housego, Jenny. Tribal Rugs. New York, Interlink Books, 1991.

This is a very important book for people interested in Persian Tribal Rugs. Housego's work is very solid and she spent a good bit of time in Iran researching the rugs. She was part of the Teheran Rug Club that did important work into the Shahsavan tribe. Lots of pictures but many are B&W still for the money it is a good buy. Lib.

From the Publisher:

This book is regarded as the most authoritative work on tribal rugs. The colorful way of life, often associated with its arduous and ancient patterns of migrations through rugged and spectacular landscapes, forms the backdrop of this much needed book.

This book paints a fascinating picture, not only showing superb examples of tribal rugs but also the way in which they are woven and the life of the tribes themselves.

The author's many years of study and close association with the tribespeople responsible for these stunning rugs and fabrics enables her to speak with authority, not only about well-known groups such as the Qashqa'i of southwest Iran, the Baluch of the southeast, the widespread Kurds and the Turkoman, but also such important weaving groups as the Shahsavan of the north regions.

In short, Jenny Housego is able to describe the rich elements in the design as well as giving technical notes on the weaving so that the text and pictures together form an essential introduction for anyone who knows or cares about rugs.

Traditional Craft/Oriental Rugs • 8" x 7 3/4" • 180 pages • color illus.
ISBN 1-56656-218-X • paperback $19.95

Hrbas, Milos and Edgar Knobloch. The Art of Central Asia. London, Paul Hamlyn, 1965.

  Not rated yet.

Hsieh, Daniel. The Evolution of Jueju Verse. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1996.

  The publisher, Peter Lang Publishing

One of the most important and popular genres in the Chinese literary tradition is the jueju or quatrain. The scale of the form would seem to limit its depth and significance. But in China, the poets of the great age of poetry the Tang (618 907) all excelled at it. To understand the extra-ordinary richness and depth this form was capable of, we must examine its early history. This study traces the develop-ment of the jueju from its earliest beginnings, which may go as far back as the Book of Songs (eleventh- to seventh-centuries B.C.), through the early Tang dynasty. It aims, above all, to be a detailed, historical account in which any and every element that had a role in the evolution of the jueju is examined.


Hubel, Reinhard G. The Book of Carpets. 1964, Accokeek MD, Washington International Associates, 1971.

1971 English edition of the German classic. Reinhard Hubel's book is a valuable resource. This is a great classic. A comprehensive general guide to Oriental rugs. This is my favorite general rug book and the one I use first when I am trying to attribute a rug. For a rug collector there is no reason not to have a copy. The only thing I am not crazy about with this book is that knot counts are in Square Decimeters. Use a factor of 16 for approximate knots per square inch. 100 Knots per square inch is about 1600 knots per square decimeter. 3200 knots per square decimeter is about 200 knots per square inch. Hubel gives very good structural descriptions on about 300 rugs and carpet. If you own 5 books on rugs this should be one of them. General Rug Book. Lib.

I wrote a review of this book that was published in Rug News:

Notes on The Book of Carpets

Hughes, P. Time Warps. Ancient Andean Textiles. 1995,

  Not rated yet.

Hulton, Paul and Smith Lawrence. Flowers in Art From East and West. London: British Museum Publications Ltd. 1979

This is a nice book that gives a fairly limited overview of flowers in Mughal paintings. It looks at flowers as flowers as one would expect and I was seeking in my Mughal project to use the flowers as iconographic markers of style migration in Islamic art.

Hull, Alastair. & Barnard, Nicholas. and Merrell, James. Living With Kilims. New York: Thames & Hudson. 1988,

An extremely well written, interesting, fun, look at the whole range of flatweaves. The pictures alone had my wife and I discussing how to redecorate the house. A perfect companion book to Hull, Alastair and Luczyc-Wyhowska Kilim The Complete Guide.

Hull, Alastair and Luczyc-Wyhowska Kilim The Complete Guide. London U.K., Thames and Hudson, 1993.

This is my favorite book on Flatweaves. It covers more than just kilims and is very comprehensive. If you are interested in any Flatweaves you should have this book. Lib.

Notes on Kilim : The Complete Guide

Book Review - Kilim : The Complete Guide : History Pattern Technique Identification

Hull, Alastair and N. Barnard: Persian Kilims ; Tehran: 1997.

  Not rated yet.

Humphries, S. Oriental Carpets, Runners and Rugs, With Some Jacquard Reproductions. A & C Black,1910,

  Not rated yet.

Huot, Jean-Louis: Persia I: From its Origins to the Achaemenids ; Geneva: 1965. 6.25 x 7, Archaeologica Mundi series., 62 CP 91 b/w.

  Not rated yet.

Hyde Galleries. Kilims, The Traditional Tapestries of Turkey. 1979,

  Not rated yet.

Hyde, J. S., Harmer, J., Lorimer, M. & Pickering, W. S. eds. Windows on the Maghrib. Tribal and Urban Weavings of Morocco. Knoxville: 1991.

  Not rated yet.

Hyman, V. D. & Hu, W. C. C. Carpets of China and its Border Regions. 1982,

  Not Yet Rated. Chinese Rugs


  _____ ___ _____ ___ _____ ___ _____ ___ _____ ___ _____ ___
1978 Volume 1 1   2   3   4  
1979 Volume 2 5 x 6   7   8  
1981 Volume 3 9 x 10   11   12  
1982 Volume 4 13   14 x 15   16 x
1983 Volume 5 17   18   19   20 x
1984 Volume 6 21   22   23   24  
1985 Volume 7 25   26   27   28  
1986 Volume 8 29   30 x 31   32  
1987 Volume 9 33   34   35   36  
1988 Volume 10 37   38   39   40   41   42  
1989 Volume 11 43   44   45   46   47   48  
1990 Volume 12 49   50   51   52   53   54  
1991 Volume 13 55   56 x 57 x 58   59   60  
1992 Volume 14 61   62 x 63 x 64 x 65 x 66 x
1993 Volume 15 67   68   69   70 x 71 x 72 x
1994 Volume 16 73 x 74 x 75   76 x 77 x 78 x
1995 Volume 17 79 x 80 x 81 x 82 x 83 x 84 x
1996 Volume 18 85 x 86 x 87 x 88 x 89 x 90 x
1997 Volume 19 91 x 92 x 93 x 94 x 95 x 96 x
1998 Volume 20 97 x 98 x 99 x 100 x 101 x 102 x
1999 Volume 21 103 x 104 x 105 x 106 x        

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